How to watch Acestream and Sopcast channels on Mac

How to watch Acestream and Sopcast channels on Mac

We have talked about Acestream and some Mac users have asked us how to use streams. The problem arises because Unfortunately, the official AceStream client is only available for Windows.. So we have searched and found for you a really simple and immediate way to watch p2p channels (Acestream and Sopcast) also on Mac. For those who do not know the p2p channels (Acestream and Sopcast) they are pirates' favorite streams why are stable and often in HD.

On the major match streaming sites, the number of these broadcasts is constantly increasing, supplanting those based on direct streaming, and even, to some extent, IPTV.

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This method of watching streams on Mac is absolutely different from the others proposed on the other Italian sites, because it doesn't involve windows emulation or the use of winebut the use of a very simple multiplatform program, which then runs natively even on MacOS.

The program we are talking about is the excellent Soda player that fortunately has a good version for Mac. Soda Player is completely free and has a nice minimalist interface, it is simple, fast and efficient. This player is compatible with AceStream and Sopcast broadcasts to the delight of would-be pirates looking for streaming games on a Mac.

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How do I install Soda Player?

Installation is really easy, just go to the project website. And from here download the executable for Mac which will be in dmg format.

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Installing files in dmg format on MacOS is the usual way, just copy the dmg file from Soda player in the Applications folder. Folder Apps it's really easy to find open the finder find the quick link to the folder in the left column.

Once installed, launch it and click the second item from the top Open a URL, Magnet Link, or AceStream Link.

A window will open in which you have to insert or drag the flow you want to see and then click on Open. To find the directions of the streams you can refer to the third paragraph of our popular AceStream guide. The first time you start a stream, Acestream Soda Player will ask you via a dialog box if it can download the necessary modules. Give your consent and in a short time the necessary modules will be installed automatically, and the the flow will be loaded and executed.

The same will happen the first time you start a Sopcast stream, everything necessary will be downloaded, then it will be configured and finally, after the usual pre-buffering, the channel will be executed.

After the first time you just have to drag a link, or insert it in the same way to start it (the modules will not be downloaded again).

How can I use Soda Player to watch AceStream and Sopcast channels?

It is a very simple application to use, just a couple of clicks. Go to your browser and find the p2p flow you want to see and drag it to the window, after the usual pre-buffering you will be in front of the video.

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If you don't like dragging, you can copy the link address and insert it into the player by clicking the voice Open a URL, magnet link, or AceStream link. Let us know in the comments how Soda Player works and if you use other ways to watch Acestream and Sopcast channels on Mac. If you like our guides feel free to follow us on our social channels Facebook y Twitter.