How Zoom Rooms work and how to set them up

How Zoom Rooms work and how to set them up.

Zoom Room is a useful tool for work and study. It is a great tool to help during the discussion of a new project and allows all meeting participants to fully express their thoughts and ideas on the topic of discussion.

What are Zoom Rooms and how do they work?

Zoom Room is the first software-implemented communication system of its kind that combines audio and video conferencing capabilities and enables screen sharing. People using Zoom Room can be in one conference room and work remotely from others using a mobile phone, desktop or laptop.

For this it is necessary that all rooms have the following hardware: a PC with macOS/Windows operating system, with Zoom Room running, and an iPad/Android/Windows 10 tablet, also with the aforementioned program already running. With the aforementioned gadgets, you will be able to work with Zoom Room. This application allows you to connect speakers, microphones, screens, webcams and other devices with an open planning screen of this communication system.

How much does the Zoom Room cost?

On the official Zoom site, you can download the Zoom Room app by following this link: The developers give you the chance to test first if the app is right for you by offering a 30-day free use period for Zoom Room. If, after a month of using the program, the person is satisfied with the result and wants to continue using Zoom Room, they have to buy a subscription. The cost per conference room is $49.

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Just below the web page are links to useful information. For example, a list of computers that work with this application without problems. The developers also offer users a Zoom Room installation service.

How is Zoom Rooms software different from Zoom?

The main difference between Zoom and Zoom Room is that Zoom Room is more narrowly "specialized". The Zoom platform allows people to communicate easily through audio and video, study and work, having only the device on which this medium is installed. Zoom Room has more features and allows you to combine virtual and physical meetings. That is, people who are not present in that room can join the actual conference in a particular office, but all meeting participants will have the opportunity to participate in the conference to the same extent.

Can I use it with a free account?

There are two options on the app's webpage: "Buy Subscription" and "30-Day Free Trial." To get the free version, you have to go through a short registration process: enter your name, the name of the company you work for, the contact phone number and the email address. One of Zoom's specialists will then contact you to review your requirements and answer several questions.

How many screens are supported

Each conference room must have at least two devices running Zoom Room software. During a video conference, other devices with this program can also join the video conference. By using three TV screens simultaneously during a meeting, you have the opportunity to see the speaker, his project and the gallery view at the same time, that is, the rest of the conference participants who are only present virtually.

Whether touch screens are supported

Yes, Zoom Room is compatible with devices with touch screens. This applies to tablets and smartphones as well as to the interactive whiteboard. In addition, the availability of touch screen devices is very important for the correct operation of this program, as they add many useful functions and simplify navigation in the application, speeding up and simplifying the work process at the same time. This has a positive impact on the overall results.

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When you need a Zoom Room

The Zoom Room is the most suitable for real meetings. For example, discussing a new project in a large company or teaching at a university. There are a certain number of people in the room. By setting up the hardware, participants can reach those who for some reason cannot attend the meeting in person, which is very useful in quarantine situations. The program's many features will make your meeting as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Step-by-step download instructions

To download Zoom Room you have to go to the official Zoom page: Next, scroll to the bottom of the open page and find the “Downloads” section. There, select “Zoom Rooms Client”, second line at the top of the section. On the page that opens, you can download the Zoom Room itself. Immediately after the download link, you will find links to download the Zoom Room drivers. They can be downloaded through Microsoft, Google Play and the App Store. Controllers allow you to control the video conferences you create in Zoom Room.

How to set up session rooms in Zoom

There are 3 types of conference rooms, also known as session rooms. A virtual room is created in the same way as in Zoom: the organizer creates a conference (scheduled or one-off), gives the participants a conference ID and password, and they in turn enter the room. But since communication via Zoom Room is a combination of virtual and physical presence, the main room has to be prepared as well.

1) Small meeting room (up to 5 people)

Instructions for setting up a small conference room:

Check the sanitation and acoustics of the room where the meeting will take place.

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Sound reflects off flat surfaces, causing interference. This inconvenience is quickly eliminated by the use of rugs, curtains, wall paneling, and portable office partitions.

You should also reduce the amount of light behind the speakers, as a bright background makes it difficult to see faces. It is better that the color of the walls is not bright, preferably a soft gray.

Establish audio communication systems.

If you work in a small conference room, it is essential that you have at least one microphone built into your computer, a webcam or speakers. Make sure that external microphones are not pointed at the speakers.

Set up a video call

The camera should be placed at eye level, as this improves eye contact.

Installation of the screens

There will be a TV screen for a small conference room.
Mac/PC and iPad driver setup.

Connect the screen, microphone and camera to the Mac/PC. The Zoom Room software then launches on your device.

2) Medium session room (up to 15 people)

Instructions for setting up a medium sized conference room:

Check the lighting and acoustics in the room where the meeting will take place.

The same recommendations as for a small meeting room.

Installation of speakers and microphones

It is worth choosing microphones with echo cancellation. This will improve communication clarity, eliminate echoes and reduce acoustic feedback. For medium-sized rooms, it is better to choose high-quality external speakers.

Install a video link

The webcam settings are shown above. Don't forget eye contact.

Installation of the screens

For a medium-sized conference room, it is best to install two screens. One is needed to see the speaker and the other is needed for the presentation.

Set up a Mac/PC and iPad driver

Connect the screen, microphone and camera to the device. Next, launch the Zoom Room app. If you use two screens, you must select "screen extension" in the screen settings.

3) Large meeting room (more than 15 people)

Instructions for setting up a large session room:

Check the sanitation and acoustics of the room where the meeting will take place.

Cover flat surfaces to prevent interference due to sound reflection. Adjust the lighting, choose a neutral background. It is recommended to hold the session in a narrow room.
Set up the speakers and microphones.

A large conference room needs an echo-canceling microphone and built-in speakers. The echo cancellation function improves sound clarity, eliminates echoes and reduces "howling" (acoustic feedback).

Camera setting

The same recommendations as for a small conference room.

Install a video link

It is worth using only two screens, as they will show the speaker and the meeting participants at the same time.

Set up a Mac/PC and iPad controller.

Same recommendations as for the average conference room.

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