7 Alternatives To Library. If It Doesn't Work For You In 2022

library It is among the most important pages of free books to download that we can find on the web. But as often happens with this class of pages, it may stop working or suffer from closures. That is why we want to talk to you about some library elections if it doesn't work for you.

If you are looking for a perfect site to download free books, Ebiblioteca may be the ideal site. With an infinite number of files and a simple access to downloads, this page became the favorite of many.

The drawback is that this kind of sites that offer free downloads usually suffer from temporary closures or simply stop working thanks to the offer of free material.

If you have tried to enter the portal of Ebibioteca but it stopped working, do not despair, we bring you some good configurations of pages similar to Ebiblioteca from which you can also access books freely and free of charge.

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1.- Download books


downloadbooks is another page that gives a substantial proportion of books for free download. This page proposes files in format PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

We are talking about a page that was created specifically so that the user can navigate it and make it easier to search for books to download. In this site what we will observe is going to be a clean design.

At the top we have a search engine very effective that we have the possibility of using to write the name of a creator, a book or a genre in particular. Below this search engine we can see some organized lists displayed using the images of the book covers.

Books are arranged by Top Books and Latest Books. Below these we have the possibility of being able to enter the colossal list of genres in which the enormous library is organized. You can use this list to carry out particular searches.

La genre list It is without a doubt one of the most important that we saw and it has inside, in addition to reading books, some academic subjects and exact sciences such as sports and geography among several others.

On this page you have the possibility of finding various genres of books that cover literature, arts, sports, science and education among many others.

It has a very simplistic design and easy to walk.

Another virtue is that you do not need a registration to use the site or download files.

On this page you have the possibility of finding various genres of books that cover literature, arts, sports, science and education among many others.

It has a very simplistic design and easy to walk.

Another virtue is that you do not need a registration to use the site or download files.

2.- The Books

The Books

you books is another website from which you have the possibility to download books freely and free of charge. These files are proposed in a variety of formats such as PDF and EPUB. It has an extensive library and a simple design that has an easy search system and free downloads.

The design of this page is very easy and it is designed in such a way that those who visit it can easily find what they want without much adversity.

Some of the things you can find at Le Libros range from literary and narrative classics of different genres, the latest science publications and travel guides and self-help books.

On the page we can see genre lists in a menu on the left, like this as a search bar at the top and some suggestions on the homepage. All of the above helps to make the user experience much simpler.

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It offers a substantial proportion of titles with well over 5 accessible publications.

Le Libros gives its individuals the opportunity to read some titles online, saving the reader the development of downloading.

Its download development is simple with less advertising than other similar pages.

Offers books in a variety of formats.

Some of the download links have the possibility of being broken which will make the download unworkable.

3.- Spacebook

espaebook 1

Espaebook It is another of the elections to Ebiblioteca that we want to talk to you about. This is found within the most extensive virtual libraries out there. This portal has well over 70 thousand titles available to individuals and is famous for being very stable in terms of creator rights licenses.

In addition to accepting the free download, this page is distinguished from other similar ones because makes it easy for individuals to read files online, which prevents the step of having to download heavy files to your gadget.

The page is very simple to follow and makes searching for files really simple. The design makes it easy for individuals to find what they are looking for in a simple way.

Upon entering we see the search engine in which we have the possibility of carrying out particular searches by creator, title or genre. Below this, we can consult the book suggestions that are organized by most read in the day and last added in this way as most read in the week, month or all time.

In the middle of these lists we can consult another small menu with three buttons: Author, Genre and Series where numerous menus are displayed such as alphabets or lists that also help us find something of our interest.

To carry out downloads from this page it is not necessary to create a user or carry out a registration.

Your search engine is very effective in helping us find a book if we understand what we want.

The library is very large with well over 67 books at our disposal.

Their list of genres is not as well structured as other similar sites and can be a bit confusing.

Like many download sites, we are likely to come across a lot of advertisements and pop-ups at the time of downloading.

Another of the recurring inconveniences is that the system fails or that we occasionally find that the page is not usable.

4.- Free Books XYZ

XYZ Free Books

XYZ Free Books is another of the good choices to Ebiblioteca. It is considered one of the best pages of this class to find and download books in Spanish. In contrast to other similar pages, this one does not store the files on its server, but serves as a bridge for download links.

This is a virtue since the page is lighter and downloads are made by redirecting the user to the original portal that stores the files we are looking for.

This library gives an enormous diversity of books of different authors and genres which makes it an incredible alternative for all those who are looking for sites similar to Ebiblioteca to download books freely and free of charge.

Finding books is very simple from its homepage since it has a list of recently added books in this way as a top utility bar where you can choose lists by creator and genres. In addition to this, in search bar you can type titles or author names to create results.

The design of this page is simple to view which makes search development very simple to do.

This page has several accessible literary genres.

The download is totally free.

You may see numerous download buttons that lead to advertising pages.

Like many similar pages, it can suffer from system crashes.

5.- Bajaepub


bajaepub It is a website where well over 45 thousand books are proposed that have the possibility of being downloaded for free. Do not let yourself be scammed by its name, although it may seem so, on this page you can find not only files EPUB but also PDF.

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Bajaepub became one of the most trusted and recommended sites by individuals through the simplicity of title search and simple download development. In addition to this, the page can be visited and the files can be downloaded from a gadget with Internet access.

When opening this page we can consult in the center the suggested books by managers in this way as those who were recently added. On the left hand side we can find a menu in which we have the possibility of using three buttons to carry out searches: Authors, Genres and Series and below these, the list of the most viewed books.

Although Bajaepub has a search engine at the top of the page, it is not very apparent which can make it difficult for individuals to find it. However, we are talking about a very effective search engine.

It has a very simple design without much advertising, which can be useful when looking for books.

With well over 46 accessible titles, it is impossible for an excellent reader not to find something to want to read on this page.

The search by genres and its search bar make the development of the search very simple.

Compared with other similar pages, download development from Bajaepub is very simple.

As with other similar pages, we are going to find some advertising when downloading the files.

6.- HitsEpub


HitsEpub is another portal where you have the possibility of finding hundreds of free digital books for download. These files are in a variety of formats such as PDF, MOBI and EPUB.

Something that distinguishes the homepage of this page from other similar ones is that in addition to suggesting its own list of books, it makes available to individuals a compendium of other similar pages of free book downloads.

This causes that not only do we have accessible the books that are saved on this page, but through it we have the possibility to enter other libraries directly assuming that we do not find precisely what we are trying to find.

When opening the page we can consult an upper horizontal menu in which we have the possibility of studying how to carry out the downloads or see the Success list. Below this we can see boxes representing the other download pages that are proposed. In all these boxes we will observe the name of the page and a search engine that directs the user directly to the library of all of them.

This page is an incredible alternative if Ebiblioteca does not work because in a single site you will have the possibility to search in several other similar sites that are active to find what you want.

This page is basically a hub to find other similar free book download sites.

The books that are on the page itself can be downloaded for free.

It has numerous ways in which we manage to find books, not only on its page but in many others.

There is a possibility that the outgoing download links are broken.

As it happens in all these pages, we are going to find propaganda.

7.- FreeBooks


freebooks It is a page from which you have the possibility of downloading free books. It has an attractive list of categories that contain at least 29 titles between usable works and literary projects accessible for download in various types of reading files such as PDF or MOBI.

In contrast to other election pages to Ebiblioteca, freelibros is a site that excels in academic and technical written content. However, it also gives a substantial compilation of literary and narrative projects.

In Freebooks yes individuals are required to register to carry out downloads, however, this is a totally free development. By being registered, any of the individuals can enter your library and carry out free downloads of any text that interests you.

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As usual in several of the other sites similar to Lectulandia that we are talking about, FreeLibros has a search engine but also with a main menu. In this one, if you want to download literature you have to click on the Literary Corner.

This page focuses primarily on academic, technical and applied written content, which is not easy to find in other similar sites. However, they also propose literary projects.

Individuals have the ability to subscribe to your report to stay informed about newly added written content.

It requires registration, more than anything to access certain unique content within the page.

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What is Library?

library is a very active website where you have the possibility to download hundreds of books in different formats freely and free of charge. This site was active for a long time and changed its name from the original Bibliotheka to the one we know today.

The design may seem quite simple to us, but we should not be fooled by it. Simplicity hides a huge library with hundreds of titles and authors that we have the possibility to enjoy freely and free of charge.

The books are organized in a wide and very complete list of genres that we can consult in a vertical menu on the left hand side of the page. At the top we can consult a search engine that we have the possibility of using to find a specific header or creator.

Below the search engine we can consult other search options that will give us list results that are detailed in the middle part of the page. There we have the possibility to select what the page shows us between News, which is the selection automatically, in alphabetical order or by favorite books.

We also have the possibility to select the way in which the results are detailed, if we want to see the data of the book or only a list. In addition, we can consult the published books that have been awarded by choosing from a list that associates the most notable awards.

Another of the particularities of this page is that it can be entered from the device and it also provides a chat room where we have the possibility of being in contact with other individuals on the page. In addition, the members of the social network have the possibility of carrying out their contributions in the form of links or book files.

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Why look for an Ebiblioteca?

Beyond the fact that this was one of the most used virtual libraries for a long time, it is not without some drawbacks. The first of them is given that it can occasionally suffer from system crashes, something that is very common. However, since this is a page that has a more community cut, it is less likely to happen.

These types of pages require to continue being in some way and in most cases they do so by introducing advertising, commonly in the download buttons. In library It happens at the moment of carrying out the downloads that you have the possibility of finding a succession of buttons, among which there are some that lead to advertising.

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library It is among the pages of book downloads that have been in operation for the longest time, which is why its library has grown exponentially over the years. This makes it one of the most important we managed to find. However, Ebiblioteca may sometimes not work, which is why it is an acceptable initiative to have other configurations.

If you cannot enter this page, you can evaluate any of the library elections that we have quoted you. All of them have a very decent proportion of files, so it could be simple to find something that interests us.

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