Remove microphone echo in Windows 7

Remove microphone echo in Windows 7

Method 1: Microphone Settings

The echo cancellation settings are in the system's sound configuration tool, so let's use it first.

  1. To open . "Starts". and click on the link "Control Panel"..
  2. Then change the display to "Big icons"and then find the element "Sound". and go to it.
  3. Open tab "Recording". - a list of recording devices recognized by the system appears. Highlight the one you want and press the key. "Properties" button..
  4. After starting the properties of the sound devices, use the section "Improvements".. Among the options must be the parameter "Echo suppression".Check it. Then press "Apply". и "AGREE"..
  5. Check the microphone: you will probably not be bothered by the echo again.

Method 2: Manage the sound card driver

The echo cancellation option is also available in the sound device software configuration tool.

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 of the previous method, but this time select the item that corresponds to your sound card software.
  2. Navigate to the tab "Recording". (can also be called "Microphone", "Microphone". or other similar meaning).
  3. Find the options that correspond to echo cancellation and enable them, then apply the settings and close the application window.
  4. This option works in a similar way to the same option in the system configurator.

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Method 3: Change system sound settings

Sometimes the cause of the problem is not with the microphone, but with the output devices (speakers or loudspeakers). The thing is, the echo can be caused by the sound enhancements built into the operating system. Consequently, all these functions must be disabled and, in some cases, the output means must be reconfigured to eliminate the malfunction.

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Method 4: Troubleshooting Hardware

The worst possible cause of the problem in question is a hardware failure, both in the microphone itself and in the computer's connectors. Check all components carefully according to the instructions in the following items; If it turns out to be a hardware problem, you will need to contact a service center.

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