Change Orange Wifi Password

As we know, keeping our Wifi with a password is very important, since that way we maintain our security on the network. For that reason, today we will teach you how to change orange wifi password and we will also show you the importance of not using it with the factory password.

rename wifi orange

Although using the Orange Wi-Fi without changing the password has not caused us any problems, until now, today you will learn how harmful this can be. In fact, we are completely sure that once you know the reasons to change the password, you will do it immediately.

So, without further ado, continue with this interesting reading and also learn with a few simple steps how you can set up your Orange Wi-Fi.

Reasons why I should change the Orange Wifi password

Surely you don't see it as a problem to use your Orange Wi-Fi with the same password that it comes from the factory. Rather, it may even seem comfortable, because we just buy it, get home, install it and immediately start using it without doing anything else.

However, below, we present in detail the reasons why you should change the Orange Wifi password:

  • Mainly, not changing it makes you an easy prey for hackers, who use it to enter your network and steal your information. For them, it is always easier to hack networks that are not personalized, because only by knowing the Wi-Fi model in a short time will they know the password.
  • Once they have access to your network, it will be a matter of time before they get into the files on your devices.
  • By having an intruder using your network, your connection obviously slows down, because the number of people associated with your Wifi increases.
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As you can see, there are several reasons why you should change orange wifi password once you purchase it. In this way you will guarantee your safety and that of the people you allow to connect to your network.

Steps to configure Orange Wifi

Knowing the reasons why it is important to change the password of your Orange Wi-FiNext, we will show you how you can do it. For this, it is necessary that you take into account that there are several models, so we will give you the steps so that you can configure each one.

In this way, depending on the model you have, you only have to look for it here and that's it, you proceed to follow the instructions that we give you here:

Model Sagemcom

In the event that you have this model, follow these instructions for its configuration:

  • Enter from your browser at the address
  • In “Username” and “Password” write down “admin”.
  • When entering enters "Wireless".
  • Go to “Network Name(SSID)” and type a new name for your Wifi.
  • After in “Key” enter a new password and press “Apply”.

Livebox Fiber

For this model, the password change is done as follows:

  • Enter http://liveboxfibra from your favorite browser and if it doesn't work, try
  • When you enter "User" enter "admin" and in "Password" write the password that you will find behind your Router.
  • Once inside, at the top mark "Wi-Fi".
  • Then click on “Wi-Fi main menu”.
  • Now you must click on "Wi-Fi Name (SSID)" two networks will appear, the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz, give each one a name.
  • Finally press "Key WIFI" there you must place the new key for each network and once you do so, mark "Save".
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Huawei E5330

In this model, do the following to achieve its configuration:

  • Enter from your browser on the page and download and install the App that indicates. Once downloaded, open the application and enter the page from there again.
  • When requesting the "User" and "Password" type "admin" in both.
  • Then click on “WLAN” and from the options that appear, check “Basic WLAN settings”.
  • Press “SSID” and rename your wifi.
  • Finally, in “WPA initial shared key” change the password, select “Apply” and that's it.

Model Livebox 2

For this model apply the following steps to change the password:

  • From your browser go to and if it doesn't work, try http://livebox.
  • Once inside, type “admin” both in the “Username” and in the “Password”.
  • Then tap “Settings”.
  • Then go to “Livebox” and then press “WiFi Settings”.
  • In the “Network WiFi SSID” option, rename your Wifi.
  • Finally, in “WiFi key” enter the new password and press “Save”.

Huawei HG532s

In this case the steps to achieve the configuration are shorter:

  • Enter from your preferred browser at
  • Upon entering press “Basic2 and then “WLAN”.
  • Then mark "SSID" and change the name to one you like.
  • To end in Key 1 enter the new password and press “Submit”.

Livebox or Livebox 2.1

In this case, follow the instructions below:

  • Enter the page and if it doesn't work, enter this http://livebox.
  • Once inside in “Username” and “Password” put “admin”.
  • Click on "Quick Settings" and two networks will appear: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • In the "Name" option give each network a different name.
  • Finally, in “WiFi Key” enter a new key for each network and then press “Apply.
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Huawei HG532c

Setting up this model also takes a few steps:

  • Enter the address
  • When entering, go to “Basic” and then to “Wifi/WLAN”.
  • Select “WiFi Network (SSID)” and change the name of your network.
  • To End in WPA Wi-Fi Key” Enter a new password and press “Submit”.

Flybox 4G Huawei B310s and E5180

For these last two models, follow these steps in both cases:

  • Enter from your browser at www.flybox.home.
  • Place the password that you will find at the bottom of your Wifi
  • Once inside, click “Menu” and then “Settings”.
  • Of all the options, mark "WLAN" and then "Basic WLAN configuration".
  • In the “SSID” box write a new name for your Wifi.
  • to culminate in “WPA initial shared key” write a new password and person “Apply”.

How could you have realized? change orange wifi key in any of its models it is extremely easy and does not take much time. So keep intruders out of your network and make it much more secure by giving it a new name and password.

In the same way, continue reading our blog, because daily we will offer you articles as interesting and productive as this one.