Remove the Google Play Store from an Android device

Remove the Google Play Store from an Android device

Despite all the benefits that Google Play offers to Android device owners, in some situations it may be necessary to temporarily or permanently remove this App Store from the system. To solve this problem, in most cases, the user will have to resort to non-standard manipulation methods. Some of the simplest options to remove Play Store from Android device are suggested in the article.

Play Store is an Android system application, that is, part of the operating system. This statement is true at least for those devices that are certified by Google, produced by recognized manufacturers and come with firmware that has not undergone major modifications compared to "pure" Android.

Interference with system software can have unpredictable consequences for the performance of the device as a whole, therefore manipulations in accordance with the instructions below must be carefully weighed all the pros and cons, and also realize that the result obtained may not meet expectations.

In any case, all actions are carried out at the account and risk of the owner of the device, and only he, but not the author of the article or the Administration of, is responsible for the possible negative effect of the implementation of the recommendations. proposals in the material!

Before starting manipulations with Google Play Market, it is recommended to reassure yourself against the consequences of a possible Android malfunction and take care of the security of user data stored on a smartphone or tablet, that is, create a backup of all information of value.

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How to uninstall Google Play from an Android device

Most likely, the tight integration described above of the operating system and its components will not allow you to uninstall Play Market using standard methods that are effective in relation to other software tools. At the same time, it is worth noting that among hundreds of thousands of Android device models, you can find a number of those in which the Store in question can be removed as a regular application, so before moving on to cardinal solutions, It will not be superfluous to check the availability of this function.

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A smartphone with Android 7.0 Nougat was taken as the object of experiments carried out to demonstrate the methods of conducting operations within the framework of this material.

The location of menu items and their names on the user's device may differ depending on the model, the installed Android shell and the version of the operating system, but the general principle of interaction with the device when solving the problem in question is the same for most modern devices.

Method 1: Android tools

The first removal method Google Play Store, which we will consider, does not imply, as a consequence of its execution, a complete uninstallation of the software modules and the destruction of all traces of the presence of the Application Store in the operating system.

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If you decide to get rid of Google Play Market, it is recommended to use the following instructions first. This is due to the relative security of the method, the absence of the need to seriously interfere with the system software of the Android device, obtain superuser privileges and use tools from external developers. Among other things, Google Play can always return to its original working state after following the steps below.

  1. Open «Configuration» of Android in any convenient way and find the item "Applications" In the list of options, go to section "All applications" .
  2. In the list of installed programs, look for "Google Play Store" and open the component's properties screen by tapping its name.
  3. Exit the application by clicking "Stop" and confirm the incoming system request by clicking the button «OK» .
  4. Then disable the ability to start the process of "Google Play Store" : touch the button "Deactivate" and confirm the request to prepare to carry out this potentially dangerous procedure. The next question that the system will ask is about the need to delete all application data and received updates. In general, you need to click "To accept" .
  5. If the purpose of manipulating the Play Store is, among other things, to free space in the memory of the device by erasing the data generated during the operation of the program, but did not erase the updates and data in the previous step of the instruction, go to the section "Memory" on the screen «About the application» « . Then press the buttons "DELETE DATA" y "CLEAR CACHE" in turn, wait until the cleaning procedure is completed.
  6. In addition to Google Play itself, in most cases it is recommended and necessary to stop, as well as "freeze" the processes created by the services affiliated with the Store. Repeat steps 1 through 5 above for the Google Play Services app .
  7. After the manipulations are completed, restart the Android device and make sure that there are no visible signs of the presence of the Google App Store on the system.

After completing the above steps, the Google Play Store icon will disappear from the list of programs available for launch at any time and from the Android auto-load list, the service will stop sending notifications, taking up space in the device's RAM or in any other way. detect yourself. In this case, the application will remain in the operating system system folders as an apk file, available for deployment at any time.

Please refer to page №4 in the instructions below. е наименование кнопки "Disable" on the screen «О приложении» сменилось на "Turn on". В случае возникновения потребности вернуть Google Play Маркет в работоспособное состояние, нутребности вернуть будеринозыть буденоность «Otklyuchennye» в «Nastroykah» и нажать эту кнопку.

Method 2: File manager

Если вышеописанная заморозка Магазина Гугл недостаточна для реализации конечной цели, при достижении которой потребовалось удаление рассматриваемого приложения, можно прибегнуть к более кардинальному методу - полной деинсталляции Google Play с удалением связанных системных файлов.

Способ работоспособен только после получения рут-прав на девайсе!

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Any file manager for Android with root access can act as a tool with which you can destroy the program file in the system directory of the mobile operating system. We will use ES File Explorer as one of the most functional tools to work with the file system of Android devices.

Download ES File Explorer for Android

  1. Install ES File Explorer.
  2. Follow the instructions above to stop and disable Google Play y Google Play Services from beginning to end . If these applications are running at the time of file destruction, the process may end with an error and / or not be fully implemented.
  3. Open the main menu of the file manager by tapping the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Scroll up the list of options, find the item "Root Explorer" and turn on the switch next to it.
  4. In the window that appears asking the program to obtain superuser rights, click "GRANT" . After granting permission to use root rights, ALWAYS restart Explorer, open the menu, and make sure the function Root Explorer is enabled. Flip the switch "Show hidden files" .
  5. In the ES Explorer menu, expand the "Local storage" section , touch the item "Device" .
  6. In the screen that opens, showing the contents of the root folder of the device, click the button "Search" , enter the query "" in the countryside . Then touch "Enter" on the virtual keyboard and wait for the device memory scan to complete. It should be noted that you will have to wait a long time, do not take any action for at least 10 minutes; what the system finds is gradually displayed in the results list.
  7. See all the folders and files obtained as a result of the search, that is, those that contain "" in her name . With a long touch, select the first directory in the list and then press "Select all" In the options menu at the bottom of the screen, click "Remove" and then confirm the request to destroy the files by tapping "To accept" .
  8. After the system files and folders are erased, restart your smartphone; This completes the removal from the Google Play Store using the most radical method.

Method 3: computer

Android system files can also be accessed from a computer through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), including for the purpose of deleting them. This feature is exploited by many Windows utilities designed for operations that require access to the mobile device's file system at the lowest level. The method of uninstalling Google Play suggested below assumes the use of a specialized software tool with which you can easily disable any system app installed on a device. Android device, as well as remove them completely (if you have root rights).

The tool is called Debloater and you can get it completely free of charge by downloading the distribution kit from the developer's website and installing it on your PC in the usual way.

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Download Debloater application for deactivation and complete removal of Google Play Market from official website


Before the following instructions can be effectively followed, the following must be ensured:


Debloater allows freezing the Google Play Market application, that is, as a result of its operation, we obtain the same effect as when performing the "Method 1" discussed earlier in the article. The use of the utility may be advisable if the instruction suggesting the use of mobile operating system tools to deactivate the Store is impractical, for example due to restrictions imposed by the Android shell under which the device runs.

  1. Install and run Debloater.
  2. Connect the Android device to the PC and wait for it to detect in the program; the indicators "Device connected:" y "Synchronized" at the bottom of the Debloater window should turn green.
  3. Click the button "Read Device Packages".
  4. В итоге в главном поле окна Debloater отобразится список всех наличествующих в девайсе-файлов и исооювемоветомовех ипитующих.
  5. Please list, enter the colony "Package" record "" и установите отметку в чекбоксе возле наименования соответствующего apk-fayla. Далее кликните кнопку "Apply" in "Activity status:".
  6. After a short manipulation, Debloater will display the result of the operation in the main field of its window. The notification "Processing changes to: - Status is now hidden" indicates that everything went well, that is, the Google Play application has been deactivated.


Complete removal of the Play Store using Debloater is almost as easy as freezing, but it requires granting root privileges to the toolkit and choosing an additional option before starting the process.

  1. Launch Debloater, connect the device to your PC.
  2. When prompted on the device screen, grant superuser privileges to the ADB Shell application.
  3. Get a list of the programs installed on your Android device by clicking "Read device packages" .
  4. Check the checkboxes next to "" , as well as next to the option "Remove" In the area "Status of the activity:" .
  5. In the request window "Delete confirmation (root)" , which will be displayed immediately after checking the checkbox "Remove" , click on "Yes" .
  6. Click on "Apply" at the top of the Debloater window.
  7. Wait for the result : appear the notification "Removing the application and data from: base.apk" .
  8. This completes the complete removal of the Google Play Store, disconnects the device from the USB port, and reboots Android.


As you can see, there are several effective ways to clean the Android system from the Google Play Market, and of course their list is not limited to those described in the article, only the most effective and simple to perform are presented. It is necessary to emphasize the reader's attention once again: in most situations and for the realization of almost all final goals, it is not necessary to interfere with the depths of the operating system and deleting system files, it is enough to “freeze” Google Play App and its affiliated services.