Fixes the error: “Cannot uninstall the printer driver…”.

Fixes the error: “Cannot uninstall the printer driver…”. . Quite often, when trying to uninstall printer drivers, you may encounter difficulties. In this article, we will explain how you can fix the “Cannot uninstall the printer driver…” error. Error Description Print Server PropertiesI don't know... READ MORE

Nextcloud integration with Active Directory domain

Nextcloud integration with Active Directory domain. Getting Started Nextcloud has the nice feature of integrating Active Directory domain users and groups. This means that domain users can securely connect and use all Nextcloud features simply by entering their credentials from Active Directory. Nextcloud … READ MORE

Classic shell and group policies

Classic Shell and Group Policies The development of Classic Shell was stopped in December 2017. The source code of the program has been released to the community, which continues its development under the name of Open Shell. The Classic Shell and Open Shell group policy templates are not compatible with each other. … READ MORE

Enable SSO Kerberos or NTLM authorization in Mozilla Firefox

Enabling SSO Kerberos or NTLM Authorization in Mozilla Firefox To enable SSO (Single Sign-on) capability in Mozilla Firefox, using Kerberos or NTLM, you will need to make additional settings in your browser. The process consists of adding the desired network address to the list of allowed addresses, in which it is necessary to activate … READ MORE

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