iMessage and Texting: Why Are My iPhone Messages Blue or Green?

iMessage and Texting: Why Are My iPhone Messages Blue or Green?

Many iPhone owners regularly face the problem of separating text message types in the native iOS messenger, the Messages app. The iOS developers have tried to make the app as easy to use as possible by combining SMS/MMS correspondence and iMessage into one app, but as a result they have further confused inexperienced users.

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Thus, in basic mode, the iPhone Messages application works the same as on any other phone, using it to send, receive, store and order SMS text messages and multimedia MMS, the sending of which costs the user an amount corresponding to the operator's rate .

After activating apple's iMessage service (instructions), it is possible to communicate with other owners of apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac) Completely free in the same app. By the way, when you first connect to the service, a message appears that the operator can charge for the SMS used to activate iMessage – this warning can be safely ignored – iMessage is completely free. However, it is important to understand that in order to send a message via iMessage, the devices of both interlocutors must be connected to the internetOtherwise, a regular text message will be sent (if the checkbox is selected in the Messages app settings Send as SMS).

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Why do iPhone messages and contacts come in blue and green?

It's simple, if when you select a person who calls you in the Messages application, you type their phone number, their email or their full name in blue lettermeans that the user is a user of an apple device with the iMessage service activated, so all messages between you and this subscriber will be free (over the Internet).

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If the number is highlighted It is green – means that either the user has not activated iMessage on his device (on this number), or he does not own any apple device. The green color means that the user will be sent a regular text message Payment.

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How do you determine who you can send a free iMessage to?

Go to create a new message and start entering a name or a phone number, and in the contact list below we see that some names are highlighted in green and others in blue. Again, the former can only be sent via SMS, while the latter are also available for iMessage communication.

However, there is an important nuance. In more than five years of the service's existence, Apple developers have still not perfected the iMessage activation procedure, and some users still have trouble linking the messaging service to the correct phone number. For example, after a SIM card change, it's often difficult to get iMessage to merge the old apple ID with the new number and receive free messages on it. In this case, the receiving/sending service is usually automatically linked to an email address, which is also an apple ID login.

To specify which ID(s) iMessage should use, go to SettingsMessagesShipping / Receiving and check the checkboxes of the required addresses. If the phone number is inactive, you can try to sign out of your apple ID account here, restart your iPhone, and sign in again.

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During the new activation process, the system will ask you to re-specify the addresses for sending/receiving messages, but this method does not always work and the reason may be the operator's settings.

If you don't activate your phone number, other users will only be able to send you iMessages if their contact list includes your email address, which serves as the address to receive/send messages, in addition to your phone number.

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What happens if I send an iMessage and the user is offline?

There is a switch in the Messages app settings for these cases “Send as SMS” switch. If enabled, when sending an iMessage, the user will receive a regular paid text message. Otherwise, the iMessage will only reach the user when the user is logged in.

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