Optimize PC: tips, tricks and 12 programs

It is quite likely that your PC is lagging a lot and it is also difficult for you to do the tasks you want, even the simplest ones. At this moment is the moment of improve your PC so that it gains in agility by optimizing it, so that it can work normally.

From Tecnonianos, we recommend these 12 free programs to clean your pc light and simple. Although we will also explain small tricks so that, without the need to use programs, you can always keep your computer optimized.

  1. Wise Disk Cleaner
  2. AVG TuneUp
  3. CCleaner
  4. Glary Utilities
  5. Clean Master
  6. BleachBit
  7. Win Utilities
  8. SlimCleaner
  9. Duplicate Cleaner
  10. pc booster
  11. Razer cortex
  12. System ninja

Below we will analyze them individually.

Over the years, we often install apps that we don't use later and that continue to take up space on the PC, which significantly impairs loading agility.

It is advisable to do PC cleaning to keep all processes optimized and find effective agility, without affecting the performance of our set.[/asap_note]

For this, the use of programs that are going to allow us to have an effective and recurring performance is an essential requirement, eliminating all the programs and files that we do not need.

How to improve Windows PC slightly?

To keep our PC in an impeccable state, we have the possibility of using numerous simple actions that will offer very excellent results in loading and updating agility. Here are some tricks that you can already use to improve Windows.

  • Free up hard drive space:
    • Go to Start – Control Panel – Systems and Security – Free up disk space. Then we only have to choose “Clean system files” and wait for this action to be done.
  • Empty the browser:
    • For this we have the possibility of using different programs, although it can also be carried out from the same browser.
    • Go to Settings – Advanced Settings – Privacy and Security. Then we must click on “Clear browsing data” and choose the boxes we want. With this we will be able to eliminate all the data that we want, gaining space and agility.
  • Defrag the hard drive:
    • We can use Defrag software to find the hard drive defragmentation. The software has the ability to order all the information that is inside the disk to achieve better PC performance.
    • Remember that the development can take many hours, so it is advisable to do this work at night or for several hours in which you will not need the PC.
  • Disable processes that run when Windows starts:
    • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Sup keys to enter the task manager. Once inside, click on the “Startup” tab and deactivate the programs that start when the PC starts up and that are not necessary for you.
    • We also have the possibility of closing the programs that we do not need and that are running in the background. This is run from the "Processes" tab.
  • Scan your PC for malware:
    • Open Windows Protect and run a scan to locate and remove any kind of virus that manages to have the PC.

The best programs to improve your PC Free

There is a wide variety of programs that we can use to improve our PC in the efficient and effective way possible. Here are the 12 that we consider the best after trying them all.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner

This free program has a succession of properties that make it one of the best when it comes to cleaning your PC.

It has the functions of pc cleaner with which we will be able to avoid the most insignificant files. It is also with the ability to ensure our privacy, clean browser histories, in addition to cookies or files from temporary files.

This causes that optimize performance and better PC speedup and efficiency. In a few seconds we will have our PC ready and improved.

>> Download Wise Disk Cleaner

AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp

Very popular program (AVG TuneUP) and possibly the most popular for improve the agility of a Windows PC. It has a really simple interface to use and belongs to the best apps, since with a few clicks we will have a completely improved PC.

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It has a trial version where you have everything unlocked, at the end the functions that we managed to find in the pro edition will disappear.

>> Download AVG TuneUP



This is considered by many as the most outstanding free program to speed up and clean a PC with Windows operating system. It is without a doubt one of the most popular and used by several individuals.

With a single click you can speed up your PC, remove unnecessary files and much more. It has a safe browsing mode, cleans errors from the Windows registry and optimizes all the tasks on your PC in the most efficient way possible.

Likewise, CCleaner is with the ability to increase and improve agility considerably. It also has a very complete configuration, being able to choose what to clean at all times.

>> Download CCleaner

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities

The software is an all in one for boost pc effectively. It is not one of the most popular, but without a doubt it is one of the special ones.

It is with the ability to speed up PC, fix crashes and is very simple and agile to use.

>> Download Glary Utilities

Clean Master

Clean Master

This Clean Master program primarily has of essential features to keep your PC in pristine condition, the one to improve and the one to clean the PC. With them you will be able to find enormous fluidity and avoid incompatibilities.

>> Download CleanMaster


bleach bit

Initially usable for Linux, this program has already made the leap to Windows. it's a huge free OS accelerator.

It has a really simple website where with just a few clicks you can enter and modify its wide variety of settings.

It is a very fast program and does not take up enough space on the disk, increasing its efficiency at all times.

>> Download BleachBit

Win Utilities

win utilities

It is an all-in-one for cleaning the PC, with a process accelerator and with the ability to remove faults in the most effective way. It has features to ensure privacy at all times and has well over 20 utilities that improve Windows performance.


slim cleaner

Program that optimizes the PC in record time, in addition to significantly improve response time and loads. It is also with the ability to get more space and remove unfriendly programs with ease.

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner

This program that is usable for Windows executes the functionality of find any kind of duplicate file and remove it in the most effective way.

Likewise, you will be able to free yourself from all the repeated files in a light and simple way, gaining load speed and space on the hard disk.

>> Download Duplicate Cleaner

pc booster

pc booster

The free PC Booster utility offers us the ability to make overall system performance better. With its use you will not only have a faster pc, but also helps to improve the programs of recurring use so that they load with greater agility.

It has a very simple web platform to use and it is feasible to see a finished study of the circumstance where the PC is.

>> Download PC Booster

Razer cortex

Razer cortex

This program called Razer Cortex is possibly the most used in the gaming world to improve loading processes and increase agility completely.

Available settings to enhance Windows and for the game to be as truly fluid as possible. It is very helpful and works perfectly, although you always have to understand the technical properties to be able to play a game smoothly.

>> Download Razer Cortex

System ninja

System ninja

This PC accelerator helps us to remove all insignificant files from our hard drive. In several of the situations it can be collected and it is considerable to do an occasional cleaning.

With the System Ninja software we are going to do a thorough cleaning and leave the PC in the best conditions.

>> Download Ninja System


Keep the PC free of files or programs that we do not need it is a considerable task and that we must keep in mind in order to have a PC that works perfectly, improved and agile.

For this reason, taking into account any of these programs to maintain the efficiency of the PC is very important, managing to clean and speed up the PC with the Windows operating system.

Keep in mind that it is advisable to do this kind of action from time to time so that the PC is always in top condition.

Most typical questions about programs to optimize computers

What is the best program to improve the PC?

There are several that comply with this functionality, on the other hand, the CCleaner software is considered one of the most functional configurations to clean and improve our PC.

How can I have an agile and clean PC?

For that it is important to uninstall programs that are not used, to have an effective antivirus that can remove any threat or to have a program to improve the PC. These are some of the keys to having a higher performance and totally clean PC.

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Are there free programs to improve the PC?

Yes, there is a wide variety of free programs to do this kind of task.

Tips and tricks to optimize your PC

Computers require your care (software and hardware), but there are some guidelines to follow to upgrade a pc. We collect all the key information for that.

It is true that we have the possibility of speeding up a PC with the renewal of basic elements of settings and programs, but sometimes the inconvenience is related to a specific program precisely.

For this reason, we show you a series of tips (or rather tricks) that from tecnonianos.com We recommend you because it is the basis of our computer security today.

Uninstall unused programs

uninstall unused programs

First of all, we start with a traditional advice to improve a PC: uninstall the apps that we do not use, why? For 2 interesting reasons:

  • consume space on the hard drive without any tools.
  • Many are used to perform in the background, subtly consuming RAM memory and central processing unit.

Most of you have entered this article because your PC is not working really well, and this may be one of the causes. If, in addition, you have a somewhat obsolete PC, removing programs that you don't use will be very noticeable.

Frequently, we can find installed programs that we do not understand or what they are for or we do not remember having installed them. This happens because various installation helpers "hide" secondary installations of other programs in a promotional way. Among other things, we may be installing a program to improve the PC and “as a gift” McAfee comes to us.

Login settings

Another traditional suggestion is modify login so that the PC uses all cores and threads, how to remove startup programs. Sometimes, we install a program and it starts automatically whenever we log in, which thinks a hitch for the PC because it loads the central processing unit and work RAM right after starting.

To take charge of everything, do the following:

  • Open the start menu and write "msconfig» -> run alternative «system setting«.
    Login settings
  • Once opened, we go to the boot tab, mark the alternative «number of processors» and we choose the greatest value. Then to accept.AdobeUpdateService
  • Then, we go to the «Services" Y we uncheck those that are from a developer other than “Microsoft Corporation” and do not provide us with any tools. Among other things, the AdobeUpdateService you can uncheck it because it is a service that allows the automatic renewal of Adobe Reader. When you finish, you give it to use.Microsoft Corporation
  • Let's go to the tab «Windows startup» to modify self-starting programs. This will take us to Task Manager, and we'll configure it from there. You will see the login clash that each program has and if its automatic start is enabled or not.Task Manager

Monitor which processes consume the most resources

This advice not only It is used to improve the PCbut it is very helpful for take charge of our set and discover which program or development is causing a slowdown. We will only need to open the task manager and cover what we read.

You can open it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or via CTRL + ALT + DELETE (there are more ways). Once open, we go to the flange of "processes,» and you take a look at the programs and the consumption of central processing unit, Memory and Disk.

processes consume more resources

  • central processing unit. Usually, it will be in a low percentage, unless we are running a platform game or some heavy application.
  • RAM. It will depend on the programs that we have free, but a consumption greater than 70% will suspect a slowdown for sure.
  • Disc. Sometimes the slowdown of the system It's not the fault of the RAM, or the central processing unit, but the hard drive. It usually happens in those that you have mechanical hard drives and you are downloading a large file, or Windows is being improved on the same HDD. With SSDs this does not happen.

Defragment your hard drive

This «tip» is of great help for those of you who have mechanical hard drives or HDDs, which need this care more than SSDs. We understand that the development of defragmentation can be extensive in those entities with high aptitude or when one was never done. However, it is an action that is required for accurate performance.

It is enough to do the following:

  • We open the start menu and search for “defragment” to enter the tool.defragment hard drive
  • You will get a window with your entities, pointing out which one has been defragmented (optimized) and the most recent time. Select the drive you want and click "optimize."optimize pc 1

Install the OS on an SSD

install ssd

Install Windows/OS X/Linux on an SSD The really obvious is seen, but there are still people who do not know the positive results of purchasing an SSD and having the OS on that unit. Everything speeds up: starting up, running programs, opening Windows Explorer or making copies.

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Keep in mind that the transfer speeds (read or write) of the HDDs they do not exceed 200 MB/s, commonly. However, a SSD part of the 400 MB / s, not to mention the M.2 NVMe or PCIe 4.0 SSDs, whose speeds range from 3000-7000 MB / s.

If you don't have a huge budget, you can use a HDD to save programs, video games or information that weighs a lot, leaving the SSD only for OS and the vital programs (web browser, text editors or some program that you use a lot.

Clean up your hard drive

free up hard disk space

With "cleaning" we mean removing what you don't need, like entering the hard drive cleaner that Windows gives you. We don't need to tell them how to delete files in windows, but you may not know about the hard drive cleanup utility:

  • We open the Windows explorer and we go to «This team«.
    hard drive cleaning
  • We do right click hard drive that is full or where the OS is installed and we offer «We take care of your rental property in Valencia. «.We take care of your rental property in Valencia.
  • This window will open and we will do the following:
      • Mark selection «compress this drive to save disk space«.
      • Free up space.
  • You are selecting all the configurations and the GB to be removed are gathered. Then, to clean system files.

Realizing that in the end you will see that we delete more files than we had thought.

Power profiles (laptops)

This tip for improve pc va for portables that they are slow, they are many years old or that we simply want to speed them up. Windows configures numerous energy profiles for different needs:

  • Saver: Saves a lot of battery, but poor performance.
  • Balanced: seeks to offer good performance without affecting sovereignty enough.
  • High performance: Provides the highest performance, shortening battery life.

In this situation, if you want the laptop to speed up or give more performance, you should go for Prominent Performance to exploit all viable hardware. The performance increase will not be ruthless, but the change in energy profile will be noticeable.

Change graphics card (integrated to dedicated in laptops)

If you're going to be driving any program or platform game that requires GPU power, it makes sense to turn on your laptop's dedicated GPU. This advice is for improve pc if you have a laptop with integrated graphics and with a NVIDIA or AMD GPUs dedicated.

Predetermined, Windows uses the integrated ones, being essential to turn on the dedicated graphics card from the pNVIDIA or AMD control panel. For that, you have to open said control panel and look for an alternative like this:

Similar performance options with the appearance

All Windows 10 graphical user interface consumes elements, and it is something that is noticeable in computers with less capacity at the hardware level. Appearance "Aero«, that is, with transparencies in the windows, it has a cost in the elements, but we have the possibility of deactivating them for 2 things:

  • Reduce the bump in the login.
  • Have a more dynamic experience.

For that, right click on the desktop and select “customize”. Now, the configuration window will open and then you have to proceed to “colors” to disable “Transparency effects«.

Disable search indexing

This advice is truly incredibly effective and lies in stopping the service "Windows Search«, which deals with search indexing, for example things. Follow these steps:

  • In the start menu search for «services» and run the alternative.
  • Now, look for the service «Windows Search» and disable it by unchecking it.

Restore the system to a previous image

This alternative may not help many because we will need a preview image built to restore it. This alternative is useful when the PC starts to slow down from a precise moment, for which we use the restore image to return it to a previous state.

Of course, you will lose the data and recently installed programs because we will return the hard drive to a previous state where, perhaps, that data did not exist. We are talking about doing the following:

  • Open start menu and type "recovery" to open the menu.
  • Now, click on “open put system back”.
  • Basically, we choose the restore point from the list of results.
  • For those of you who don't see the restore points, check the box «display more restore points«.

Antivirus scan

It may be that we are complicating ourselves at the time of improving the PC and our set is worse because we have it infected, so it could be good to verify that we do not have any virus. Let's look at how to investigate viruses by means of Windows Defender:

  • We look for “antivirus” in the start menu to perform the action that comes up.
  • We click on “exam options”, choose the “full exam” and then offer to investigate.
  • We wait for it to finish, and if you have any antivirus, we remove it.

Upgrade hardware: more RAM or a CPU

Few more configurations remain for us to undertake, having to go to the hardware to improve it and find an increase in performance. The configurations that we have without changing the interface are:

  • RAM memory modules with more aptitude and continuity (if supported by the board).
  • A central processing unit stronger match the socket and chipset on the board.

The latest alternative tends not to be possible because it is usually better to change the interface and acquire a motherboard, RAM and a newer central processing unit.

Format the computer

Finally, the alternative that remains for us is to format the hard drive and start over, "as pctnew» and perform a fresh install, in the situation where you have the OS installed on that drive. That means having to use a Windows or OS X installation wizard, that's why we leave you numerous manuals for it: