Problems with Internet Explorer. Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

Problems with Internet Explorer. Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

As in any program with Internet Explorer Problems may occur: either Internet Explorer does not open the pages, or it does not start at all. In short, problems can occur with any application, and Microsoft's built-in browser is no exception.

There are more than enough reasons for Internet Explorer not to work on Windows 7 or reasons for Internet Explorer not to work on Windows 10 or any other Windows operating system. Let's try to understand the most common "sources" of browser problems and consider ways to solve them.

Add-ons as a cause of Internet Explorer problems

Oddly enough, various types of plug-ins can both slow down your web browser and cause a situation where an error appears in Internet Explorer on a page. The reason for this is that various types of malicious programs often masquerade as add-ons and extensions and installing even one of these applications will have a negative effect on the performance of the browser.

To make sure that it is the setting that caused the incorrect operation, perform the following steps.

  • Press Start and select Run
  • In the window. Run type "C: N Program Files N-Internet Explorer.exe" -extoff
  • Click on the button. OK
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Running this command will start the Internet Explorer browser without add-ons.

Check if Internet Explorer starts in this mode, if an error occurs, and analyze the speed of the web browser. If Internet Explorer starts to function correctly, it is advisable to review all browser add-ons and disable those that affect its operation.

Determining which add-ons are causing problems in Internet Explorer is quite easy: just disable them one by one (to do this, click the icon Service as a gear (or Alt + X key combination), and then in the menu that opens, select Configure plugins), restart the browser and observe the changes in its operation

Browser settings as the cause of Internet Explorer problems

In case disabling the browser add-ons does not help to eliminate the problem, then it is worth trying to reset the web browser settings. To do this, run the following script.

  • Press Start and from the menu, select Control panel
  • In the window. Configure computer settings click on Browser properties
  • Then click on the tab Advanced and press the button Restart…
  • Confirm your action by pressing the button again Restart

  • Wait for the reset process to complete, and then press the key. Close

Viruses as the cause of Internet Explorer problems

Viruses are often the cause of Internet Explorer problems. By penetrating the user's computer, they infect files and cause applications to malfunction. To make sure that malware is the main cause of your browser problems, follow these steps.

  • Download an antivirus program from the Internet. For example, use the latest version of the free DrWeb CureIt program!
  • Run the utility as an administrator
  • Wait for the scan to finish and check the report of the viruses found

Keep in mind that sometimes viruses block applications, that is, they do not allow you to start the browser and go to the site to download the antivirus program. In this case, you need to use another computer to download the file.

Corrupt system libraries as a cause of problems with Internet Explorer

Problems with Internet Explorer can occur as a consequence of so-called PC cleaning programs: corrupt system files and broken library registry are possible consequences of such programs. In this case, it is possible to restore the normal functioning of the web browser only after the corrupted system libraries are registered again. This can be done by special applications, for example, Fix IE Utility.

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If all these methods did not help you to fix Internet Explorer problems, then most likely the problem is not only with the browser, but also with the system as a whole, so you need to perform a full recovery of the files from your computer system or roll back the operating system to the created working restore point.

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