moondash It is a faucet where we will earn Dash in a simple way, It has been operational since 2017 and it is also very simple to use.

As you can see, it is a very credible and very good page, that is why I will be teaching you here how moondash works and some other little tricks that I learned.

ATTENTION: In order to use this faucet you must have created an account in coinpot.

MoonDash Registration

To study how to create an account in moondash is very simple, the first thing we must do is click on the image that we have below.

Then we will be redirected to the MoonDash homepage, and we will see an image like this.

What we have to do is the following:

  • We enter our Coinpot email.
  • After that we click on the link that says sign in.
  • We solve a simple captcha (We can choose between solving a Solvemedia or Recaptcha).
  • Finally we click where it says Submit.

With that we would have already developed our account in Moon Dash.

How does Moon Dash work?

First of all, here we will have the possibility of earning Dash and we are going to do it through its faucet, which works in the following way:

The first thing we must do is offer you click where it says Claim Now and then we solve a very simple captcha (We can select between Recaptcha or Solvemedia).

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Then we click where it says Submit and we will get an image like the one we have here below.

With that we have requested from the faucet and we will have the possibility of carrying it out again when they have elapsed five minutes. In addition to earning Dash, we will also earn 3 Coinpot Tokens, which will help us increase our profits.

Did you notice that several Bonds appeared in the image, right? Later I will explain what they are for and what benefit they bring us.

What are Moon Dash Pluses for?

These Plus are intended to help us increase our profits in the faucet up to 300%. The pluses that we have the possibility of obtaining are the following:

Daily Loyalty Bonuses

With this bonus we will obtain an added 1% every consecutive day that we make a claim in the faucet up to a higher than 100%.

It is considerable that we observe the faucet at least once a day because otherwise the counter will reset to 0% and that means that we should accumulate it again from the beginning.

Referral Bonus

To achieve this bonus we must invite active friends to work with us on the page.

MoonDash believes that our referrals are active if they make at least a faucet claim in the last 72 hours. We will earn 1% for each active referral reaching a higher than 100%.

Mystery Bonus

With this bonus we have the possibility of getting from 1% to 100% randomly in each claim we make from the faucet.

Moon Dash Reference System

In Moon Dash we earn 25% of each claim that our referrals make in the faucet. We also also won a Coinpot Tokens.

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And we do not have any type of referral limit that we have the possibility of having, that is why we have the possibility of inviting all our friends to associate to work the page with us.

How to get out of Moon Dash?

The moon dash withdrawal is possibly the simplest that can exist, we just had to register with the same email as our coinpot account.

Just as long as we claim what we have in the faucet, it automatically goes to coinpot, in the same way that you can see how to charge in moon dash is very simple.

Does MoonDash pay? Proof of payment

Moon Dash does not pay at the moment since it is no longer operational.

Start earning money with Moon Dash

If you want to know the value of the proportion of Dash that you get collected in USD, you can use this converter.

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Cheats for Moon Dash

Something very attractive that this faucet has and that many others do not have is that the profits accumulate, that is, if we do not come after the 5 minutes that the faucet communicates to us and we return after 1 hour we haven't completely lost anything.

It only accumulates up to a maximum of 3 Hours, after that the earnings will not accumulate until we claim again.

It is something incredible, since coming every 5 minutes has the possibility of being unbearable, instead we would have the possibility of coming every hour, hour and a half, 2 hours and we have not lost anything, this is something that I have only seen these faucets.

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Pages similar to Moon Dash

This incredible page can be complemented with others that are very similar to increase our profits. Now I leave you which are those pages similar to this one to earn cryptocurrencies:

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