Make money selling used underwear

Selling your used underwear is a very productive business. It is only necessary to calculate that a garment of more or less striking underwear can cost about six euros in Primark and once used, its value can be around between 35 and 65 euros.

Taking out shipping costs and the time spent wearing the garment for several days, the profits are not negligible.

One of the main internet pages that manages the business of panties used in Spain is Secret Panties. There they comment that getting started in this business is really simple. It all begins by looking for a garment that you want to sell, with the simplicity that «It doesn't have to be a novelty garment, sometimes buyers even like well-worn ones better».

Administration is just as simple and proceeds anonymously. An individual creates an account as a seller on the web without announcing her identity, uploads a photo of the garment used and sets a price that, according to reports, It is full for the seller and it reaches her bank account (appearing as a company so that it does not give rise to suspicions in the bank statement).

The enthusiastic customer in the garment will contact through the web. And for shipping they have also created a simple method: «The first thing is to find a bubble envelope to put the garment in. Fold the garment well and wrap it in plastic wrap or an airtight bag. It is a way to present it beautifully and it will also preserve its aroma. When crafting the envelope, you can add a look like a lollipop or a love note to it. I'm sure your client will love it!"

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used underwear sale

Why sell my used panties?

Roser Amills is a journalist, author, and one of the Secret Panties salespeople. She does it out of curiosity and, more than anything, because he likes her. "I don't know if the same thing will happen to other women, but the whole process excites me: from putting them up for sale to sending them and then imagining what it can be doing that unrecognizable with my garment ».

Because not only can it be exciting to imagine who was wearing them, but also what the person who acquires them does. «I imagine, among other things, that the client will smell them, get excited and masturbate with them. Either he is going to wear them to play, or he is going to wear them to someone... I also imagine them in a pocket to proceed to work with joy plus. It's something that excites me."

Narrating his own experience, Amills teaches that what is really sold is not French lingerie, but the most basic. «What triumphs the most are the most normal panties, made of cotton and worn. They buy thinking about that privacy of the garments that women expose less ».

Regarding the development, it certifies that it is as simple as it is detailed on the internet. «The website allows the order, notifies me and gives me a few days to use the panties that have been sold. Then I put them in a plastic bag, in an envelope, and a courier comes to pick them up." In this simple way.

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a usual fetish

The motivations for selling used underwear seem very visible. However, it remains to be clarified what incentivizes someone to purchase someone else's used underwear online.

The sexologist Verónica Vivero points out that this kind of fetish "is known as burusera and is a type of custom that has been very popular since the 80s in Japan"; They are mostly sold by schoolgirls. At present the Japanese "bring us virtue, because there are even vending machines for this system».

underwear vending machine

Little by little we are talking about a custom that is becoming more and more popular in Spain and Europe, "since it is seen that it is ceasing to be a taboo subject, and the truth is that more and more people are using this resource to get a bonus" .

In relation to the motivations of the person who acquired, Vivero points out that «the main engine of excitement is obtained from the smell of the used garment, because in most of the times, the person does not know who was its carrier».

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However, on the web they do have the possibility of finding celebrity fetish garments, as is the case with Roser Amills. On this subject, Vivero adds that “several people also find it exciting to understand that a certain person wore it, among other things, a popular person (someone whom the fetishist admires) or a passionate person (current or past); of In fact, several collect clothes from people with whom they had sexual relations».

The uses of these garments have the possibility of being diverse. "Many collect them as if it were a jewel of exquisite value and only use it to smell it." Others, however, "need to have her by their side throughout masturbation."

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It is worth mentioning a third group, "although we would speak of another type of fetishism, which would be those people who get excited wearing the used underwear of others, because the easy fact of being seen with it already arouses desire", without having anything to do with it. do with cross-dressing.

Similarly, he adds that it is a more common fetish in men than in women, since «the man has the visual channel somewhat more socially worked than the woman as a means of excitement and, consequently, in front of an image, his display of fantasy is greater».

In this regard, the sexologist thinks that beyond being something less and less taboo, "it continues to make some followers self-conscious." In this way, the task from sexology is “trying to demystify the prejudices and taboos that exist around the planet of sexuality. What's wrong with having special taste? If we act in relation to it, we will be more congruent with ourselves».


Verónica Vivero concludes with the initiative that "if we stop to investigate the taste and priority of each one, we will observe that probably we all have some fetish in our lives; lies in exploring».

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