How to watch Sky for free

How to watch Sky for free

Heaven It has some excellent thematic channels that allow you to watch your favorite football matches, such as Serie A, the Europa league and the Champions League. In this guide, we will see together all methods to watch in streaming Sky Sports e sky football from your preferred device.


Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the guide, I wanted to clarify a few things. Some of the sites mentioned in this guide host links to the various games, in fact, watch a soccer game this way infringes rights and is a crime. We highly recommend to avoid committing crimes and use only legal services.

All streaming sites in this in-depth review They are free and you rely on advertising but sometimes they exaggerate making it difficult to see the content. To limit ads and make these solutions workable, it is recommended to use a ad blocker or with a popup blocker (For more on this, check out our in-depth review.)

If some streaming sites do not work or have been blocked in Italy, then it will be enough to configure some DNS different or based on a VPN (recommended if you also want to keep theanonymity). The best is without a doubt NordVPN (perfectly in Italian) but also IPVanish y PureVPN they are very good. For more information, we suggest that you refer to the guides listed below.

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Watching the games in streaming with a bad or unstable network is practically impossible. So if you have an ADSL connection (especially if it doesn't even give you 10 Mb / s stable) we recommend that you consider switching to fiber.

Given the evolution of the market paying a lower monthly cost you can enjoy much higher average speeds. The difference between the two technologies is tangible and you will notice it immediately. Therefore, the true foolproof method to increase download speed is to equip yourself with a updated network and able to satisfy the multimedia needs of the current user.

To find out if the fiber reaches you and what speed you can reach (100 Mb / s or 1 Gb / s depending on the technology) you can take a look at the guide that we attach below.

Sky Sports and soccer streaming: the legal methods

Heaven offers two services of its own that allow you to watch games and other sports from your preferred device, by installing a simple application or by taking advantage of the corresponding website.

Sky Go

Sky Go is a service launched long ago by Heaven that allows you to view your favorite content included in your subscription from your PC, mobile phone and tablet by downloading the app or from the official website. To learn more about how this service works, we recommend that you take a look at the guides listed below.


As an alternative to Sky Go, Heaven has another streaming service called NOW TV. This allows you to purchase a monthly subscription without contractual restrictions to watch your favorite multimedia content in HD, including football matches. For more details on how the platform works, refer to the tutorials below.

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Sky Sport and Sky Calcio Streaming: Pirates' Preferred Methods

Le IPTV lists are the easiest way to watch the matches broadcast on on Sky Sports and Sky Football. If you happen to use a list Private IPTV or you know someone who does, warn them to stop now. Several clients, in fact, have been caught and processed.

Anyway, we have done an article on the best IPTV lists you will find below.

However, below we have decided to attach several tutorials on how to get the most out of theInternet protocol television.

We also recommend that you follow your favorite sporting events through the streaming sites we offer below. Some of them offer the possibility to also see Sky Sports e sky football.

  3. laola1
  4. Direct red
  5. Vipleague
  6. Vip League (2)
  7. VIP League
  8. Crick Free
  9. Crick Free (2)
  10. Crick Free (3)
  11. DirectGoal
  12. SportLemon
  13. SportLemon (2)
  14. Whowill (there is also direttagol serie A in streaming)
  15. LiveScoreHunter
  16. vipsportslive
  17. Live TV
  18. Front row sports
  19. First Row Sports (2)
  20. First Row Sports (3)
  21. MyP2P TV
  22. Sport365
  23. 7m sport
  24. Soccer in
  25. Joker Live Stream
  26. Live viewpoint
  27. wiziwig
  28. Direct red
  29. homeland
  30. SportCategory
  31. SportsRar
  32. stopstreams
  33. Rating
  34. NOWAGoal
  35. premiersport (You have to change the DNS to access)

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