JuicyFields Reviews: Crowdgrowing Platform or Scam?

Do you want to understand if Juicy Fields is reliable? In this article I will give my objective point of view on the investment company Juicy Fields and provide data to support it. Everyone is free to carry out the interpretation they want, since I am not a financial advisor nor do I pretend to be.

What is Juicy Fields?

juicyfields is a crowdgrowing company, that is, it deals with connecting private individuals or small investors with medical cannabis cultivation companies seeking financing. In summary, it can be said that we are talking about "sponsoring" or financing cannabis plants, which will later be legally put up for sale on the market and this will provide a return to both the farmer, the intermediary (JuicyFields) and the small investor. .

It is nothing new to be able to invest in marijuana, more and more countries understand medical cannabis as a satisfaction to various health problems or at least to cope with them in a simpler way. This is the situation in Canada, the first “developed” country that in 2019 made the sale and consumption of cannabis legal for people over 18 years of age.

How does JuicyFields work?

Some person older than 18 years You can finance cannabis plants from €50/unit and become an online grower. The plant goes through development time of 108 days until the moment of harvest arrives:

  1. Cloning and rooting: 1 to 14 days
  2. Vegetation and mass gain: 30 days
  3. Flowering and pre-harvest: 45 days
  4. Harvest: 1 day

When the harvest time arrives, the plant is sold and organized. The investor will see reflected in his account the initial contribution plus the profits generated.

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For each sponsored plant, an approximate return of €67,5 – €82,5 is received, that is, between 17,50 and 32,50 euros net profit for every 50 euros. That means a return per month of around 2,83% and 5,41%.

We managed to find three types of plantations, which will bring us a different profitability:

  • JuicyFlash: price €50 – 108 days – low performance – 1 harvest/year
  • JuicyMist: price €2000 – 3 years – average performance – 4 harvests/year
  • ☘️ JuicyKush: price €2000 – 4 years – Prominent performance – 3 harvests/year
  • Juicy Haze: price €2000 – 5 years – Ultra performance – 2 harvests/year

The user will receive benefit after each harvest, being more in those plants of medium and prominent performance.

In addition, the minimum investment is very low, only $50. They have the same investment company as legal. Zero.

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Nobody grants duros at 4 pesetas

A statement that, as in countless fields, also has a place in finance, warning us that if we get any kind of magic formula with which to enrich ourselves without doing anything, the first thing we should do is doubt.
There is no 'Impressum' or legal announcement on the website, an element that is required by law when registering a German GmbH similar to the Spanish SL, in addition to this the terms are written in English, when by law they have to be written in German.
Another thing that would be interesting to clarify is: What happened to your former attorney Andre Wacker? According to the site cited now, he left the company only 3 months after its founding:

Who is behind this alleged investment opportunity?

Contrary to what many people think, Alan Glanse he is not the owner of Juicy Fields. He is only the apparent head, a visual figurehead perhaps?

But who is really behind is a certain Victor Bitner, of which I have not been able to find anything, unlike this commented by an Internet user:

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[asap_note radius=”10″ color_bg=”#ffffc1″ color_text=”#181818″ position=”left” size=”20″ margin=”10″ padding=”10″]The exclusive information I got about the owner of the company (name matches, but may not be) is that he had a hot dog company in the UK.
Official UK Company Registration:
Registered in: 2011
Dissolved on: September 2020
Bitner, Viktor
Correspondence address: Rognitzstrasse 18, Berlin, Germany, 14059
Position: Director
Date of birth: 1969[/asap_note]

Juicy Fields not responding?

It is not the first opportunity, that looking in forums or other websites where Juicy Fields community managers commonly 'spam' we can find attractive serious and based questions, which give the company the possibility to clarify several things. They still seem determined to lose potential users who second-guess themselves and try to cross-check the information, to people who buy their claim without even doing any research at all.
While all these unknowns haunt our heads, on the official JuicyFields channel on YouTube they take care of conducting interviews full of banal and unclear questions. They try to 'hype' the company, but in an empty and heavily made-up way. Until they fix all these inconsistencies in their business model, they won't get off the ground.

They make it quite simple for us to invest

In all the interfaces I have invested in up to now, introducing with cryptocurrencies, in one way or another:

  • They have verified my identity (DNI/Video call etc.)
  • they made me Accept the terms and conditions, sign them or sign a contract
  • I have been made complete a KYC/AML form (anti money laundering)
  • In some cases, fill out a MiFID form (risk tolerance)

It is clear that there are regulated and unregulated investments, I understand that the more you risk, the more return you can find and that as long as Juicy Fields continues to pay, everyone is happy. But what if it goes wrong, who do you claim?

Referrals hidden by Juicy Fields staff

Yes, JuicyFields does have a referral program beyond what several of its members deny, it does not appear on its website, but by sending an email to [email protected] They give you income to a commission of 5% on the investments of your referrals.

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Hello *! My name is Jurgen. he is a thrill to guide you today. As you know, we do not have a referral program like the traditional “rollback” with a reward for attracting users, but we understand that all efforts to encourage entrepreneurship have to be appreciated. If you have an initiative that helps foster entrepreneurship, write a descriptive marketing initiative and send it to [email protected]

Kind regards, Jurgen
Site Owner Support Specialist

Alleged plantations whose existence was not proven

Beyond the fact that it is true that occasionally the JuicyFields CMs pass us a photo from security cameras of a plantation:

juicyfields plantations

Other localities that are associated with plantations that harvest marijuana raise serious questions, such as the following image where, in theory, there is a legal marijuana plantation in Portugal:

marketing juicy fields

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Lying marketing and suspicious criticism of investing in Juicy Fields

Lately they are showing a huge set of different websites that are repeated from the JuicyFields.io website, they have the same phone number and contact information, so we assume that we are talking about our company trying to capture the largest number of scams in the last part before the company disappears.

Websites like:

  • growprofit.io
  • juicyfields.es
  • juicyfields-ltm.com

As you may have seen, this post doesn't show too many positive JuicyFields reviews, as most of the ones I get are from people trying to boost their referral link through the comments section.

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Is it feasible to win at JuicyFields?

I believe in the crowdgrowing model and it seems to me an incredible and creative initiative, but since I wrote this article, my point of view changed about Juicy Fields, there are too many things that do not fit, one, two or three things that are not right we have the possibility of letting them go, but there are so many things that my instinct tells me that my money is not even a crazy mission here. What do you see this new way of investing? Did you already know this system? Comment your own experience and your criticism of JuicyFields.

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