How to run DOS programs and games in Windows 11 and 10

How to run DOS programs and games in Windows 11 and 10 If you try to run a DOS executable file in a modern version of Windows, instead of the corresponding program window you will see the message: “You cannot run this application on your PC”, because DOS applications are not compatible. Nevertheless, … READ MORE

Clone a drive or migrate a system from HDD to SSD in Clonezilla

Clone a drive or migrate a system from HDD to SSD in Clonezilla

Clone a drive or migrate a system from HDD to SSD in Clonezilla Clonezilla is a completely free disk cloning tool that allows, among other things, to migrate an installed Windows 11 or Windows 10 from a hard drive to an SSD or another HDD. The following instructions describe the basic way to transfer… READ MORE

Token Deezloader 2022 APK 2.6.5

Listening to music while you take a tour or do your work is a ritual in our lives that cannot be missed, that's why, with the DeezLoader token, you can get different kinds of music. If you are one of those people who likes to listen to music with the highest possible quality, this application is a great … READ MORE

Fouad WhatsApp 9.27 APK 2022

One of the most famous editions in the world of telecommunications is undoubtedly Fouad WhatsApp 9.27. The application belongs to the club of the most recognized worldwide, being the top for remote communications. Someone with a mobile gadget can access it anytime, anywhere. This simplicity... READ MORE

WhatsApp iPhone style for Android 2022 APK

There are quite a few who want to have iPhone-style WhatsApp for Android, since let me tell you that this is feasible. You can change the design of WhatsApp Android to that of an iPhone gadget with iOS. Modify the style of WhatsApp to an Apple gadget, you will have the possibility of using the emojis that are used in … READ MORE

WhatsApp Delta 2022 APK 4.0.2

Currently tweaking WhatsApp became very simple to do through WhatsApp Delta. One of those considered the best apps to be able to adjust and customize the design of the application as we wish, we also have the possibility to choose some pretty beautiful themes already created. Currently WhatsApp Delta is … READ MORE

What is I Love PDF and what is it for? Join, Split and Modify PDFs

When different actions are going to be carried out on the PC, the utility that is most useful and light is always sought. When we talk about modifying and saving documents, I Love PDF belongs to the most recommended and, every time you have a PDF file in front of you, you will remember it after knowing it, without place … READ MORE

EmuOS: The best retro games for your browser

Classic video games are an art that thousands of individuals today still know how to appreciate, even two or three decades after their original publications they continue to attract new followers and unconditional fans. Nowadays, there is no need to download or buy any game console like in the past to be able to enjoy playing this guy… READ MORE

VEEW WEB – Best for adding effects to videos

Modifying videos at the moment is not a luxury, there are more and more interfaces that help us to carry it out without having to have various technical understandings. For all the benefits that the videos bring us, it is essential to be able to modify the videos to our liking and need, and on this occasion we present a … READ MORE

App to detect hidden microphones

The planet has changed since technology began to take over territory day by day. Undoubtedly, advances in technology have allowed us to have a much more automated life dynamic. At this time we have the possibility of keeping in touch whenever we want with the people we want and who are … READ MORE

Alternatives to Divxtotal to watch series and movies for free

Today we will talk about Divxtotal, a web platform that has been the favorite for downloading movies and series for all the humble people for years. From Tecnonianos, we are going to develop this article, with what we currently consider to be the best alternatives for this website that, almost certainly, you knew. Nonetheless, and the other choices… READ MORE

FileRepMetagen What is it? It is dangerous? How to remove it?

We are going to discuss different points of FileRepMetagen. What is FileRepMetagen? How bad is it for your PC? How does it get in? What are the ways to permanently remove FileRepMetagen? Our purpose is clear, we want to answer all of these questions and hopefully clear up any concerns you may have. There are other types of malware that… READ MORE

SSSTikTok or How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

Downloading TikTok videos without a watermark is not a complicated task since, with a simple trick, you will have the possibility to store your favorite videos to share them with your friends and family through WhatsApp or other means without them knowing that they are from TikTok . You will see that development is… READ MORE

What is .AAE file? Should you remove it?

Quite a few people report problems with .AAE files while uploading images. And they were confused when opening a photo especially when searching, they found much more than one such alternative. These images can be moved to your Windows or Mac. On Windows, this creates several inconveniences and irritates the user. Several … READ MORE

Download WordPad for free

WordPad for Windows 10 – An easy text editor that has the essential minimum of utilities for practical work inside. It makes it easy for you to change the text, edit it, format it. It is possible to change the fonts and styles, the construction of a table is usable. In the configuration part, you can modify the escrow in the … READ MORE

Mus 2000 for Windows

Mus 2000 is an entertaining application with which you will be able to play the traditional Mus card game in pairs against the PC. This game will simulate three competitors, from which you will have the possibility to select the individuals with whom you want to compete (each with their abilities). One goes... READ MORE

Download Unlocker for Windows for free

Unlocker is that wildcard utility that everyone on the planet must have downloaded as a whole. Faced with a setback at the time of opening your files, you will have the possibility of giving satisfaction to the moment regardless of the cause. Something that should be noted is that it is only usable in English, but it is so simple to … READ MORE

The best mobile math apps

Our smartphones have become an incredible utility to study and to improve our training, through the considerable amount of apps accessible in the application stores with which we have the possibility to study, to comment on another language, to draw or to do better our abilities with mathematics, like these that … READ MORE

How to download music from YouTube to listen to it offline?

Do you want to download music from YouTube? The Internet brought us a whole world of options to listen to music without spending a lot or even doing it for free. If it is within your options, the best way to carry it out is through services in continuous use such as Spotify or Deezer, which … READ MORE

What is Google Mars?

You can examine many areas of the Earth in Google Earth. But did you take into account that the huge search engine also has a page in charge of Mars? Following the same beginning, the site makes it easy for someone to understand more about the red planet. Below, I'll explain what Google Mars is and introduce you to how to get in... READ MORE

Optimize PC: tips, tricks and 12 programs

It is quite likely that your PC is lagging a lot and it is also difficult for you to do the tasks you want, even the simplest ones. Right now is the moment to improve your PC so that it gains in agility by optimizing it, so that it can work normally. From Tecnonianos, we recommend these 12 free programs for … READ MORE

Download Snaptube for PC free – Latest version in Spanish

Snaptube is a program that lightly and simply downloads content from YouTube and other interfaces, such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok on your PC, something similar to ssstiktok, but with other websites of course. It gives different types of resolution and formats so you can choose the one that best suits your gadgets and network (or... READ MORE

Programs to repair USB

USB flash drives are gadgets as essential as a smartphone or our computer. In addition to accepting to transport files, images, images, videos, programs and substantial information, they are also functional to have OS, carry our portable apps and even carry out a complete backup of essential information. But this does not bring them back and they have the possibility... READ MORE

Windows 11 Fixer – Windows 11 Setup Software

Windows 11 Fixer - Windows 11 Setup Software

Windows 11 Fixer – Windows 11 Setup Software After each new version of Windows is released, users ask the same questions: how to turn on some old feature or turn off a new one, make some adjustment or remove something from the new version. Typically, tweakers like Winaero Tweaker, ThisIsWin11, and… READ MORE

Programs to make diplomas online and free

A diploma or certificate is a header or a certificate issued by a public or private entity or person to accredit something. But why advertise a certificate for an online course? But beyond a simple definition, the diploma is a symbol of great consideration for many students who do tutorials in … READ MORE

Applications to know and decrypt WIFI passwords on Android

If you have reached this article, it is for two reasons. The first is because you are a faithful follower of all the content that we provide daily at, which we appreciate, or second because you are searching Google for applications to decrypt WiFi passwords for Android and, in addition to wanting to know them, you also want to know if they really work. … READ MORE

What is HappyMod and what is it used for?

Those of us who use Android have an option on the official website to be able to download the apps and games that we want, but we also have a very interesting alternative called HappyMod. You can also use it for free and without the need to install root or strange things. But maybe, you are wondering what kind of reliability does it have… READ MORE

How to Phish on Android

Again, and here I present the article how to carry out phishing on Android in a light and simple way in 2022. Android OS, is a very powerful system that can be used for basic and advanced purposes, as well as browsing the web to write apps for the same system, but through... READ MORE

The Best IPTV for PC

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is a way of communicating television content through the internet protocol. IPTV distribution of different digital content, using the Internet as the primary medium. In addition, use the live content that is broadcast through the subscribed TV. … READ MORE

The best Android emulators for PC

Today we will see which are the fastest Android emulators for PC so that you can use the OS apps with the green robot even on your home PC. In the beginning, emulators were mostly used by programmers, but little by little, even normal individuals had the need to use their… READ MORE

How to find out the Windows 11 product key

How to find out the Windows 11 product key

How to find out the Windows 11 product key If you need the Windows 11 product key for system reinstallation or other purposes, you can easily find it in several ways. This step-by-step tutorial has several ways to find out the Windows 11 product key: the OEM key of a… READ MORE

Picuki: Browse Instagram profiles without an account

Paw to see content on instagram for free It is not something that can be carried out unless you have an account in the aforementioned interface. However, there are choices that can be used to achieve this, without the need to create an account in that community. Among which is Picuki. East … READ MORE

Recording video calls on WhatsApp on mobile phones and computers

Recording video calls on WhatsApp on mobile phones and computers

Recording video calls on WhatsApp on mobile phones and computers Important! According to Russian law, calls (both audio and video) can only be recorded with the consent of both parties, so it is necessary to notify the person with whom you are speaking on WhatsApp in advance. iOS The WhatsApp messenger in … READ MORE

How to know if a user has deleted WhatsApp

How to know if a user has deleted WhatsApp

How to Tell If a User Has Deleted WhatsApp Method 1: See the Basic Signs You can tell if your own WhatsApp on Android, iOS, or Windows has been deleted by a particular user by various interface elements and more, regardless of the platform. The most important thing is the messaging status flags… READ MORE

How to hide a contact on WhatsApp

How to hide a contact on WhatsApp

How to hide a contact on WhatsApp Option 1: Hide your own number Unfortunately, the developers of the WhatsApp messenger do not offer the option to hide your phone number from other users, since it is the only identification parameter to be found in the messenger. Below we will see all the methods currently available to improve the … READ MORE

Reasons why WhatsApp messages are not delivered

Reasons why WhatsApp messages are not delivered Reason 1: Internet connection One of the reasons that directly influences that you do not see the coveted two ticks after sending a message to WhatsApp is a poor Internet connection or the absence of connection for you or for the recipient. … READ MORE

The best applications to make giveaways

If you are trying to find an application to carry out raffles, you have found the ideal article since for many days we have been doing a job analyzing the best apps for raffles. In this article we list what we consider without a doubt, the best apps so you can make your own raffles... READ MORE

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