Programs to repair USB

USB flash drives are gadgets as essential as a smartphone or our computer. In addition to accepting to transport files, images, images, videos, programs and substantial information, they are also functional to have OS, carry our portable apps and even carry out a complete backup of essential information. But this does not return them and they have the possibility of spoiling, which is why you are going to need the most remarkable program to recompose USB.

There are multiple causes why your external device might stop working. In fact, over time they tend to be damaged by wear and use. And in the biggest of situations we may not care enough about the gadget, but the information that is inside it.

Therefore, in we want to show you which are the most functional apps to repair them. Now our TOP 9 of the best programs to fix our USB.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

On the web we can find numerous configurations to recover a probably damaged external device, but few such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizar. This powerful program is capable of locating the partitions or entities damaged by viruses, incompatibility or corruption to try to recompose the defective data. He managed to recover up to 80% of the USB sticks. Although of course, if the gadget has damaged hardware, very little or nothing will be able to be done with it.

Also, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works with most external drives, external device and USB hosting gadgets from huge developers like SandDisk, Toshiba, Sony to name a few, but the list is long and wide. And if what worries you are your files, images, videos or documents, the software will be able to direct you to recover them and place them safely in a folder on your computer, everything mentioned before starting the repair.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Easy Disk Drive Repair

Easy Disk Drive Repair

If what has been damaged is your external storage device with connection via USB or your computer, then you should evaluate Easy Disk Driver Repair. Initially, this program was developed to be used by beginners, so you will not need to be a professional or understand anything about programming, since its work platform gives you intuitive buttons to start examination, discovery and content satisfaction tasks. fast failures. You just have to press where they tell you and that's it.

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However, Easy Disk Controller Repair also works with external drives, SDD cards, storage gadgets and other USB memory devices, so you could try to repair them from there. The rehabilitation works work in an automated way, since they detect those defective sectors or with problems of execution of some disk in order to format them and make them work like the first day, being a program to recompose USB that is super fundamental.

Download Easy Disk Drive Repair

FonePaw Data Rehabilitation


Very similar to EaseUS, since FonePaw has a very similar work platform and with an action system that will make you very familiar with the previous application. However, this one has a bit more compatibility and efficiency, so if the previous one didn't work for you, then you should give this one a try. What is truly relevant about its properties is that it was created to recover files from memory damaged for some reason. Don't worry now!

All you have to do is connect it to your PC and wait for the program to detect it with a scan. If it works for the moment, you will see that the unit will be seen in the disk list. That's why the only thing left is to select it, turn on the file recovery mode and then start choosing and saving them on your gadget. After that, you will have the possibility to try to repair it with the utilities of your own computer. It works with Windows 10 and MacOS operating system.

Download FonePaw



There are times when we don't care about our USB memory but about the files that are contained inside. The same goes for SD cards, which is why you should check out Recuva. By experience, we have the possibility to tell you that it belongs to the superiors programs to recover files from an external device because it has numerous discovery procedures. It is not installed on your computer because it is a portable program, so you will be able to run it anywhere without any problem.

In the meantime, Recuva will let you choose the folder where you want to investigate or start the search, in case you need something much more precise. But either way, you have the option to select a full host scan or simply do a deep scan for superior results. In relation to the file history, the search may take a while, but we suggest you be patient because its effectiveness is 95% in most situations.

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Download Recuva

Windows Boot Genius

Windows Boot Genius

We thought it was worth suggesting some extra utilities to use your USB sticks. Windows Boot Genius is an amazing program that is with the ability to make bootable entities, whether they are external drives or compact discs. It will do everything with a few steps and without you having to carry out so many configurations or unusual changes. In this way it will try to locate the boot failures of some computer, and it will try to repair them... or tell you what is really wrong.

Download Windows Boot Genius



One of the frequent drawbacks in USB flash drives is the popular shortcut virus. And it is that, it is with the ability to hide all our files from memory, making several suppose that it has deleted them, for which they appeal to format it. But it's worth nothing! Because if you have already opened it on the computer, then it has been infected as well. With USB Show you will finally be able to attack the inconvenience, at least undo its main attack and recover those outstanding files.

The program does not have a menu or many settings, but works automatically when you run it. However, with USB Show you won't be able to delete it and block it, but rather its job will be to display the hidden files so that you can copy them to a safe space and then run to format it. Do not forget to run your antivirus so that it removes it from the root. Also, 8 out of 10 individuals suggest it for its effectiveness, as well as how fast it is for computers.

Download USB Show

ActiClean USB

ActiClean USB

But since we never give you half satisfaction, we want to introduce you to ActiClean USB. This application is capable of locating suspicious files on your external device, introducing hidden shortcuts to quickly remove them. The software does not weigh enough and does not have many settings and buttons, but it is very effective when it comes to finding traces of malicious software that have remained in the gadget, even after formatting.

As if that weren't enough, ActiClean USB is an excellent program to restore USB because you can use it in a group with USB Show and achieve special results. What is truly relevant is that if there are remains of inactive programs or hidden garbage on your USB, you will only have to carry out a click and then remove them easily. 7 out of 10 individuals suggest it for its effectiveness, in addition to how simple it is because it will not require complicated installations, much less advanced steps. So give it a chance!

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Download ActiClean USB

USB DiskSecurity

USB DiskSecurity

It is never superfluous to provide some custody to your computer, just like the one provided by USB Disk Security. With this program you will be able to have an automatic custody system against malicious software and viruses that are installed on USB sticks in multiple ways. By connecting it to your set, it will perform an automatic examination before accepting that it is famous for the hardware, giving permission to locate if there are any malicious files or similar elements.

Similarly, USB Disk Security works to provide a custody system for the external device itself. Everything will be done in a light and safe way, so you shouldn't worry about analyzing them manually, but the scan will start as soon as you connect it to the PC. It works with many editions of Windows and does not consume various elements of the system. It is not an antivirus, so you should not worry about uninstalling the one you have installed before.

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Download usb-disk



To finish, it is positive that you also try USB Repair. This powerful USB repair program is capable of locating files that were corrupted or deleted by malicious software or virus issues. In this way it will be very simple to find a folder where all those that were hidden are located and you will have the possibility of recovering them in a simple way. However, it is not a free program, so you must purchase it before using it. Still, it's worth giving it a try and see what it has to offer.

Download USB Repair

With these Softwares to Repair USB you will be able to fix external devices, external hard drives, SD cards and hosting media that have been damaged. Some work as hidden file recoverers, either due to corruption or a virus. While others will be able to find them with deep scans and making them visible after a direct entry virus attack. But they are all too functional, ideal for your needs.

USB flash drives become indispensable gadgets for us all the time. They allow us to transport various noteworthy files to any site, without the obligation of having to send them over the internet for greater security. Be it one of the uses you decide to offer it, We hope you have found the satisfaction you were looking for.

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