Male poses for outdoor or studio photo shoots: 20 pose options for photos of handsome guys and men

Male poses for outdoor or studio photo shoots: 20 pose options for photos of handsome guys and men

It's no secret that men don't particularly like being photographed. For some reason it looks unworthy for the stronger sex. That is why photo sessions with boys are much rarer than those with women or children. And few boys like it and know how to show off in front of a camera, unlike girls.

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The prospect of getting in front of a camera seems like a daunting task for many men. However, there are quite a few photo shoots for guys. For some it is a professional task, while others receive such an unusual gift. But the guys, in general, are uncomfortable in front of the camera, the whole shooting for them - solid stress. The photographer and the organizer of the photo shoot get nervous about it. But many problems can be avoided with a smart approach to the organization of the photo session, taking into account the inevitable little things and choosing the right poses.

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Preparation for a photo shoot

Careful planning of any event increases the chances of its success. Before the photo shoot, it's also a good idea to discuss things with the photographer and the guy.

Select a place

There are quite a few places that can be the base of a photo session. No one forces you to lock yourself in a studio. It can be a park, a cafeteria, an office or a house. The list is only limited by your imagination. The main thing is to make the guy as comfortable as possible in the place

Select a shooting style

And in this matter, the number of options is really unlimited. For example, a classic portrait photo can be arranged not only in the studio, but also outdoors. The season will only increase the spiciness. Evening and night shoots are popular, but in any case, in portrait photography the setting is secondary. For young men, a popular fashion shoot with an emphasis on stylish wardrobe may be appropriate. A thrash photo shoot with ripped jeans, heavy boots and sloppy shirts can go down well with rebellious men. Detached garages and abandoned workshops could be the setting for this shoot. A military-style photo shoot can include military clothing and even weapons.

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Selection of clothes and props

It is worth thinking carefully about the image of the guy. Clothing is especially important if you want to create a certain look. When you get ready, you can choose as many clothing options as possible in a variety of styles so that you are spoiled for choice. The clothes can even give you a clue about the nature of the photos you are going to take. Comfortable clothes can help a man relax. It is also worth paying attention to accessories. Many objects can highlight the inner world of a man: a bottle of cognac, a cigar, a guitar, a mobile device.

meet the photographer

If the photographer is unknown until the moment of cooperation, it is better to discuss all the nuances with him, agree on the rules and discuss shooting options. Perhaps the subject is afraid of certain angles and wants to highlight something certain about himself. A trusting relationship with the photographer helps to let go. A professional has to be a bit of a psychologist to get to know the person with whom he works better.

the right attitude

This point is important for both the guy and the organizer. It must be borne in mind that even an hour and a half of filming will tire everyone. The man has to understand what he is getting himself into, calm down and trust the photographer. In most cases, everyone is happy with the result.

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How to get well in the frame

If you analyze the photos of men on social networks, you see that few men are good at posing. Most men prefer to stand tall for the camera. Others, on the contrary, demonstrate their relaxation in every possible way, which further underlines their lack of self-confidence at the moment. And before we jump right into the possible posing options, it's worth paying attention to the basics of male posing. For this occasion, the most natural poses are the best, and the simpler they are, the better.

How to look cool?

You don't have to flex all your muscles and show off your brutality in every way to create this look. It is better to appear masculine with confidence. And the facial expression should be calm. Regardless of the location of the model, you should not forget about the pose. Without a straight back, you will not look attractive.

Do you have to smile in a photo?

A man in a photo can and should smile. Some may be content with the principle "men don't cry", but what does a smile have to do with it? Even if you don't want to appear wildly cheerful, you can slightly lengthen the line of the mouth. But even the complete absence of a smile is better than an artificial and forced grimace.

The masculinity of the figure

To best bring out the masculinity of your figure - broad shoulders and muscles - stand with your shoulders facing the camera, but with your hips turned slightly to the side, just a couple of degrees.

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a sure look

To make the gaze appear confident, you just have to look in the direction that the face is turned. If the gaze drifts to the side, it creates the illusion of embarrassment or flirtation. This is usually not appropriate for the image of a man.

Do not stay in one position for a long time

In the photo session, the man will have to work: change posture, facial expressions, emotions, head turns. The photographer will capture the good shots himself. If multiple takes are to be done in the same pose, the man will simply be asked to stay still or assume the proper position.

listen to the photographer

Don't expect the photographer to point out every movement of the model, but there will still be clues. Do not neglect the opinion of a professional. Only if the model and the photographer work together can a great result be achieved.

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The best poses for photos of men

Standing with arms crossed

This is a very simple pose, perfect for a portrait of a man. He crosses his arms over his chest, but throws his shoulders back slightly and tucks his belly in: you can't forget about the posture. This closed pose will give the man confidence. This pose is quite natural for a man and is often chosen for amateur photos.

Standing at full height with arms crossed

A similar pose can be used for a full-length photograph. Arms should be crossed at chest height, with hands placed on bent elbows and thumbs tucked in. The model can cross her legs so that one is slightly in front of the other. The weight should fall mainly on one leg, otherwise the pose will be awkward.

Full length with hand in pocket

This posture can be considered a development of the previous posture. Only this time, one hand can be placed in the pocket and the other can be left relaxed.

hands in pockets

If you place all or part of your hands in the front pockets of your pants, you will achieve the most natural and relaxed pose possible. It has two variants:

  • hands folded into fists at waist level, thumbs tucked into pockets;
  • with the hand hidden in the pocket and the thumbs out.

With an object stuffed in the back

This posture also develops the previous one. You only have to throw an object on your shoulder: a jacket, a briefcase. The legs may be crossed and the hand or thumb may be placed in the pocket.

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asymmetrical posture

In this pose, the weight of the body should be transferred to one leg. The second leg can be placed to the side or crossed with the first. For a natural body posture, it is as if you were taking a step, but without inserting the other leg. You don't have to stand right under the camera, you can stand half turned. Some freedom can also be given to the hands: folded on the chest, hidden in the pockets. The more natural the pose of a man, the more alive the photo will be.

Full length, leaning against the wall

A man can lean with his back against a wall or vertical surface, with his hands in his pockets. An even more casual look would be achieved with one leg bent at the knee and leaning against the wall. You don't have to look at the target, you can turn your head slightly to the side.

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Leaning sideways against the wall

This pose is good for both formal and impromptu portraits. Crossed legs emphasize a confident body position. The posture implies external relaxation and even slight carelessness. The head may be slightly tilted.

With an object in hand

This is a very easy pose for a business portrait. And the object in your hand, be it a laptop or a tool, can indicate a man's occupation.

Relaxed sitting at the table

This position may not be very etiquette, but no one forces you to put your feet up on the table. Just sit on its edge. In this free and relaxed posture, the hands should rest freely on the hips, they can be folded on the chest, resting against the table or tucked into the pockets.

sitting at the table

A fairly simple pose of a person sitting at a table. But the main thing is not to depict an exemplary and stuffy schoolboy. And the occupancy of the model can be shown by objects placed on a horizontal surface. It can be a laptop, a tablet, a book, a cup. Leaning slightly forward or turning in a half turn is allowed. You can put your hands in front of you or touch one of them to the chin, hold an object. This adds a natural touch to the shot.

Sitting at a desk with the shoulder extended

This pose is slightly different from the previous one. But it is very suitable for business portraits, as it emphasizes the image of a well-to-do and self-confident man.

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half turned in a chair

This characteristic pose looks creative. But the chair the model is sitting on has to be to the side or with her back to the camera lens.

With arms crossed at the table

You can rest your arms crossed and place objects related to the man's profession on the table.

With support under the arm

A photo in which a man's arm is resting on some kind of support - a table, a chair, a window sill - will look attractive. You can diversify the portrait by asking him to rest his hips on the edge of a table, cross his legs or arms.

Sitting comfortably in a chair

This commanding pose is good for corporate or formal portraits. You can place one foot on the other and your hand on your knee or armrest. But the head should not rest definitely. You can even avoid looking into the frame by slightly turning your head to the side.

Sitting on the floor without support

A simple and natural pose has many variations given the change in the angle of the shot. In this posture, you have to lean slightly forward, squaring your shoulders. You can put your feet in front of you and put your hands on them, or you can cross your legs and leave your hands in the center.

Sitting on the ground, leaning on his hands

A man would look good in this pose outdoors. You can also lean on one hand and put the other on the raised knee. The angle is very important, but it is the job of the photographer.

Sitting nonchalantly on the ground

In this relaxed and informal pose, you can cross your legs naturally.

Relaxed, semi-reclining, leaning against the wall

A man can sit with his back against a wall or an object. One leg may be bent at the knee. The legs may be extended or crossed at the ankles. The back should be relaxed, but not extended over the support.


Don't be afraid to photograph the model's face up close. Let the man be the main subject of the frame. You can take many shots from different angles, show different emotions, turn her head or tilt it, bring her hands to her face. The pose could be anything, because the emphasis is on the face. The main work is done by the photographer: he chooses the angle and lighting.

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