IPhone Favorite Contacts: What They Are For And How To Set Them Correctly

IPhone Favorite Contacts: What They Are For And How To Set Them Correctly

The function of creating favorite contacts was available on many mobile phones about 15 years ago, but back then it was done for the sole purpose of being able to quickly dial the desired number. In modern mobile operating systems, the «Favorites » in the phone book could do a lot more good.

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How to create favorite contacts

To create a list of your most important and frequent contacts, go to the Phone application, select «Favorites ». and press the button «+ " in the top left-hand corner. Then, after selecting the desired subscriber, specify the type of communication in this shortcut: Message, Call, Video or Mail.

The arrows to the right of each item allow you to select an additional number or account, such as WhatsApp or the email of the specified person.

In the future, you can fill in the list directly from the contact page in the Phone application using the button «Add to Favorites"..

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How to create a widget with your favorite contacts

To be able to make a quick call or send a message to a favorite contact from the lock screen, you must open the widgets section (swipe to the right on the home screen) and go to the list of available modules by pressing «Change".

In the list that opens, find the button "Change". and add a widget «Favorites». with the help of the button "+".

Note that the widget will only show the first four contacts from the favorites section, four more will be shown if you click the button "Plus"..

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Set "Do not disturb" mode for favorite contacts

If you want, you can allow your favorite contacts to make calls (communicate with you) on your iPhone, even when you are in «Do not bother". (In this case, other contacts will not be able to communicate with you). To do this, go to the menu «SettingsDo not bother.Call Admission ». and check the box next to «Of the favorites »..

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