On a Mac, how to type the dollar symbol $, the ruble symbol ₽, the euro symbol €, etc.

On a Mac, how to type the dollar symbol $, the ruble symbol ₽, the euro symbol €, etc.

Sometimes you don't just want to write the word "ruble", but put your newly found brand symbol, ₽. But how to do it in the simplest way possible? Below you will find this and other shortcuts.

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How to type the dollar symbol $, the ruble symbol ₽, and the euro symbol € on the macOS keyboard

So, here's how to put the ruble symbol (sign) on the Mac keyboard:

⌥ Alt (Option) + 8. Note - the keyboard layout must be Russian (and not just Russian, but "Russian PC".), then simply "Russian". or «USES" the same "hotkeys" will already produce a different character.

Yes, it is that simple.

Note: If you are using a "Russian" keyboard instead of "Russian PC", there is another way to type the ₽ character, which is described below.

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And here are more shortcuts to quickly enter the icons for other currencies:

  • Euro (€) - ⇧Shift + ⌥ Alt (Option) + 2.
  • Pound sterling (£) - ⌥ Alt (Option) + 3. The keyboard layout is English.
  • Japanese yen (¥) - ⌥ Alt (Option) + Y.

With the dollar sign, of course, things are much simpler. It's on any Mac keyboard, so even a green newbie can figure out that to type $ you have to go to the English layout, and then press ⇧Change. and the number 4. If the dollar is any other - Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, the key combination does not change. But the penny icon, of course, you need to know - it is ⌥ Alt (Option) + 4.

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Emoji and symbols panel

In it you can find new currency symbols, even some that you didn't even know existed!

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To open this panel, click the language bar on the menu bar, then click Show the Emoji and Symbols panel.

The symbols of the coins are collected in the section of the same name. Put your scholarship to the test - are all these coins familiar? :).

PS In the window on the right there is an option to choose font variants suitable for various occasions. And if you think you're going to use the symbol often, it makes sense to add it to your favorites, and quickly copy it until you remember the key combination.