How to Vectorize a Logo in Illustrator

How to Vectorize a Logo in Illustrator

Do you need to convert a logo into a vectorized file? Photoshop isn't the only option; you can also use the veteran graphic design program Adobe Illustrator to convert a logo into a vector file. Learn how to vectorize a logo to get the best results:

What is vectorizing?

Tracing means converting an image in raster format (such as PNG or JPG) into an editable vector form. This allows you to scale the image without losing quality. Vector shapes are ideal for logos, text, shapes, and other simple images.

Image Preparation

Before opening Adobe Illustrator, consider whether your image needs to be revised to reduce noise and distortion. If so, open your image in Photoshop and try to improve the quality. Remember that the better the image, the better the final result.

Vectorization with Illustrator

Open the image in Illustrator and click the buttons File> Open to load in your image. Now you are ready to vectorize. Try the following to get the best results:

  • Click on Drawing Tools > Trace Selection
  • Move your mouse over the logo to adjust the conversion
  • Click on Accept to complete the process

You're done. Your logo has been converted into a ready-to-use vector shape. Now you can export your file as an .AI or .PDF to share and print in a variety of sizes without worrying about losing quality!

How do you use Illustrator to vectorize an image?

1. Open the image in Illustrator.

2. Use the Selection Tool to select the outlines of the image you want to vectorize.

3. Use the Image Tracing Tool to detect the edges of the image you selected and create a vector path from it.

4. Adjust the parameters as desired by touching the controls located on the right panel.

5. When you have adjusted the parameters for the path, click the “Expand” button to transform your vectors into editable shapes.

6. Use the modification tools to refine the result.

7. Finally, once you're happy with the result, save the file in a format compatible with Illustrator.

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