Put Caller's Photo Full Screen on Android

Put Caller's Photo Full Screen on Android

The call function on any smartphone is one of the most important and frequently used, as it works together with special applications to add and save numbers such as "Contacts".. To facilitate the identification of the caller, you can fix the image of the contact in a small area or on the entire screen. We'll talk about the second option as we go through today's instructions.

Put the caller's photo full screen

All possible approaches can be divided into two options, the relevance of which is directly determined by the capabilities of the smartphone. In this case, it is possible to compensate for the lack of necessary functions not with one, but with several applications available in large numbers on the Google Play Market.

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Method 1: Full Screen Caller Identification (FSCI)

One of the best options for converting the caller's image to full screen is Full Screen Caller ID, available as a free download on the Play Store. This program differs significantly from its many counterparts by providing not only a replacement for the standard avatar, but also many ancillary features.

Download full screen caller ID from Google Play Market

  1. Immediately after the first start-up, you will be prompted to make basic changes to the incoming call screen layout by swapping the buttons "To refuse". и "To accept"., assign FSCI as the default calling software and some other features. Each parameter can be edited by internal settings in the future.

    The application replaces the default call management tool by default and enlarges the contact's photo to the entire screen, essentially requiring no additional action after installation. In the meantime, if you skipped this step at first, you may need to make changes to your phone's settings.

  2. Exit full screen caller ID and open the default app "Settings".. Here you must select a category "Applications". In the block "Device". and click the settings icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Now click on the line "Call request". and in the list that opens, select "FSCI".. As a result, the software is sure to replace the standard and any other call processing tool.
  4. In addition to the above, you can manually change the screen image for contacts in a certain group. For example, if the caller is not in the application's address book "Contacts". or the number is not displayed at all.
  5. To do this, on the home page, select the option you want and press the button. «Assign image»..
  6. Then specify the photo using one of the available methods and confirm the request with the button "Save".. In the process of selecting an image, you can also preview the design.
  7. As a complement, you can use the button "Slide presentation"to assign multiple images that change automatically at the same time.
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If desired, you can change the style and arrangement of most elements on the doorbell display through the internal settings. This is what makes the software the best option among all analogs, deserving the most attention.

Method 2: Final Call Screen

A quite worthy alternative to the previous software is Ultimate Call Screen, which offers a number of internal settings for the outgoing call screen with the possibility of enlarging a contact's photo. To use it, you will first have to download and install it.

Download and installation

  1. First of all, open "Settings". and in the settings. "Security". activate function "Unknown sources". In the case of the latest versions of Android from version 8, the permission of the program with which the APK file was downloaded will be required.

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  2. The Ultimate Call Screen app, unlike the previous option, is currently not available for download from the Play Market, as a result of which third-party sites are the only option. The best of these resources is the 4PDA forum, where you can download "Download"., select the version and confirm to save the APK file in the device memory.

    Ultimate Call Screen Page on 4PDA Forum

  3. Then tap on the downloaded file in the list "Downloads". or find it in the device memory. In either case, the standard software installer opens with the option to confirm the installation.

Using the software

  1. After successfully completing the installation and opening the application, you can immediately set the necessary parameters. Each function has a corresponding signature, and therefore there is no point in looking at anything in isolation.

    The software is then ready to use without having to be assigned as the default call management tool. At the same time, the photo of the caller will be enlarged to full screen.

  2. The only thing you can and should do is set the default image if for some reason the contact does not have one. To do this, go to the tab "Appearance". and click on the block "Photos and videos by default".
  3. Here you can choose to make changes for both contacts without photos and individual groups, such as hidden numbers. In all cases, to edit, press thebutton. "Default photo"., select the file and confirm saving using the lower panel.
  4. Optionally select a subsection "Preview".to see the final result. For correct viewing, use photos in portrait orientation.
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Keep in mind that the application has not been updated for a long time, so it is very possible that there are operating problems both in certain devices, and in specifically new versions of Android.

Method 3: HD Photo Caller Screen ID

The last application in our article will be the one whose main and only function is to replace the image of the caller with a full screen version. The software will require any version of Android, starting with the fourth, and preferably an HD quality image.

Download HD Photo Caller Screen ID from Google Play Market

Despite the internal sections and settings, the application does not even need to be run for the first time after installation or designated as the default tool to be successful.

The program is extremely easy to use, allowing you to put your contact's photo on full screen in a minimum of actions. At the same time, due to its compatibility with many more devices and its stability than the first two options, this tool is an excellent alternative with a fairly high rating in the Play Market.

Method 4: Add a photo to contacts

The easiest way to install a photo is to use the standard functions and applications of the smartphone, which should be sufficient for many users. To do this, you will only have to attach the image to the desired contact in the phonebook, after which, when you call, the photo will be displayed not the entire screen.

Application settings

Regardless of the phone model, contacts are managed through a special application «Contacts», also available for installation from the Play Store.

  1. To add a file in this way, you need to open the application and search for a specific person in the list provided, using the field as required "Look for"..
  2. After that, at the bottom of the page you need to click "Change contact." and touch the photo icon in the center of the screen.
  3. Then a pop-up window will appear on the screen "Change your photo."where should you use the link "To select".. This will open the standard application "Gallery".
  4. In the list of images, select the appropriate one for the contact, use the selection frame to limit the specific area, and click "Save"..
  5. If you have done everything clearly according to the instructions, there will be an automatic redirection to the contact settings with the changed photo. To finish editing, use the link "Save". in the right corner of the page.
  6. The actions described above can be repeated not only when editing an existing contact, but also when creating a new one. For this, there is a button with an icon on the main screen of the application "+".

Installation via gallery

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Another way, although quite auxiliary, to install a photo, comes down to selecting and attaching the image through "Gallery"..

  1. First, open the specified application through the menu, find and select the photo that interests you.
  2. Photo management may vary depending on the smartphone model and firmware version, but usually just touch in the center of the screen to bring up the toolbar and touch the three-dot button in the upper right corner . In the list that appears, use the item "Set image as"..
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the icon with the legend "Photo". contact, and select the person from the list that appears. Please note that if you have different address book management applications on your device, there may be more than one option.
  4. After selecting a contact, as in the previous case, you will have to align the image with the frame and click on "Save".. This completes the installation procedure, and you may verify that the method works the next time you receive a call from the selected person.

This method is only relevant in some cases, as most Android devices display the photo in a separate area of ​​the screen. This limitation can only be overcome with the help of third-party applications, which usually require a contact card with an image attached anyway.

We have seen the main tools that allow you to put the photo of the caller in full screen, but the list of applications presented is not really limited to three items. If necessary, you can always search for analogs in Google Play Market on your own.

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