Rare limited editions of apple products

Rare limited editions of apple products

It is unlikely that you will be able to buy these items and the size of your bank account balance is not at all important here. Neither is the willingness to spend years searching and haggling with collectors: some objects only end up with a select few.

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Rainbow Apple Logo Tapestry

One that recalls the controversial pages of the company's history and that has a distinctive rainbow color, which in 1983 was still considered a fairly brand-worthy trademark. And that's why a very limited edition of embroidered cloths has been produced especially for the apple gift catalogue. Legend has it that designer Myra Burg handcrafted only 25 tapestries, two of which were given as gifts to Steve, Jobs and Wozniak, and others sold for $350 each. Where they are today is a mystery.

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The XNUMXth Anniversary of the Macintosh

Abbreviated as TAM, a special version of the production personal computer whose release coincided with the company's 20th anniversary. It was, by the way, one of the first jobs of the young Johnnie Ive in his new company, as reflected in the peculiar design. A unique startup tune was written especially for this computer and offered to be played on a Bose speaker system. Two speakers and a subwoofer were built into the computer itself, giving it an original appearance, but all these tricks did not save the TAM from failure. For mundane reasons: Customers, already complaining about the high price of the Macintosh, rejected the $7499 price. So it's possible that a few 18-year-olds are still collecting dust in some warehouse.

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apple IIGS "Woz Edition"

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The rarity computers, issued in 50.000 pieces, are distinguished from the others by the presence of a distinctive monogram on the front panel. It's a personal autograph of Apple founder Steve Wozniak, albeit typed. Anyone who owns such a computer has the right to demand a legally certified document from Apple that authenticates the brand. The original letterhead, in addition to Woz's old handwriting, bears the signatures of 12 of Apple's top engineers from 1987; the edition was made to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the company.

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For real housewives

There are many wonderful moments in the history of the apple corporation, for example, in 1986 it was decided to expand the apple Collection with household items. Exclusively for the good purpose of trying to popularize the brand in all areas, since after the voluntary and forced separation of Jobs, things were not going well. Finding a fork or a towel with the apple logo of the current era is a task for a very persistent man. Especially since these items weren't particularly reliable or durable: the usual assortment from hardware stores with a rainbow sticker on the side.

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apple clothing

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Converting swords into plowshares in the Cupertino way means decorating any merchandise with its logo for subsequent sale, even completely removed from the field of computer products. Hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts... they say they stopped in time and didn't even get to underwear. All this happened in the same 1986 and did not bring much profit to the company, but someone from the American retirees was able to continue to keep “apple” clothes in a distant drawer.

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Gold EarPods Headphones

The one-of-a-kind headphones, personally designed by Apple's chief designer, are now five decades old and seriously dedicated to charity. But he doesn't spend his own money, and rather than dispose of his stock, he prefers to create extraordinary items to sell at auctions for charity. EarPods, which are made of solid gold rather than gold plated, sold for $461.000 in 2013.

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Exclusive Apple Watch of the singer Beyoncé, Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West

It pays to be friends with the influencers of this world, even if you represent the richest corporation on the planet: several watches have been given away to celebrities as part of the apple Watch promotion. The one that has been seen on Beyonce's wrist, in addition to the solid volume of select gold, is distinguished by the presence of a bracelet without a clasp, which simply stretches when put on, adapting to any hand. The design has long been exploited in the watch business, but among the types of straps offered to the average Apple Watch customer, there are none. A jewel version of the watch with a signature bracelet has also been seen on fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and rapper Kanye West.

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iPod U2 Special Edition

Black box, red interface wheel, engraved signatures of four members of the Bands U2. It was the appearance of the limited edition iPod 4th generation, a collaboration between apple and Irish musicians. The latter did not stop advertising, providing in addition to each gadget a special poster. It is likely that today almost all of them are in the pockets of music lovers and fans of the Bands.

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Mac Pro Red

The design version of the production computer, one of Mr Ives's firm creations for a series of fashion products collectively called "Red", was successfully auctioned in 2013. This is probably one case where it would not be difficult to get an exclusive gadget. All you have to do is offer the current owner of the red computer more than the $977.000 he paid for it. These sorts of things are often bought not to be exploited, but to be resold profitably, and at the next auction the Red Mac Pro may once again set a new record price for a desktop computer.

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