Picozu - free online image editor

Picozu - free online image editor

More than once I have touched on the subject of free online photo and graphics editors, and in an article about the best online photoshop I highlighted two of the most popular: Pixlr Editor and Sumopaint. Both have a wide range of tools for photo editing (however, in the second part of them it is available with the subscription Payment) and what is important for many users – in the Russian language. (You may also be interested in: The best online Photoshop in Russian)

The Picozu online graphical editor is another such online tool and is probably even superior to the two products mentioned above in terms of number of functions and capabilities, as long as the Russian language is something you can do without.

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Picozu Features

You probably shouldn't write that in this editor you can rotate and crop a photo, resize it, edit multiple photos simultaneously in separate windows, and perform other simple operations - in my opinion this can be done in any photography software.

What else does this photo editor offer?

Working with layers

It supports full-blown work with layers, their transparency (although, for some reason, only 10 levels, instead of the usual 100), blending modes (of which there are more than in Photoshop). At the same time, the layers can be not only raster, but also contain vector shapes (Shape Layer), text layers.

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Many are looking for similar services, asking for the query Photo editor with effects - well, this here is enough: certainly more than on Instagram or other applications I know - here and Pop Art and retro photo effects and a lot of digital effects to work with colors. Combined with the previous point (layers, transparency, different blending options), you can get an unlimited number of options for the final photo.

The effects are not only limited to different types of image stylization, but you will find other useful functions, for example, you can add frames to the photo, blur the photo or do something else.


It is not about tools like the brush, the selection, the image cropping, the fill or the text (but they are all here), but about the "Tools" menu option of the graphic editor.

In this menu, going to «More tools», you will find a generator of memes, demotivators, collage tools.

And if you go to Extensions, you will find tools to capture photos from the webcam, import and export to the cloud and social networks, work with clipart and create fractals or graphics. Select the desired tool and click "Install", and it will also appear in the list of tools.

Online photo collage with Picozu

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Among other things, you can also create a collage from a photo with Picozu, the tool for this is in Tools - More Tools - Collage. The collage will look similar to the image. You will have to set the size of the final image, the number of repetitions of each image and its size, and then select the photos from your computer that will be used for the action. You can also check the Create layers option so that each image is placed on a separate layer so you can edit the collage.

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In short, picozu is a relatively powerful and feature-rich photo and other image editor. Of course, among the applications for the computer there are programs significantly superior to it, but we must not forget that we are talking about the online version, and here this editor is clearly one of the leaders.

I described not all the editor features, for example, it supports Darg-And-Drop (you can drag and drop photos directly from a folder on the computer), design themes (while relatively convenient to use on a phone or a tablet), maybe one day it will have Russian (the element to change the language is there, but there is only English), it can be installed as a Chrome application. I just wanted you to know that this photo editor exists, and that it is worth paying attention to, if this topic interests you.

Run the Picozu online image editor: https://www.picozu.com/editor/