Portal Gun: History, Features and more

Would you like to know more about the famous Portal Gun?, then in this article you will find all the most important information about it, such as its history or perhaps the appearance of the weapon and other things that will also interest you.

portal gun
Information about the Portal Gun

Portal Gun, everything you need to know

La Portal Gun Or also known as Portal Weapon, it is a device which offers the opportunity to travel between the different universe, different realities and dimensions. The weapon is said to have been made by Rick Sanchez, but the true creator is unknown. If there is anything to be said for his origin and manufacturing history of C-137, then he could, perhaps, not be the true author.

Next in this article we will leave you at hand a wide amount of information about the Portal Gun that will surely interest you.

History of the Use of the Portal Gun

The device ended up being eliminated by a Gazorpazorp inside Raising Gazorpazorp and, resulting in Summer and Rick having to return to earth through the use of spaceships.

Rick carried out a replacement, but it was destroyed at the moment in which Rick prepared it to be able to explode through the battle between the different agents of the Federation and the Wedding Guests at the wedding reception belonging to Birdperson. inside The Wedding Squanchers.

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On the other hand, Summer managed to find a Portal Gun within The Rickshank Rickdemption at the time the body belonging to Rick was located, which was found dead crossing the substitution dimension; Such a weapon was smashed by Jerry Smith who lived in the dimension of all criminals.

Thanks to the event that Tammy Guenterman requested that the Portal Gun it was not damaged at the time she proposed that Rick let her go, also working under the fact that the Galactic Federation announced Rick's Brainalizer to then acquire all the details to prepare a weapon.

He announces that the Galactic Federation was the one who wanted to use the structure of Rick's portal weapon for their own use and that all the arguments that they placed, surely, was that said Federation managed to transmit control to the different universes.

Different Characteristics of the Portal Gun

Here is a short list of some of the most striking found features of this famous weapon.

  1. It has a memory to register each of the location portals.
  2. It is capable of interacting with all computers through the barrel of a gun.
  3. Ricks council is able to identify and announce when a Portal Gun of any of its members is compromised as shown in The Rickshank. Rickdemption. C-137 is not considered a member, so Morty wants to steal the weapon in Get Schwifty and the council fails to receive an alert.
  4. It has a self-destruct option.
  5. Rick repeatedly expresses that the Portal Gun has a restricted power; However, on two different occasions Rick used it as a means to evade all the requests made by Morty (such as returning to the pilot school and being able to escape in Get Schwifty) so it is impossible to say what the limit of load.
  6. The portal's event horizon may somehow be an energy membrane in place. The portal is created by a kind of wrongly formulated portal fluid which collapsed around Rick wanting to use it to escape, causing it to dissolve.
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portal gun

Tactics and Weaponry

Although the central objective of the Portal Gun It is to be able to travel without problem, it has an option to be used in a protective and offensive way, usually carrying the danger of location without any inconvenience. At the same time, it can be used to carry out the creation of obstacles or want to escape with greater speed.

A portal does not necessarily need to be on a solid surface, so if the portal is made on an object or on some person, it may cut the mentioned object. Likewise, the speed does not seem to be constant through each of the portals, so it can also be used as a fall breaker.

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Portal Gun Appearance

It is a completely gray metal controller that has the shape of a pistol with a kind of black dial used to be able to select the desired destination as seen on a red net screen. There is a red screen in the lower area of ​​the parallelepiped snout that has a completely unknown function.

At the same time, the dial is known to work like a button as well. It has a small hatch located in the handle which opens to reveal the self-destruct button; at the moment of shooting, a green portal is visible which acts as a kind of jelly when touched.

Inside The Rickshank Rickdemption, Rick is seen before the C-137 within his opening plot planning to bring a Portal Gun of a completely different model which is surely a previous prototype.

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Appearances of the Portal Gun

Below we provide you with a brief list of certain appearances of this weapon in the seasons so that in this way you are attentive when observing them to be able to recognize it easily.


  • "Pilot"
  • "Meeseeks and destroys"
  • «Raise Gazorpazorp»
  • "Rixty Minutes (post-credits)"
  • "Rick Potion # 9"
  • "Close Rick-type Rick's counters"


  • Mortynight Run
  • "Automatic erotic assimilation"
  • «Get Schwifty»
  • "The Wedding Wasters"


  • "The Rickdemption Rickshank"
  • "Rickmancing the Stone"
  • "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender"