How to use TeamViewer

How to use TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a program that can be used to help someone with a computer problem when that user is at their PC remotely. You may need to transfer important files from one computer to another. And that's not all, the functionality of this remote management tool is quite extensive. Thanks to it, you can create entire conferences online and much more.

How to start

The first thing to do is install the TeamViewer software.

After installation, it is advisable to create an account. This will give you access to additional functions.

Work with computers and contacts

It is a kind of contact book. You can find this section by clicking the arrow in the lower right corner of the main window.

When opening the menu, select the desired function and enter the corresponding data. This way, the contact will appear in the list.

Connection to a remote PC

To allow someone to connect to your computer, they have to pass certain information: an ID and a password. This information can be found at "Allow control.".

Whoever connects will enter this data in "Manage the computer". and access your PC.

In this way, you can also connect to the computers whose data will be delivered to you.

File Transfer

The program organizes a very convenient possibility to transfer data from one computer to another. TeamViewer has a built-in high-quality File Explorer, which is easy to use.

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Restart a connected computer

When making various adjustments, you may have to restart a remote PC. In this program it is possible to restart without losing the connection. To do this, click on the registration "Actions".and in the menu that appears - "Restart".. Then you have to click "Waiting for a partner.". To reconnect, press "Reconnect.".

Possible errors in the operation of the program

Like most software products, this one isn't perfect either. When working with TeamViewer, various problems, errors and other things may arise from time to time. However, almost all of them are easy to solve.


These are all functions that can be useful for a regular user while using TeamViewer. In fact, the functionality of this program is much more extensive.

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