Instructions: How to use the whiteboard in a Zoom conference

Instructions: How to use the whiteboard in a Zoom conference.

ZOOM platform is a good quality video conferencing tool to work with a large number of participants to form or discuss some points and issues online. To make these meetings effective, ZOOM has a feature like the Whiteboard.

What is a whiteboard in Zoom?

A virtual whiteboard is a tool that allows you to work together in a video conference, making the meeting productive. When someone opens it, it appears on the screens of the participants, who can draw, paint, trace, create and move objects on it. An unlimited number of objects can be created; once the board has been used and is no longer needed, it can be stored for future use.

How to activate and configure an online whiteboard in Zoom

To enable an interactive whiteboard you need

  • During the video call, open the control panel and click on «Share screen»;
  • A list of available features will appear, select “Basic” from the list;
  • Activate the «whiteboard», share with the other participants;
  • When it's no longer needed, click "stop sharing."

Once the board appears, the annotations will be available for you to use. You can hide them and then open them. The control buttons are located in the lower right corner. You can use them to create new boards, and to switch between them. You can use more than one tool if you activate the "dual screen" mode.

Note! In addition to the whiteboard, you can also share a presentation or your computer screen.

Annotation tools include: paste drawing or text, draw, make a note, include arrows to show objects and a spotlight to illuminate the highlighted area, erase if something is no longer needed, save, take a screenshot.

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To use the annotations they must be connected on the platform. For this you need:

  • Go to Zoom and enter your room;
  • Click on the “account management” function;
  • click on the “settings” option;
  • Annotations are connected.

There is a "screen sharing" feature, which is useful for sharing information with other participants in the video conference. It is possible to zoom in and out of any part of the screen. Selecting the “computer audio only” option in public chat starts the audio file without video. It is possible to use multiple cameras during a video call and switch images from one to another.

How to use the interactive whiteboard

To start using the whiteboard, the author of the video tutorial turns it on. He begins to use it, for example, drawing, making sketches, writing something. Next, he explains what he has done and why, completing it with the necessary elements and texts. Then, at the request of the participants, they add or change something. These changes are recorded immediately and are visible to others.

In the computer

To start using the board in Zoom, you have to install the software. Next, create an account. To start a video conference or connect, you must enter the office to start your broadcast or use the link to connect to another.

Then you have to click on the screen at the bottom. The control panel will appear. Next, click on the “share screen” option and select “bulletin board”. The monitor image will change to a white background, which has function buttons on the left side. This is the interactive whiteboard.

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Highlighting any part of the whiteboard brings up a control panel with functions:

  • Text: used for lettering;
  • Create image – the desired image is created;
  • Insert the bookmark;
  • Trace;
  • Eraser – erase;
  • Forms – select font, text size, color, bold, italics, and underline;
  • Cancel action – cancels the previous action;
  • Repeat – repeat;
  • Delete – delete the content;
  • Make save – saves the board as it is at that moment;
  • Close: Closes the board on zoom.

By phone.

To start working with the board in ZOOM. Install the ZOOM app. Create a ticket and connect. Start a teleconference. At the bottom of the screen, click "share" and then select the feature that allows you to share the whiteboard.

The virtual whiteboard is a good tool for ZOOM meetings, tutorials, lessons in remote communication format. The virtual whiteboard is similar to Miro, but unlike that tool, it is free to use. However, there are additional features, such as smart recognition, which are paid for. Recognize the shapes. For example, if a circle is not drawn evenly, it gives a normal look that participants can understand.

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