Income options for your Telegram channel

Income options for your Telegram channel

Way 1: Advertising

The most obvious monetization option is to use the channel as an advertising platform. Telegram has long ceased to be just a messenger: with all the changes for 2021, it is an attractive platform for advertisers because it offers a convenient means of promoting products.

To use the channel as a means to earn money from advertising, you have to take into account several nuances:

    1. The main thing a revenue-generating editor should have is the widest possible reach. Channels on topics of interest to a small audience are less attractive to advertisers.
    2. To attract subscribers, you have to use white methods (legal and honest): promotion on other channels, frequent interactivity, publishing interesting and unique materials, and avoiding scams.
    3. The price of an advertising position (price list) must be calculated competently, taking into account the specific characteristics of the channel (number of views per day, frequency of publication of the advertisement, time that the position is at the top).

Searching for advertisers is possible in two ways. The first is to go directly to the administration of interested editors: for example, the same topic as yours, but less developed. The second is to place the channel on special resources, exchanges, where advertisers (administrators of other Telegram channels or alternative platforms, brand representatives, etc.) can find it. If the first option is used, the performance could theoretically be higher (there are no intermediaries in the process), but in practice it only works with large publishers, who already have an audience and reputation. The second option is more reliable for a newcomer, so we recommend using it.

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Method 2: Sell your own products

Another attractive option to earn money from your own Telegram channel is to directly sell a product that you have manufactured. The latter can be real products (such as handmade toys or other craft items) or information (such as authoring courses in programming or drawing). The main thing is to maintain a high and constant level of quality, especially in digital content. However, to sell effectively, you need to have a large audience and constantly attract new ones.

We must also take into account the fact that direct sales to the channel only work with tangible goods, while infoproducts sell poorly in this way. For the latter, a good strategy would be to publish content that is not a product in itself, but that promotes it by demonstrating its value. It should also be noted that the return on investment with this monetization method is not the fastest: for example, when selling financial strategy courses, the net profit will not begin to appear until six months after the start of sales with an audience of more than 2.000 subscribers.

Method 3: Sell Private Access

If your channel is dedicated to a lucrative topic (for example, cryptocurrency mining) and you are a recognized authority in this field, you can earn with your telegram channel selling access to this same expert knowledge, opinions and viewpoints. To do this, the available channel is made private and access to it can be granted upon payment, most often by a trivial transfer to a bank card. This option requires some talent as you need to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis and help them with any issues that arise.

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Method 4: Promotion and sale of the channel

Creating new channels, promoting them, and then selling them as a ready-made solution has recently become a very popular way to make money on Telegram. This option is quite complicated because it requires:

  • adequate selection of topics on which content can be generated in sufficient quantity;
  • Check the status of the competition: registration promises a rapid influx of users, but requires more investment for promotion, while the rate of withdrawal will be lower both in terms of costs and results obtained;
  • The use of only white promotion methods - a variety of deception, spam mailing lists or intrusive PR can damage the reputation of the advertising, which in the long run will lead to your complete lack of profitability and wasted money and efforts; Using targeted advertising on social media and specialized resources, unobtrusive PR on related topic channels will leave the statistics clean - and that is such, with an honest number of real subscribers it becomes a very valuable asset.

The decision to sell a channel should be made when it is at its peak of activity, with an audience of at least 2000 actual subscribers with at least one third of them attending and / or daily activity. The final price must be made up of all promotional expenses without exception (advertising purchase, content production costs) plus a margin of around 30-35% of the sum received: less than that can arouse suspicion (a potential buyer you will no doubt wonder "why is it so cheap"), while too high a percentage simply will not allow you to sell the channel at the right time.

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Method 5: Combination of options

To maximize profit, you can combine all of the above options: for example, use a promoted channel as an advertising platform, and then sell it when the popularity peak is still high, but is already in decline. Or add advertising to a channel with private access, but this combination should be used with caution, since such a bad application runs the risk of losing subscribers and reputation.

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