Change the Wifi password of Arnet

With the passage of time, technological advances have been greater and more and more people use Arnet's Wi-Fi on a daily basis to access the Internet. However, there are very few that modify the key that these bring, so today we will mention the importance of change wifi password arnet.

We almost always think that changing the configuration that these devices have is very complicated and that is why we leave the one that comes from the factory. But, believe it or not, changing the Arnet Wi-Fi password is easier than you might think and the best thing is that it's extremely fast.

change wifi card

For that reason, today we will also give you the indications that you must follow to correctly change the password Arnet Wi-Fi. Without further ado, do not wait any longer and continue reading, because we are sure that it will help you a lot.

Importance of changing the Wifi password of Arnet

Although it seems a completely harmless, normal and even comfortable act to use our Arnet Wifi with the factory password, it is not recommended. This is for a simple and important reason and that is that, as time goes by, computer crimes by hackers have increased.

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Therefore, keeping the same key and even the same name that our Arnet Wi-Fi brings will only make it easier for these criminals. Those who take advantage of you and through programs manage to discover your password, which will not only allow them to use it without paying.

The worst thing is that, having access to your network, they can steal the information from your computer and from the other devices you have connected. As if that were not enough, if they commit more computer crimes using your Wi-Fi connection, the only one who would pay the serious consequences is you, the IP of your Wi-Fi may be registered.

Likewise, the fact that these malicious people use your connection whenever they want will make your Internet much slower. Which is obvious, since most Wi-Fi works best with a number of connected devices.

By increasing this amount, it makes everything you do with it much slower, such as downloading, watching videos, among others. Knowing all these reasons, we know that you will want change the password at once, so continue on to the next point where we will explain how to do it.

Instructions to change the Wi-Fi password of Arnet

First you should know that there are several Arnet Wi-Fi models, therefore, to make the configuration easier, we will show you how to do it with each one. The only thing you will have to do is, obviously, identify the model you have and follow the instructions based on that model.

Of course, when modifying the configuration that they bring, you must first connect it to your computer. Regardless of the model, this is the common procedure that they all have, the other indications tend to vary a bit and even so they are simple.

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Knowing this, follow the indications by models that you will see below, so that you can effectively change the password of your Arnet Wifi:

ADSL Telecom Model P. DG A4001N, P-660HNU-T1-v2 or DRG A125G (Black Modem)

These Wifi models are configured as follows:

  • Enter this address in your favorite browser.
  • When entering the "User" place admin and in the "Password" write: "tomenague".
  • Then press “Initial configuration” and then check “WiFi configuration”.
  • An option will appear that says “Wi-Fi network name” there you will place the new name.
  • Finally, where it says "Password" or "Security Key" enter a new password, press “Save changes” and that's it.

ZTE ZXV10 H108N or ZTE ZXHN10 H108N

As for these models, follow these instructions and you will quickly configure them:

  • Enter this page in your browser and if it doesn't work, place this
  • Once inside, in “Username” write admin and in “Password” write: CalVxePV1!.
  • Then select the “Wireless” option and when entering mark “Wireless Basic”.
  • There you will find “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” you will rename the Wifi and then you will click on “Apply”.
  • Then select “Pre Shared Key” and mark “Wireless Security” there you will place the new password and then press “Apply”.

Model MediaAccess TG588v

Carefully follow these steps to configure your Wifi:

  • Enter from your browser.
  • Go to “Home Network”.
  • Select “MediaAccess TG588v”.
  • Then in “Network name (SSID)” rename the Wifi.
  • Finally, in “WPA-PSK encryption key” change the password and then click “Apply”.

ZyXEL VMG1312-B10B or VMG1312-B10A

In these two models the following steps are applied:

  • From your browser go to
  • In both “Username” and “Password”, you are going to put “admin”.
  • When entering check “Network Setting” and then select “Wireless”.
  • “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” will appear and you will click on it to change the name.
  • Then in “Password” enter the password of your choice and then click “Apply”.
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Model ZyXel P-600HN-51

To configure this model follow these steps:

  • Enter or from your browser.
  • When entering, type “admin” in both the username and the password and then click on “Login”.
  • From the options that appear select “Network Settings”.
  • Then check “Wireless Network Name(SSID)” and modify the Wifi name.
  • Finally, in “Password” change password and then press “Apply”.

ZyXel P660HW T1 v2 and v3 models

Enter from your browser at

  • In “User Name” write down “admin” and in “Password” “1234” then press “Login”
  • When entering mark “Ignore”.
  • Several options will appear and you must mark the last 2 and then click on “Apply”.
  • Go to “Network” and then to “Wireless LAN”.
  • Later in “Network Name(SSID)” rename the network.
  • Finally, in “Pre-Shared Key” write a new key and mark “Apply”.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, changing the Arnet Wi-Fi password is extremely easy and, above all, fast. The most important thing is that once you know your Wifi Arnet model and follow these steps to the letter.

Remember that by changing your name and password you are not only taking care of your data, but also that of the other people you allow to connect to your network. If you have already achieved change the Wifi password of Arnet, Leave us a comment and tell your friends so that they can read our blog just like you.