Install games on your PlayStation 3 from a USB stick

Install games on your PlayStation 3 from a USB stick

Sony's PlayStation 3 game console is still very popular with gamers today, often due to the existence of exclusive games not ported to the next generation. To install applications more conveniently, you can use Flash storage.

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Install games on the PS3 from a pendrive

We will skip the topic of installing custom firmware or ODE on the console, as this process should be covered separately from the question posed about games. At the same time, for the following actions is a prerequisite, without which this instruction is meaningless.

Step 1: Prepare the removable media

The first step is to correctly select and format the Flash drive that you plan to use to install the games on your PlayStation 3. Almost any removable drive is suitable for this purpose, be it a USB stick or a microSD card.

The only significant difference between the drives is the data transfer speed. For this reason, a USB flash drive is more suitable for this task. Also, not all computers are equipped with a microSD card reader.

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The amount of storage on the unit should be tailored to your needs. It can be as small as an 8GB flash drive, or it can be an external USB hard drive.

Before downloading and adding games, the removable drive must be formatted. To do this, you can use the standard means of the Windows operating system.

  1. Depending on the type of Flash drive, connect it to your computer.
  2. Open section This computer. and right-click on the found drive. Please select "Format".to go to the Custom Settings screen.
  3. If you use an external hard drive, you will need to use special software to format it to "FAT32".

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  4. The most important thing here is the list of "File System".. Drop it down and select an option "FAT32".
  5. On the line. "Size of the distribution unit" can leave the value "Default". or change it for "8192 bytes"..
  6. If desired, change the volume label and check the box "Fast (index cleanup)"to speed up the procedure of deleting existing data. Press the button "Starts". to start formatting.

    Wait for the notification that the process has been completed successfully, and then you can proceed to the next step.

If you have any difficulties or doubts about the steps described, you can read more detailed instructions on how to solve the most common problems. Also, we will always be happy to help you in the comments.

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Step 2: Download and copy games

In this step, care must be taken to place the application working files in the correct directory on the drive. Otherwise, the console will not be able to read the added folder correctly. However, an incorrect installation is not critical, as the PC can always be reused to move files.

  1. Open the root directory of the drive and create a new folder "GAMES". In the future, this section will be used as the main catalog.
  2. Download the file with the game for PS3 on PC from any Internet site that has the appropriate category. The final archive must be unzipped with the WinRAR archive.
  3. In many cases, you can find a format ISO. Files can also be accessed through a filing cabinet or UltraISO.

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  4. The final directory must contain a folder "PS3_GAME" and the file "PS3_DISC.SFB"..

    Note: There may be other directories, but the items mentioned are an integral part of any game.

  5. Copy this directory in its entirety by placing in "GAMES" on the flash drive.
  6. As a result, multiple applications can be installed on the removable drive and will be detected by the Sony PlayStation 3 without any problem.

Now disconnect the prepared flash drive from the computer and you can proceed to work with the console.

Step 3: Launch games on the console

As long as the unit is well prepared and a properly functioning game has been recorded, this step is the easiest as it literally requires no additional action on your part. The complete launch procedure consists of several steps.

  1. Connect the previously recorded drive to the PS3's USB port.
  2. After confirming that the memory card is properly connected, from the main menu of the console, select "Multiman".

    Note: Depending on the firmware, the software may vary.

  3. After launch, it only remains to find the application in the general list by name.
  4. In some cases it may be necessary to update the list by pressing the buttons «Select + L3» in command.
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We hope that our tutorial has helped you solve the problem of installing games from a pendrive on your PlayStation 3 console.


After reading this article, you should not forget about the need to use custom firmware, as the PS3 with standard software does not offer such an opportunity. Changing the console software is only worth it with a detailed study of the problem or seeking the help of professionals. Later installed games are not affected.

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