Find groups, communities and public accounts in Viber

Find groups, communities and public accounts in Viber

As you know, the opportunities that Viber messenger offers are not limited to messaging and calls between two people. Many users find it useful and necessary to join the recipient-sender associations available in the service. Of course, before you can add yourself to a group, you have to find it, and then we will tell you how to do it from Android devices, iPhone and Windows PC / laptop.

Viber member associations

Today there are a total of three varieties of groups on Viber messenger, which differ quite a bit from each other in functionality and purpose: "normal" group chats, communities, and public accounts. Let's briefly consider the main differences between these Viber user groups, as you will have to take different actions to find and join them.

How to find a Viber group

The choice of the algorithm to find one or another association in Viber is dictated mainly by the type of group the user wants to join. Depending on what exactly you need to find - a community, a public account or an ordinary group chat, as well as the version of the messaging client application used (for Android, iOS or Windows), one of the following instructions should be used to solve the problem of the article title.


Users Viber for Android they have all the tools to find groups of messenger members literally “at your fingertips”. With a couple of taps on the screen you can join one or another group.


    1. Launch Viber or go to "Cats". client application if messenger is already open. Press the icon "Look for".located above the current mailing list.
    2. Enter the symbol in the query field «@»and then type in the name of the community you are looking for. If you do not know the exact name, enter words that you think match the name of the community you are looking for or its theme.
    3. This will display the results below the search box - tap on the appropriate community name. Then press "START". in the request box, which will allow you to join the group communication.
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Public accounts.

  1. To start searching for public accounts, go to "More" Viber app running. Then scroll through the list of options and open "Public accounts"..
  2. Touch the icon. "Look for". at the top right, and then enter the audience name or a phrase corresponding to your topic in the appropriate field. You can also scroll through the sectioned directory of the most popular audiences below the area to enter your query for search, and find an interesting or useful "channel" there.
  3. Once you find the ad account you are looking for or one that is right for you in the search results list, tap "+" to the right of your name (or in the area of ​​the directory resource cover). As a result, you will become a public reader and you will begin to receive in your messenger the information provided by the creators (administrators) of the account.

Group chats.

There is no effective way to find a "normal" group chat on Viber, nor to find out about its existence, except to obtain information about the group from one of its members. If you need to join a conversation of this type, ask one of its members to add your account using the button "Information".. Or contact the creator (administrator) of the association to send you a link to invite to the group chat.


Searching for groups using the client Viber for iPhone it is done in a very similar way to the Android environment described above. The differences in actions are dictated solely by the slightly different interface of the messaging apps.


  1. Launch Viber on your iPhone and click on the tab "Cats". in the menu at the bottom of the screen if there is another messaging section open.
  2. Click on the field "Look for". at the top of the screen and type the symbol «@». Then enter the name of the community you are looking for or the words that match the community topic.
  3. In the list of search results, find the Viber member association you are interested in and tap on its name. Then press "Join up". on the welcome screen. That's it: you are now a member of the community.
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Public accounts

  1. Go to the section "Public accounts". From the section "Plus". Viber client application.
  2. Click on the icon. "Look for". at the top of the screen, on the right, and then enter in the field the name of the audience or the words / phrases corresponding to the topic of the information and the content of the channel you are looking for. In addition to entering a query, to find Interesting ad accounts, you can use the directory where the most popular ad accounts are grouped into categories.
  3. Once you have found the public account you are looking for, click on the icon. "+" next to your name.

Group chats

Since the working principle of "simple" groups in Viber is the same for all messaging client applications, searching for such a chat from the iPhone is just as useless as in the Android environment. If you have heard of the existence of a group chat and want to join it, please contact one of the members or the administrator. Anyone who is a member of the group can add you to the group using the option on the chat options screen. The group chat manager has an invite link to join him, which he can easily send you if you want.


En Viber for PC, interacting with groups of other participants in messaging, including searching, is as easy as on mobile phones.


  1. Run the Viber client in a Windows environment and click on the field "Look for".located above the list of open group chats and dialogues.
  2. Enter the symbol «@» as the first letter of the query.
  3. Then type the community name in the messenger or type after the symbol «@» word / phrase that characterizes the object of the association sought.
  4. Click the name of the discovered community in the search results, and then click "Join up".which appeared in the field of correspondence.
  5. This concludes the entry into the Viber community through the messaging application for Windows, and you can proceed to view the information published in it.
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Public accounts.

  1. Ir a "Public accounts". from the token messenger "More" (Button. "Three points". on the titles of the dialogues and open groups).
  2. Click on "Search for public accounts.".
  3. You can then find the channel that interests you in the Viber editors directory that appears in the part of the messenger window where the chat history usually appears.
  4. In addition to the possibility of exploring the contents of the directory, a search by request (the name of the public account or its subject) is available, which is entered in the corresponding field located above the list of covers of the channels offered by the system. .
  5. Once you have found the public account you are interested in, press the button "+" in the area that contains your name.
  6. Accept further "Terms of use". in the query box by clicking "Accept and continue.".
  7. Almost immediately, the publisher's regular posts will start arriving on your messenger.

Group chats

The "normal" groups cannot be discovered in any way through the messaging application for the computer. To join such an association, you will in any case have to contact a member who is already in the group chat. Both the group administrator and any other user in the group have the possibility to add other Viber account holders to the group, also using the options of the Windows version of the messenger.


As you can see, Viber, regardless of the operating system for which the client application of the service used is adapted, provides the necessary tools for the efficient search of public accounts and communities. As for the usual group chats, both the principle and the purpose and the sense of its operation do not allow to provide the messenger with tools for its detection by people outside the company, and this is a quite logical step for the developers .

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