PCTNew does not work. Solution, reasons and alternatives

Do you want to understand why Pctnew does not work right now when you enter your portal? pcnew It belongs to those that are considered as the best torrent download internet pages. However, thanks to censorship and the blocking of creator rights from multiple companies, these kinds of sites are becoming less and less easy to find.

Therefore, now we are going to share information about the PCTNew website, one of the most popular download pages for movies, series, documentaries, music, games torrent beaucoup added, etc. we invite you to stay

What happened to PCTNew? Are you doing a job?

NewPCT, is an Internet portal that shares downloads through torrents completely free, just like it does ebookworld with the books. However, the authorities closed this site for violating the rules of creator rights. This led the owners to migrate to another site to continue offering their services.

Migration from one site to another is something that happens very often and will continue to happen with all the sites that distribute warez content (illegal content).

So, at some point it is presumed that the elections to sites like PCTNew have the possibility of hiding from one moment to another. Fortunately for individuals and owners' intellect, there is already a usable option for this interface, which is why PCTNew is still going and far superior than before.

Some choices you can use if PTCNew is not working that will help you

At this point, let's look at the top choices you can make if PCTNew doesn't work when you try to enter the download portal:

1. DonTorrent

Currently quite a few sites have reverted to the PCTNew name to attract individuals after this interface has been taken down. However, the owners took on the task of notifying their individuals that they would change their web domain for another.

Therefore, at this time for the moment you will not find the official name of this old PCTNew interface, but at this time it is called dontorrent.org. This is the official page where you will find the new PCTNew interface.

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The new PCTNew site is much more interesting, it has a better user work platform and you can find all kinds of content free of invasive ads.

In addition, the DonTorrent page has an official Telegram channel to be informed of new updates or possible domain changes.

Thanks to the creator rights rules, many pages are forced to close their services or migrate them to new pages. So now, here are some picks from PTCNews:

2.Grand torrent

Perfected in downloading movies and series being P2P torrent files with day-to-day updates. It has a colossal sample of content in Spanish and spectacular utilities to find what you are looking for with a single click.

In GranTorrent you can find the latest releases and, in addition, it helps you to filter your content in categories or languages. However, this page has a lot of advertising, which causes its work platform to be somewhat slower. It's an awesome alternative to use if PCTNew isn't working.


Established in 2003, with well over 18 million unique visits per month, DivxTotal belongs to the oldest and most well-known pages on the Internet that you can use if PctNew does not work.

Apart from being one of the busiest in Spain and Latin America, it has even more traffic than the recognized interfaces of continuous use.

Beyond having an easy and traditional design, it has an amazing search engine with which you will have access to all the Torrent material you want, without any type of advertising.

In addition, Divx Total offers you the option of choosing the quality where you want to download your series or movies, whether it's HD, three dimensions, DVR or VO with subtitles.

4. Best torrents

The preferable alternative to download series or movies online is Best Torrent, one of the options that you can use if PctNew does not work, where you will have the possibility of finding the greatest diversity and the most rigorous sampling of content, even if it is in Castilian, Spanish, Latin or translated.

The unbeatable thing is that you can enjoy all this content without the commitment of your PC contracting a virus, because it does not have advertising.

In it you will have the possibility to find the latest releases and in the quality of your priority of HD, BluRay 720p, BluRay 1080p, Dual 1080p up to three dimensions, 4K UHD and several more. As its name suggests, it optimizes the entire torrent download experience.

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5. EliteTorrent

Among the torrent download interfaces for Spanish language content, Elite Torrent is at the top of the most crowded and one of the best choices that you can use if PctNew is not working.

Through this, they have the most important information bank of all that you can enter with a single click.

They upload content every day, in it you will have the possibility to find recent content, from episodes of your favorite series, to the most popular movies today. As if this were not enough, its innovative website makes it easy for us to access the contents in a structured and simple way to search for everything they want.

6. Don Torrents

It is popular among the top torrent movie or series download sites through its simple availability as it is completely ad-free, apart from being an amazing alternative that you can use if Pctnew is not working.

In it you will have the possibility of finding the latest movie releases, both series and movies, music and TV programs, with the best quality and in the language you choose.

It is considered one of the specials in relation to content in Spanish, where you will have the possibility of enjoying the best content from the tranquility of your place of life with just one click.

7.Pirate Bay

Despite the fact that the page had to avoid legal issues on numerous occasions, it is still usable so that all individuals can enter the interface and have fun with all its content.

In addition to having a rigorous sampling of series and movies, it makes your work easier by showing you which are the safest download links.

Through their novel updates, it is safer to walk since they have minimized malware and ad content. Pirate Bay is an amazing alternative that you can use if PCtnew is not working.


This interface gives you the most outstanding multimedia content for torrent downloading and, in contrast to many others, this one does not have any illegal content inside.

In addition, they propose detailed advice assuming that a user claims creator rights, in the most transparent way possible. In Kickass Torrent you can find the most popular series, movies, programs or individuals at this precise moment, with a simple work platform you will have the possibility of finding what you are looking for in just a few seconds.

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Furthermore, we have the possibility to say that it is a great option that you can use if Pctnew does not work.

9. Games Torrents

Presenting itself as an easy but updated interface, it is popular for its rigorous sampling where you can find everything from movies, series, music, anime, to apps and new games. In it you will have the possibility to find the special torrent download links in a light and simple way. By locating the name of what you are looking for on the page, you will be able to download it with just one click.

10. Tourgle

We all understand how Google works, just by locating what we want to find in the search engine, we have the possibility of obtaining it with a click of the mouse. This interface works the same way, just helping you find the special torrent links on the web.

With it you can find links to series, movies and much more multimedia content, because the page searches well over 450 websites simultaneously to suggest the most outstanding content.

How to download series and movies with Torrent if pctnew does not work

To download some content from DonTorrent it will be essential that we have a Bittorrent client with the ability to read torrent files. Among the most popular programs to download Torrent we have:

  • uTorrent
  • Bittorrent
  • Mypony(Works for torrent and general downloads.)

You only need to download and have one of the Bittorrent users that we have mentioned. Then your PC will interpret the files «torrent sites» and run them in the software you have downloaded.

When the Bittorrent client is finished, we will enter the site where we are going to download the movie, series or file that you like.

For that we only have to proceed to DonTorrent.org. And then, we will choose the movie or series that we want to download, once on the movie page we locate the download link and the file “torrent sites” will start downloading automatically.

If you have any of the programs that read files “torrent sites”, you only have to click on the downloaded file and the Bittorrent client will open automatically.

Conclusion on torrent downloads yes Pctnwe

Beyond that for most individuals it is usual to download files by torrent, we must report that this kind of programs and websites promote piracy, an action that is illegal. Therefore, you have to take into account that downloads from Don Torrent and some other interface are subject to your commitment.

It is your duty as a user to keep your PC safe with an antivirus, such as NOD 32 ESET antivirus from Avast antivirus premium. And we also suggest that you download only from sites where you are sure that the file you download is credible and safe. As you will see, these are the options that you can use if Pctnew does not work. We hope have helped you with this information.