Run a giveaway by commenting on Instagram

Run a giveaway by commenting on Instagram

Preparation of the contest publication

Raffling any prize among Instagram users who leave a comment on a certain post is quite easy, as it requires a minimum of actions. To do this, use any convenient version of the social network to prepare a post with a design and description appropriate to the topic of the contest, which must include the basic conditions to participate and win.

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When preparing a contest, special attention must be paid to the correct elaboration of the participation rules, to the selection of high-quality images for future participation and, of course, to the prizes. In any case, you can read more about the preparation and design guidelines in a separate guide at the link above.

Sweepstakes Summary

The next, equally important, stage of running an Instagram contest is choosing the winner, which, again, can be done in a number of ways, but the best options are online ancillary services like MORECOM. In this specific case, the resource stands out for its intuitive interface that integrates all the necessary tools, pleasant conditions compared to numerous competitors, and its reliability.

Official website of MORECOM online service

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Step 1: Add accounts

    1. Follow the link above to the service home page, expand the main menu in the top right corner and select "Record".. Here you must enter the usual data, including your email address and password, and press the button "Record"..To complete your registration, please make sure to go to your mailbox, open the email you received from MORECOM and use the activation link. You can then return to the home page of the website and, if necessary, carry out authorization.
    2. As an alternative way to register on the page with the form mentioned above, you can click "Login through Facebook".This will bypass the next step of linking the account. For authorization in this case, it will suffice to use the authorization form on said social network by accessing the linked Instagram account.
    3. If you have created a new profile by email, in your personal account on the service website, click "Attach Facebook".. It is important to make a caveat here, also for the previous point, that to continue using the service, the Instagram account must have professional status and be linked to Facebook in any way. Read more:
      Create an Instagram account for businesses
      How to link an Instagram account to Facebook

  1. Enter the details of the page on the Facebook official website and if you authorize successfully in the next step, click "Continue".. To complete the procedure below, if necessary, touch "Receive the code by email"., go to the linked mailbox and write down the received data in the corresponding field.
  2. On the screen "Continue as" click the button with the same caption and select the correct one from the list of suggested trading accounts. In this case there may be display difficulties, which can be avoided by activating the desktop mode of the website.Once you have selected your account, also select your Facebook page and press "Next".. before pressing "Done". make sure all sliders in the popup are on the "Yes"..
  3. After returning to the personal account of the service, wait a bit for the information to update and use the link «Instagram account». within the category “Add an Instagram account”.Initially, the service will work in free mode for a Instagram account linked without apparent restrictions. If you want to continue using it after a week, you will have to switch to one of the plans Payment.
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Step 2: Choose a winner by comments

  1. From the main menu of the account in your personal area, click on the tab "Posts". and select a contest position. Please note that the free trial is capped at 2.000 comments per post.
  2. Use the button "Download Comments". above the general list of all posts and wait for the procedure to complete. If you get an error notice, again if you are using the trial version, try adding a tag to the post description “”as shown in our example.
  3. When the status appears. "Completed" Inside the block "Download". use the button there too "Make a raffle." and in the pop-up window set the appropriate options, be it additional effects, equal opportunities for all participants regardless of the number of comments, or determination of multiple winners. To start the giveaway, as you can guess, click on the link "Discover the winner.".The resulting photo and the winner's username will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window with a comment. Unfortunately it is not possible to publish this news on Instagram itself, you will have to announce the winner manually in the way you want. Therefore, it is better to conduct the draw online in LIVE mode, and then the broadcast can already be published on the recordings. In this way, subscribers become more involved, wait and participate in the broadcast, and see that the draw is transparent.