Find the latest files saved on a computer

Find the latest files saved on a computer

Option 1: Files downloaded from the Internet

If the last saved files were downloaded from the Internet, they can be found on the computer through the system "Explorer". or the tools of the browser through which the download was made.

Method 1: Default Folder

A folder is automatically created on your computer's system drive where files downloaded from the Internet are saved. The easiest way to open it is via "Explorer".The method is suitable for all current Windows operating systems:

  1. Run the app "Explorer".. You can find it through the system search bar or by opening any folder.
  2. In the left pane window, pull down the menu "This computer"and then click on the folder "Downloads".

A list of files downloaded through a web browser and some other applications will be displayed.

Method 2: Browser function

Initially, all files that are downloaded through the browser are also placed in the downloads folder, but if the browser settings have been changed, the directory with them can be anywhere. Using Yandex.Browser as an example, let's see how to find the latest saved data from the Internet.

To see the downloads, just click on the arrow icon on the top work bar. In the window that appears, click the link “Open folder” link.. Automatically through the system "Explorer". will open the directory with the saved files.

The download section will open if you use the hotkey "Ctrl + J". This works for all browsers.

There is another way to see where downloaded files are saved via a browser:

  1. Click on the three bars in the upper right corner to open the main menu. Anger "Settings"..
  2. Select section "Tools", then find the block "Downloaded files". Specifies the path to save the downloaded data.
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If necessary, the save path can be changed: click on the corresponding link and select the folder in the system window.

Option 2: Recent Documents

The Windows operating system provides a section where you can find all the files, folders that have been used recently. You can find the most recently saved files on your computer using the system's built-in tools. To do this, simultaneously hold down the keys "Win + R"to start the dialog "Run". Enter the command shell:recent, and then press thebutton. "OKAY"..

A new window will open containing all the files that have been recently saved. You can sort them by name, recording date, type and other parameters using the column names and view "Table"..

Please note that all data is stored in a hidden directory. Instead of using the command and the window "Run" you can navigate the way C:\Users\ИМЯ_ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recentpasting it in the address bar "Explorer"but first you will have to activate the hidden data display mode. Select the tab "View" tab.and check the option "Hidden elements" in the block «Show or hide».

Other options to access the folder "Recent" They are described in the article at the following link.

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In Windows 7, pin a partition «Recent documents» can be accessed from the menu "Start". by setting its properties. The recommendation to enter a folder address will help, but you will have to map the hidden objects in advance. "Control Panel".. In our separate piece, the author discussed how to organize all of this.

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Option 3: Program Menu

If you want to find the objects you have worked on using an editor, you can also view them using the editor interface. In many authoring/editing programs, there is almost always a menu section that allows you to quickly open saved files through it. In Microsoft's proprietary text editor, for example, it is possible to see the documents that were last edited:

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  1. Launch the program and click on the tab "File"..
  2. From the menu that appears, select "Opened".. In Word, in the tab "Recent". will show the files you were working on today, yesterday, this week, or even before. You just have to select the document you want, and it will be launched in the text editor. Also below the name is the path of the folder where it is located.
  3. The same goes for other programs, for example the standard Paint. However, there are no file paths here.
  4. Adobe Photoshop also lacks paths – in these cases, all you have to do is open the desired document and resave it to a convenient location.

Option 4: Folder created by the software

Don't forget to also look in the folder of a specific program: if you have downloaded something through it, it is very possible that the saved objects are among the rest of its files. Alternatively, the program itself creates its own folder in one of the main Windows directories: "Documents"., "Downloads"., "Images"..

Let's say that Telegram automatically creates a folder where the files that are downloaded through this messenger will end up, as well as everything that is sent to «Favorites». By default, it is in «Loads»..

If it's not there, open Telegramgo to "Settings". > "Advanced configuration" and see what is selected in "Way to Save".

More or less the same applies to other messengers, for example, Viber. If you've changed the save folder at some point and can't find your photos and videos in the default directory «Documents» > "ViberDownloads"and the files are in "Downloads", see where they are saved. To do this, open the program settings, go to the tab Media tab. – and both addresses will be visible there. You can click on each of them.

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Projects from different code editors, screen capture programs, and other applications are often found in «Documents».

Screen capture software usually uses the corresponding folder – "Images".

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In many torrent clients, it is usually the user who specifies where to save. However, this information can always be viewed by highlighting the desired download and going to "Information". (or by double-clicking on the download as if opening a folder).

Option 5: System Search

If you know the exact name of the file, you can search for it using the search bar "Explorer".. To do this, start the system tool and enter the document name in the special field at the top. The search will start automatically.

The procedure can take a long time, depending on the amount of disk space taken up, so it's best to narrow your search as much as possible by opening a folder that might (potentially) contain the item you want. This type of search will search within the open folder, including all of its subfolders. After a while a list of results will appear.

What to do if you forget the file name

If the user does not remember the exact name of the file, the system searches "Explorer". allows you to search for them by their approximate save date. In this case, click on the magnifying glass icon in the row and a new tab will appear in the top bar "Search Tools".. Click on the tile "Date of change". – a pop-up list will appear in which you can select the desired parameter.

Another tool allows you to search for recent files knowing their size, type and other properties.