Microsoft Outlook: Creating a new folder

Microsoft Outlook: Creating a new folder

When working with a large number of mailboxes, or different types of correspondence, it is very convenient to classify the emails into different folders. The Microsoft Outlook mail program offers this possibility. Let's see how to create a new directory in this application.

Procedure to create a folder

In Microsoft Outlook, creating a new folder is pretty easy. First, go to the folders section of the main menu.

From the list of functions presented on the ribbon, select "New Folder".

In the window that opens, enter the name of the folder under which we want it to appear in the future. In the following form, select the type of items to be stored in this directory. It can be mail, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar, calendar, or InfoPath form.

Then select the parent folder where the new folder will be located. It can be any of the existing directories. If we don't want to reassign the new folder to some other folder, choose the account name as the location.

As you can see, a new folder has been created in Microsoft Outlook. Now you can move the emails that the user deems appropriate here. If you want, you can also configure an automatic scrolling rule.

The second way to create a directory

There is another way to create a folder in Microsoft Outlook. To do this, click in the left part of the window on any of the existing directories that are installed in the program by default. These are: Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Deleted, RSS Feeds, Outbox, Spam, Search Folder. You can select a specific directory depending on the purpose for which you want to use the new folder.

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Thus, after clicking on the selected folder, a contextual menu appears where you have to go to «New folder ...».

Next, the directory creation window opens, in which you must perform all the actions that we have previously described when talking about the first method.

Create a search folder

The algorithm for creating a search folder is slightly different. In the "Folder" section of Microsoft Outlook that we talked about earlier, on the ribbon of available functions, click "Create Search Folder."

In the window that opens, configure the search folder. You can select the name of the type of mail to search: "Unread mail", "Mail marked for execution", "Important mail", "Mail from a specific recipient", and so on. In the form at the bottom of the window, specify the account to search for, in case there are multiple accounts. You must then press the "OK" button.

A new folder then appears in the "Search Folders" directory with the name of the type that the user has selected.

As you can see, there are two types of directories in Microsoft Outlook: normal folders and search folders. The creation of each of them has its own algorithm. Folders can be created through the main menu or through the directory tree located on the left side of the program interface.

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