Letyshops Opinions in 2022 Can you make money?

I love looking for coupons and ways to save money on my purchases. It was in this search that I came to letyshops, a system that helps you both save and make money while you shop.

Before embarking on the adventure, I was trying to find Letyshops reviews to understand if it really works or not. I tell you all about my experience.

What is Letyshops?

It is a company built in Hungary and that belongs to the types of companies called cashback. It works both for Spain and for the rest of Europe and Latin America. Today it is a social network with well over 9 million individuals worldwide who make about 41 million purchases each year.

In its system it has added about 2000 thousand different brands that accept you find a money back at the time of purchase. There are sites as diverse as Aliexpress, Amazon, MediaMark, Ebay, etc.

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How Letyshop works or works

The first thing you have to do is register in your web page. They will ask you for your data and a valid email where you must verify your identity.

Whenever you make a purchase in any of the stores that belong to their system, you will receive a refund. But for this to be carried out effectively, it is not just about going to the store and buying. You have to enter Lety Shops and proceed to the store from its link.


This works by the following: the store gains users who want to save some money; Letyshops earns a commission for each purchase and the customer makes a purchase for a lower price.

It is the traditional cashback program that is applied in other sites. The reality is that one thing that impressed me about using Letyshops in Spain is the proportion of accessible stores. They are places where we buy at all times, so the savings are truly attractive and accurate.

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Ways to make money with Letishop

We could say that there are three different ways to make money with Letyshops that I am going to show you below:

Make an online purchase

As I said before, being a cashback site, one way to save or earn some money is to make an online purchase. For that you must follow the next steps:

  • Sign in to your Lety Shops account
  • Click on the store you want to make the purchase
  • You will proceed to another Letyshop page where they show you the cashback conditions. Read it to do what they ask for.
  • Click on “Access the store” from Letyshop
  • Make the acquisition you want
  • In a period greater than 24 hours, the refund will be reflected in "My account". At the beginning it will be seen as "Pending" and after 30 days it will become "Approved" which will be when you will have the possibility to collect the money.


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referral links

Another way to make money is to invite other friends to be part of Letyshops. For each user who registers with your link, you will both receive €5.

For this, you have to go to the section called “Refer and earn".


Install the Letyshops extension

I am an individual who acquires numerous occasions per week on the internet. That made it possible for me to be more attentive when learning about this system in order to save some money. But there are so many stores that they have in the system that sometimes I forget.

One satisfaction I found was download the extension that they have usable for the browser. It is a free plugin that is usable for both Chrome and Firefox and Opera. Whenever I access an online sales website, this extension tells me whether or not there is an opportunity to use a cashback with Letyshops. You can download it from their website

In my browser version I It makes it easy to turn on cashback directly when I log in with my username. This way, I don't miss a thing and it will notify me whether or not there is a usable money saver in that store.

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But the extension goes a step further, and in huge stores such as, among other things, Aliexpress also shows you criticism of that seller or the product itself.

Letyshops Premium Program

For those individuals who make use of Letyshops with more continuity, they will have a greater reward. It is what they call as Premium Program or Loyalty Program.

Depending on the level you are at, your cashback percentage will increase.

Right now there are three specific scenarios:

  • LetyBroze: 10% of the established cashback quota is added and €10 is accumulated
  • LetySilver: 20% from the cashback fee and €50 is accumulated
  • LetyGold: 30% of the cashback fee and accumulates €150

A sample case would be that if the Letyshops Amazon cashback fee is 5% and you are a LetyBronze level, you will receive 5,5%. That 0,5% plus is 10% of the 5% cashback.


Accessible stores in Letishop

There are 2000 thousand online stores accessible on Letyshops with all kinds of categories. From jewelry to clothing, accessories, food, decoration, etc.

The following are some of the most popular and with which you can carry out more cashback:

  • AliExpress
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Booking
  • El Corte Ingles
  • PC Components
  • GearBest
  • Ebay
  • Phone House
  • Catch
  • Shein
  • Just Eat
  • Hotels.com
  • HomeAway
  • MediaMarkt
  • Beshka
  • mipharma
  • Decathlon

Withdraw money from Letyshops

So far so good and really good the fact of earning and saving money. But one of the considerable concerns she possessed was how to get that money

It will be as simple as proceeding to "My account" and click on "Withdrawal of funds". There you have to choose the procedure Payment for which you want to receive this money.

They currently have usable Paypal and bank account. You will be asked for all your personal data since you have to be the owner of the bank account.

The minimum amount to carry out a withdrawal is €5. The period for processing payments is 1 to 3 business days.

Is Letyshops safe? It's worth it?

The company transports in the market 6 years, for which I can confirm that it is a credible and safe procedure.

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Its popularity has become much more common in these recent times where we all want to save some money on our purchases. Also, every year they further expand their list of accessible stores to carry out cashback.

I have tried it and it has worked well for me. It is true that in relation to what you buy, it may take more or less to reach €5, but what matters is that you have a return on what you intended to spend. And I have also had a cashback from my family that I gave them the link and they have started to use it.

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Opinions of Letyshops

The reviews in general that I came across in all situations they are good. They all assure that it does not cost them anything to enter through the Letyshops link and that by the way, they save money for the future.

Also, the one who numerous influencers and youtubers are suggesting it It gives you a little more reliability.

On some occasions they communicate that they did not receive the cashback. And here we must make it clear that to receive it you have to fulfill the conditions that they say on the Letyshop page and make sure that they have the active cashback capacity, otherwise you will not have the opportunity to receive it.

Everyone finds it appealing and easy to do on the PC but something is missing from the device, which is where we do a lot of online sales.

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With the reviews of Letyshops and my own experience I can tell you that belongs to the best cashback sites that you will find on the net. I was impressed at first that they had such a huge list of stores and that huge stores like Aliexpress or Amazon were part of it. That says a lot about the security of the page and that we are talking about a service that really works.

It belongs to the best cashback sites I have used

After making numerous purchases on Aliexpress, I made the decision to withdraw the funds and they were deposited into my Paypal within three days. That is why I can confirm that it works and that they pay.

It is true that at the beginning it is a bit difficult for you to understand how to turn on the cashback, so I suggest you read their conditions really well on the file of each online sales website. This way you don't miss out on that refund and get your money back.

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