How to withdraw money from Steam

How to withdraw money from Steam

Many users of the most popular gaming platform are interested in the question: is it possible to withdraw money from Steam? This is especially true if you dropped an expensive item and sold it. As a result, you have quite a large amount in your Steam account. Read on to find out how to withdraw money from your wallet.

Withdrawing money from Steam is not that simple. Yes, you can recover what you have spent on a game that you did not like, about what we have already written in another article. In addition, you can receive the money not only in your Steam wallet, but also in your credit card, or to be more precise, it will be returned to the same place where it was loaded. But if you want to withdraw money from your wallet, you will run into some difficulties.

It is not possible to transfer money directly from the Steam wallet to any system account Payment e-mail or to a bank account, so you will have to use intermediaries. They will transfer the required amount to your wallet, and in return will require a transfer within Steam. You will have to transfer items from inventory, thus doing a sort of transfer from your wallet to your Steam wallet.

Withdraw money from Steam

You can read how to withdraw money from the Steam wallet in the article presented at the following link. There is talk of transferring funds to the Qiwi electronic account, but if you have used other payment systems or a credit card to pay for the store, it is worth knowing that the process will generally be similar. You will also have to add the mediator to your friends on Steam, and then transfer the items to him for a certain amount of money. In addition, there is the option to buy the item from the mediator for a certain amount of money.

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The intermediary (company or person) will then transfer the money to your account outside of Steam. You should bear in mind that these transfers are usually subject to a fairly high commission, which depends on the desire of the intermediaries. Usually the commission ranges from 30-40% of the transaction amount (which is quite a lot). You can find a broker who is willing to work under more favorable conditions. We hope that over time Steam will introduce the ability to withdraw money from the wallet without too much difficulty, but for now you can only use the services of intermediaries - there is no other way.

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