Blocking pop-up ads in Opera browser with AdwCleaner

Blocking pop-up ads in Opera browser with AdwCleaner

One of the most popular browsers in the world is Opera. This Internet browser is appreciated for its versatility. At the same time, like other browsers, it is prone to being infected by various viral elements, including pop-up ad agents, and unauthorized toolbar installers. Let's find out how to remove pop-ups and other viral ads in Opera browser using AdwCleaner utility.

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To find the location, and disinfect the source code of the viral element, it is necessary to perform a scan of browsers, including Opera, and of the entire system in general. But before starting the AdwCleaner utility, it is mandatory to close the windows of all the programs because, firstly, the virus scanning and removal procedure will not be as effective while the programs are running, and secondly, after cleaning system, AdwCleaner will force the computer to restart, which may cause data loss in open programs.

So, run the AdwCleaner application, and then to start the process of searching for unwanted threats and plug-ins in browsers, start the scan.

System and browser scans, including Opera, take no more than a few minutes.

The results of the scan are shown below. They are grouped in different tabs. In the first tab, Services, we see that the system is infected with a legitimate program called, which is viral in nature: it loads the system and the browser, installs the search and the main page of the service on It operates for advertising purposes, installs an unwanted toolbar and monitors user actions.

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The situation is similar in other tabs.

This component of the virus is also registered in the operating system registry.

Ads removal

Now our goal is to remove ads in Opera browser. To do this, click on the "Delete" button.

The process of disassembling viral elements begins in the Opera browser, and in the operating system as a whole. This procedure also does not last long. Once completed, a forced restart of your computer will occur. So don't panic when your computer starts to shut down.

After the restart, we will see that we have managed to block the ads.

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With the AdwCleaner utility, it is not difficult to disable ads in Opera even for a user with basic computer skills.

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