Instructions for paying the monthly Zoom fee in rubles

Instructions for paying the monthly Zoom fee in rubles.

The zoom has become popular thanks to its conversion in remote mode. It is a functional and versatile tool for giving classes, talks and work conferences of all kinds. The basic version is free, but you have to pay for Zoom to get unlimited access.

How to check your subscription

Once the account is created, the free basic rate is automatically activated. If the user hasn't logged in for a while and can't remember if they paid, you should check their subscription level. This is easy to do:

  1. Access the account, if necessary reset the password using a practical form. Login via Facebook or Google is available.
  2. In the upper left corner, you have to access the “Rates and prices” menu column to check it.
  3. The connected option is highlighted, here the terms and conditions of all other rates are open for inspection. The price, additional features and main features are indicated.

There will be a number of restrictions when using the program in free mode. There can be no more than 100 people in a group conference and it lasts no more than 40 minutes. Consequently, it can be uncomfortable to interrupt the discussion and lose the thread of the narrative. The payment options are adapted to both professionals and small, medium and large companies.

How to pay for Zoom

In the same menu, you can pay for Zoom with the new selected rate. To do so, simply click the "Buy Now" button. The cost starts at $14,99 for a professional account. The Business and Enterprise subscription option will cost the user $19,99. What really makes the difference is the connection of additional functions, the increase in participants and the conference time. Depending on their needs, each user selects a rate according to the detailed description in this menu.

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Once the button is pressed, the service is charged per month or per year, being the second most profitable offer. Next, select from the list of plugins those that are necessary to work comfortably. After that, you proceed directly to the payment, choose the currency, the calculation is not provided in rubles, the money will have to be converted.

A simple questionnaire is filled out for the payer with the name, address, email and telephone number. Payment is then made by bank card or PayPal. You will have to enter the credit card number, the name, the expiration date and the CVV code, which is the classic online payment procedure.

Buy a data plan

You can choose the right conference rate plan after analyzing the possibilities of each individual offer:

  1. The professional will be suitable for conferences of all small groups. There are differences with respect to the basic tariff, the main one is that it is possible to put calls on hold for up to 24 hours and there are additional functions that the administrator can manage.
  2. The business, compared to the previous one, increases the conference to 300 participants. There is already an administration panel, local connectivity for the company, as well as a dedicated support phone number and other additional options.
  3. The company is a rate created for large companies. Supports 500 or 1000 participants. There is no time limit. A specialist is assigned to quickly resolve any issues, and all basic functions are opened.

The detailed instructions on the fare website will help you choose a subscription without any problems. Thus, users can use Zoom from their phone, laptop, PC or tablet. Mobile devices can be accessed through an application that must be downloaded and authorized in advance.

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Discount coupons

It's easy to save on your subscription by activating a special discount coupon. These are official promotions that are launched periodically for new or active users, and can also be a gift for various holidays.

To get a special code you will have to use the resources in English, in Russian there are very few offers, most of them do not work. It is easy to find valid promotions on the page. You have to go to the Codes link, copy the letters and paste them in a special window when paying.

Problems and solutions

Unfortunately, there are problems with the payment. There are common causes and they are the ones that cause the failures:

  • An error during input, it is worth rechecking all the information;
  • The lack of a sufficient amount in the account, including currency conversion, is worth checking the cost;
  • Temporary bug, it's worth trying to access the program later.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for problems that you cannot solve yourself. You must write to them, leaving your contact information, and a manager will help you solve the problem quickly.

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