Open DOCX documents

Open DOCX documents

DOCX is a text format in the Office Open XML series of electronic formats. It is manipulated mainly with word processors. It is also compatible with some "readers" and other computer programs.

Method 1: Word.

Taking into account that DOCX is a Microsoft development, which is the basic format of the Word application, as of version 2007, we are going to start our review with this same program. The named application supports absolutely all the standards of the specified format, it is capable of viewing DOCX documents, creating, editing and saving them.

Download Microsoft Word

  1. The word begins. Navigate to "File"..
  2. In the side menu, click "Opens"..

    Instead of the previous two steps, it is possible to trade with a combination of Ctrl + A.

  3. After starting the opening tool, navigate to the directory on your hard drive where the text item you are looking for is located. Select it and click "Opened"..
  4. The content is displayed through the graphic casing of Word.

There is also an easier option to open DOCX in Word. If Microsoft Office is installed on your PC, this extension will be automatically associated with the Word program, unless of course you manually set other settings. Therefore, it is enough to go to the object of the specified format in Windows Explorer and click on it with the left mouse button twice.

These recommendations will only work if you have a version of Word 2007 or newer installed. But older versions by default cannot open DOCX, since they were created before this format appeared. However, there is still the possibility to make even older version applications able to launch files with the specified extension. To do this, simply install a special patch in the form of a compatibility pack.

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Method 2: LibreOffice

The LibreOffice office automation product also has an application that knows how to handle the format studied. His name is Writer.

Download LibreOffice for free

  1. Going to the package boot shell, click "Open file".. This inscription can be found in the side menu.

    If you are used to using the horizontal menu, click the items in sequence "File". и "Opens…".

    For those who like to use hotkeys, there is also an option: type Ctrl + O..

  2. All three actions will open the document launcher. In the window, navigate to the area of ​​your hard drive where the file you are looking for is located. Mark the object and click the button "Opened"..
  3. The content of the document will appear to the user through the Writer shell.

You can start a file item with the extension being studied by dragging the object from Explorer in the LibreOffice startup shell. This manipulation must be done with the left mouse button pressed.

In case you have already started Writer, you can also perform the opening process through the inner casing of this program.

  1. Click on the icon "Opens"., which is shaped like a folder and is located on the toolbar.

    If you are used to performing operations through the horizontal menu, then it will be enough for you to click successively on the elements "File". и "Opens"..

    You can also apply Ctrl + A.

  2. These manipulations will open the object launch tool, the additional operations of which have already been described above when considering launching through the LibreOffice startup shell.
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Method 3: OpenOffice

LibreOffice's competitor is considered to be OpenOffice. It also has its own word processor, which is also called Writer. Only, unlike the two options described above, it can be used to view and modify DOCX content, but saving will have to be done in a different format.

Download OpenOffice for free

  1. Launch the package startup shell. Click on the name of "Opens…", located in the central area.

    You can also carry out the opening procedure from the top menu. To do this, click on the name of the "File".. Then navigate to "Opens…".

    You can use the known combination to launch the object opening tool Ctrl + A.

  2. Whichever of the above actions you choose will activate the Object Launch Tool. Navigate in this window to the directory where the DOCX is located. Pick the object and click "Opens"..
  3. The document will be displayed in OpenOffice Writer.

As with the previous application, you can drag and drop the desired object into the OpenOffice startup shell from Explorer.

You can also run an object that has a DOCX extension after running Writer.

  1. To activate the object launch window, click the icon "Opened".. It is in the form of a folder and is located on the toolbar.

    You can also use the menu for the above purpose. Click on "File".and then go to "Opens…".

    Alternatively, use the combination Ctrl + O..

  2. Any of the three specified actions initiates the object launch tool activation. The operations in it must follow the same algorithm that was described for the method of launching documents through the startup shell.

In general, it should be noted that of all the word processors studied here, OpenOffice Writer is the least suitable for working with DOCX, since it does not know how to create documents with this extension.

Method 4: WordPad

Individual text editors are also capable of running the studio format. For example, WordPad, a program built into Windows, can do this.

  1. To activate WordPad, click the button "Starts".. Navigate to the lowest entry on the menu - "All the programs"..
  2. In the list that opens, select the folder "Standard".. Contains a list of standard Windows programs. Find and double click the name in it "WordPad"..
  3. The WordPad application is running. To open the object, click the icon to the left of the section name "Home"..
  4. In the menu that appears, press "Opens"..
  5. The normal document opening tool will start. It is used to navigate to the directory where the text element is located. Select this item and press "Opens"..
  6. The document will start, but a message will appear at the top of the window stating that WordPad does not support all DOCX functions and that some of the content may be lost or displayed incorrectly.

Considering all the above circumstances, it must be said that using WordPad to view, let alone edit, DOCX content is less preferable than exploiting the full word processors described in the previous methods for this purpose.

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Method 5: AlReader

Some representatives of e-book reading software ("readers") also support the display of the format under study. However, this function is not present in all programs in this group. For example, DOCX can be read with the help of AlReader, which has a large number of supported formats.

Download AlReader for free

  1. After opening AlReader, you can activate the object launch window via horizontal or context menu. In the first case press "File".and then in the drop-down list, navigate to "Open file"..

    In the second case, right-click anywhere in the window. An action list starts. In it you must select an option "Open file"..

    Opening a window using hotkeys in AlReader does not work.

  2. The book opening tool is working. It has an unfamiliar shape. Navigate in this window to the directory where the DOCX object is located. It is necessary to make a designation and press "Opens"..
  3. The book will then be launched through the AlReader shell. This application perfectly reads the specified format, but displays the data not in the usual way, but in the one adapted for reading books.

You can also open a document by dragging from Explorer to the graphic casing of the «reader».

Of course, it is more pleasant to read books in DOCX format in AlReader than in editors and word processors, but the mentioned application only offers the possibility of reading the document and the conversion to a limited number of formats (TXT, PDB and HTML), but you have no tools to make changes.

Method 6: ICE Book Reader

Another "reader" you can read DOCX with is the ICE Book Reader. But the procedure of starting a document in this application will be a bit more complicated, since it is related to the task of adding an object to the program's library.

Download ICE Book Reader free

  1. After launching Book Reader, the library window will open automatically. If it doesn't open, click the button Icon «Library». in the toolbar.
  2. After opening the library, click the icon "Import text from a file". in the form of an icon "+".

    Instead of this action, the following manipulation can be performed: press "File".and then "Import text from a file".

  3. The book import tool opens as a window. Go to the directory where the text file of the format you want to study is located. Check it and click "Opened"..
  4. After this action, the import window will close and the name and full path of the selected item will appear in the library list. To scroll a document through the Book Reader, select the added item in the list and press I went into. Or click twice with the left mouse button.

    There is another way to read a document. Pick the name of the item in the library list. Click on "File". on the menu, and then "Read the book"..

  5. The document will open through the Book Reader shell with its inherent format playback capabilities.

The program can only read the document, not edit it.

Method 7: Gauge

An even more powerful reader with book cataloging features is Caliber. It can also handle DOCX.

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Download Caliber for free

  1. Run Caliber. Click the button "Add books."located in the upper area of ​​the window.
  2. This action invokes the tool "Selected books.". It is used to locate the target object on the hard disk. Once marked, press "Opened"..
  3. The program will carry out the procedure to add a book. After that, his name and basic information about him will be displayed in the main Caliber window. To start the document you must double click on the title or press the button "Vista". on top of the program's graphic housing.
  4. After this action, the document will start, but it will be opened with Microsoft Word or another application that is assigned by default to open DOCX on this computer. Since the document to be opened is not an original document, but rather its imported copy in Caliber, it will automatically be assigned a different name (only Latin characters are allowed). With this name the object will be displayed in Word or another program.

In general, Caliber is better suited for cataloging DOCX objects than for quick navigation.

Method 8: Universal Viewer

Documents with the DOCX extension can also be viewed using a different group of programs, which are universal viewers. These applications allow you to view files of the widest variety: text, tables, videos, images, etc. But, as a general rule, they give in to programs that are highly specialized in their ability to work with specific formats. This is totally true for DOCX. One of the representatives of this type of software is Universal Viewer.

Universal Viewer free download

  1. Launch the Universal Viewer. To activate the opening tool, you can do any of the following:
    • Click the folder form icon;
    • Click on the title "File".followed by a click in the list on "Opens…";
    • Use a combination of. Ctrl + A.
  2. Each of the above actions will launch the object opening tool. In it you have to move to the directory where the object you want to manipulate is located. After selection, you will have to click "Opened"..
  3. The document will open through the Universal Viewer application shell.
  4. An even easier option to open a file is to move it from Explorer in the Universal Viewer window.

    But, like readers, Universal Viewer only allows you to view DOCX content, not edit it.

As we can see, today, a large number of applications from different directions that work with text objects are capable of processing DOCX format files. But despite this abundance, only Microsoft Word fully supports all the features and standards of the format. Its free counterpart LibreOffice Writer also has a nearly complete suite for handling this format. But the OpenOffice Writer word processor will only allow you to read and make changes to the document, but you have to save the data in a different format.

If the DOCX file is an electronic book, it will be convenient to read it with the help of the AlReader "reader". To add the book to your library, ICE Book Reader or Caliber will suffice. If you only want to see what's inside the document, you can use the Universal Viewer to do so. The WordPad text editor built into Windows will allow you to view content without installing third-party software.

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