Installing APPX on Windows 10

Installing APPX on Windows 10

Step 1: Activate developer mode

Universal apps in Windows 10 are traditionally installed from the Microsoft Store, but can be installed offline from APPX or AppxBundle if needed. By default this installation method is not allowed in Windows 10 and to use it, you must first enable developer mode or at least allow unpublished apps to be installed on the system.

  1. Open the application «Settings» and go to "Update and security" - «For developers».
  2. Activate the option. "Developer mode" o "Unpublished Applications". The first option is different, as it gives you more rights and opens up more possibilities for you to work with the applications.
  3. Confirm the action by pressing "Yes"..

Step 2: Install the APPX package

There are two ways to install an app bundle or component from an APPX or AppxBundle "Explorer from the context menu of the file or from the console "PowerShell". Consider both options.

Method 1: "Driver".

  1. Here it is very simple: click on the file Appx right-click and select from the menu the option "Install".. You can also double click on the file.
  2. This will open the application installer window, click "Install". and wait for the installation procedure to complete. Once the installation is complete, the software will start automatically, unless you have previously unchecked Standby start function..

Method 2: "Windows PowerShell"

  1. Open the console "PowerShell" as an administrator the way you want. The easiest way to call it is from the context menu of the "Start"..
  2. Form and run the command add-appxpackage полный-путь-к-файлу-appx.

Wait for the deployment and installation to be successful. A prompt to enter the following command at the console will indicate that the APPX package has been installed.

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what you need to know

Not all APPX packages can be installed using the methods described: for example, if the latest package does not contain the signature of a trusted certificate, the installation will abort with an error "Ask the developer for a new app package.". Also, before you install a program or component from a stand-alone package, you should make sure that its size and architecture are compatible with the size and architecture of your operating system. There is nothing difficult to do, since the type of bits and the architecture are specified in the name of the installation file.

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