How to watch live on Instagram without being seen?

How to watch live on Instagram without being seen? The lives on Instagram They have become one of the best tools that the renowned application offers to each of its users. Famous and not so famous use this amazing feature to broadcast live and connect with all of their followers.

However Can you imagine being able to connect to a live broadcast on Instagram anonymously? Now it is possible and we are going to explain how to achieve it quickly and super easily. So you can connect to the lives without them knowing that you are connected.

Preserve anonymity on Instagram

No matter what reason you have, the important thing is that you can access live broadcasts from Instagram without revealing your true identityWhat's more, no one will know that you are connected to live.

Although it is a trick little known to users of this network, today we wanted to share it with you. Now you have the option to connect to any live broadcast via Instagram without others knowing that you are viewing the live.

When a user begins to broadcast live from Instagram, the names of those who are connected to their transmission appear. However, there is an interesting trick that can help us prevent others from knowing when we have joined a live on Instagram.

Download the IG Stories for Instagram extension

Did you think it was impossible to see a live on Instagram without being seen? We regret to inform you that you have made a mistake. Now there are programs and applications that can help us spy on any live broadcast without the other users knowing that we have joined the broadcast.

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The first thing we must do is download and install the extension called IG Stories for Instagram. Through this extension we will be able to see any live broadcast on Instagram without being seen by other users of the application.

Do you already have the extension installed on your computer? Very well. Now we simply must access the official Instagram page and log in with our registration data.

Now we must press on the IG Stories for Instagram extension icon that appears next to the address bar of our browser. Then we will click on the option "Go to IG Stories".

A new window in which you can see and download any live video and Instagram stories. Of course, you can only do it with the accounts that you follow within the platform.

So simple and fast you will have the possibility of stalking any Instagram account and review all stories and lives anonymously.

View Instagram stories anonymously

Just as you have the option of viewing live broadcasts anonymously, you can also do it with so-called stories or Instagram stories. All we have to do is enter the page of Weyntag and write the name of the account we want to stalk.

In this manner you will have access to all published stories on that account without him knowing that you are stalking him.