Sending information from Viber messenger by email

Sending information from Viber messenger by email

The information received and sent through Viber in the aspect of the resolution of the task expressed in the title of the article should be divided into three varieties: photos / videos, files of other types and text, including links. Each of these types of data sent from an email messenger is handled differently, and there is no universal way to handle it.


To transfer information from Viber for Android by email, depending on its type, use one of the following techniques. Please note that the effective implementation of the following three instructions requires any email application configured on your device.

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Option 1: Photo and video

Forwarding photo and video content from Viber on your Android device, even by email, is easier by taking advantage of the built-in function in the messenger and the operating system Share..

    1. Start messenger and go to the chat room that contains the image or video you want to email.
    2. Tap in the multimedia message area to switch to its full screen view. Then press the icon in the toolbar above the image or clip area "Share.. In the case of a video, you can also wait for it to finish playing and press Share. on the screen that appears.

  1. If necessary, scroll through the row of icons in the panel that appears "Send"Find the icon for the email client you are using and click on it.
  2. This will launch the email application, displaying the generated email with an attachment as a media file transferred from Viber. Enter the recipient's address in the field "TO"., optionally designate "Theme". messages and then click "Send".. As a result, the email with a graphic or video file attached will be delivered to the recipient's mailbox and automatically returned to messenger.
  3. More. If the correspondence with email content is large and it is difficult to find the image or video you need, use "Media Gallery". delivery courier:
      • To access the chat menu, press the three dots placed vertically in the upper right corner of the screen that shows the correspondence. In the list of options, press "Media, Links, and Files.".
      • Turn on the screen exclusively "Photo". o "Video".Find the content you want to send and long press the thumbnail to highlight it.

    • Touch the three dots at the top right of the screen, touch Share..
    • Follow points 4-5 of these instructions.

Option 2: Files

To send any type of file from Viber for Android by email, you must first save it in your device memory. You can then use any file manager or email client to send it.

  1. In messenger, open the correspondence with the file sent by email and load it into the memory of the device, acting in two ways:
    • Tap the downward-pointing arrow in the message area with the file to the left of its name. Wait for the download to complete: the icon that started it will disappear and the downloaded file will appear in the system folder "Downloads" device ("Download" on the root of the internal storage or removable drive).
    • Long press on the message area that contains the file to open the options menu and press "Save to folder.". Select the directory where the data will be stored from the available device storages, press the checkbox at the top right of the screen.
  2. After downloading the file from the messenger to the memory of the Android device, you can take one of two ways to solve the problem in question:
    • Open any file manager for Android (in the example - Google Files), navigate to the directory you selected in the previous step, touch and hold the name or icon of the file you want to send, and then touch the icon that appears Share.. In the panel named like this "Send to" find the email client you are using and click its icon.

      Fill in the fields "TO". и "Theme". In the email application that has already generated the email with the attachment, type the accompanying text if you want, and then click "Send"..

    • Run your preferred email application (in the example - Gmail for Android), click on the element of your interface that initiates the creation of a new email. Enter the recipient's address and the subject of the message in the corresponding fields. Then click the button "Staple".…Choose. "Attach file"..

      Navigate to the location of the downloaded Viber file in your device memory and tap its name or icon. Send an email with an attachment by pressing its activation button in the email application.

Option 3: Text messages and links

Since the Viber developers have not provided any means to extract the "normal" messages for the purpose of sending them outside of the service to transmit the text and links of the messenger via email, there is no choice but to copy the data manually and then paste it into the body of the email.

  1. Open the email correspondence containing the text data that is being transmitted in the messenger, find the destination message and long press on the area it occupies.
  2. In the menu that opens, press "Copy".. As a result, the information from a message to Viber will be copied to the Android clipboard, after which the messenger must be closed or minimized.
  3. Start your email client, create a new email. Long press on the still empty email body, open the menu and select "Insert"..
  4. The steps to complete the sending of text information from a messenger email are the usual ones for any email: enter the recipient's email address and subject in the corresponding fields, complete / change the text of the message if necessary, click on "Send"..

Extras. If you need to email all the correspondence generated in Viber for Android, you can use the hidden messaging function, which allows you to solve this task in just three taps on the device screen.

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In order to efficiently send different data of the messenger in question via email, users of Viber for iPhone they have to apply different methods, choosing the appropriate one depending on the type of information being transmitted.

Option 1: Photos and videos

The easiest way to send images and videos obtained through Viber for iOS is to send them by email using the function built into the operating system Share..

  1. Open the messenger and go to the chat room where there is an image or a video. Touch a content preview in chat to view it in full screen.
  2. Tap the arrow cube icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then tap "Share". in the menu that appears. If you are sending a video, you can also wait for it to finish playing: the program asks you to Share. roller.
  3. In the menu of available media send options that appears, tap "Mail". or select your preferred third-party iOS email client. This will start the email program, where there is already a blank email with an attachment.
  4. Enter the recipient's mailbox and the subject of the message in the corresponding fields, press "Send"..
  5. Extras. If you cannot quickly find the videos or images you want to email, or if you need to send multiple files of this type at the same time, use "Media Gallery".:
    • Without leaving the chat with content, click on its header (the name of the interlocutor). From the menu that appears, select "Information and configuration"..
    • Click on the caption area with photo and video thumbnails from the chat room caption "Multimedia".then "To select". at the top of the next screen on the right, then, by touching the photo and video previews, highlight the ones you want to send.
    • Tap the arrow cube button at the bottom right, select "Share". in the menu that appears. Then proceed as suggested in steps 3 to 4 of this manual.

Option 2: Files

Emailing the data received through Viber as files in the case of iOS is practically the same as the instructions suggested above and applicable to the content.

  1. In messenger, open the correspondence containing the file to be sent by email. Tap on the messages area to load them into the iPhone memory; only then can you interact with the data.
  2. Tapping the message area with the attached file again will open a view of its content or a screen with information about the file. Tap the arrow cube in the upper right or lower left corner and then select "Mail". in the displayed menu of available shipping media.
  3. Enter the recipient of the file in the field "TO". of the postman who opens; if necessary, fill in "Affair".Write the text of the message. Send the resulting email.

Option 3: Message text and links

If you need to extract from Viber and email the text of the message and / or the link received through the messenger, use the clipboard functionality of iOS.

  1. Open a correspondence containing a text message to email, long press on its area to bring up a list of available actions related to the message. In the menu, press "Plus"..
  2. Then click. "Copied." in the list that appears at the bottom of the screen and then minimize Viber.
  3. Open your preferred email program, create a new email.
  4. Long press on the text input area of ​​the email, open the menu and select "Insert"..
  5. Specify the recipient of the information sent from the courier, optionally add "Affair". email, and then press "Send"..

Extras. In the aspect of solving the task at hand, it is worth mentioning that Viber for iOS has a hidden function of creating a file with all the correspondence generated in the messenger and sending it by email. This function and its application are described in the article available at the following link:

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En Viber for PC, due to the peculiarities of organization and operation of the Windows operating system, there are no means of sending information through other services, but you can always save files and copy text data from the messenger, and then attach the first ones and/or paste the seconds in an email ready to send from the desktop in any usual way.

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  1. Photos and videos:
    • Save the media file that you send by e-mail to your computer. You can do it in any folder, but you must remember its location and name. For more information on how to retrieve this type of content from your messenger, see the following link Read more: How to save photos and videos from Viber for Windows to your PC disk
    • From your computer, open your mailbox using any preferred method. Create a new email, attach the multimedia files that are now accessible through Windows Explorer and send the received message.More information: How to send photos and videos by email
  2. Files of different types:
    • Open a chat in a messenger in which there is a file of any type, click on the area that contains the message to download the data to your PC's drive. As a result of the manipulation, the file is placed in the folder "Downloads" Windows operating system.
    • If you want to place the file in a directory other than the default, right-click on the message containing the data, and from the menu that appears, select "Save as…".Navigate to the desired download path in the Explorer window that opens, and then click "Save"..
    • Open your inbox via a browser or email program, form an email, attach the file you received from Viber and send it.More information: Sending files of different types from PC by email
  3. Message text and links:
    • In messenger, navigate to the text message you want to email and right-click on the area it occupies.
    • In the context menu that appears, click "Copy"..
    • Open a means to access your email inbox, create a new message.
    • Place the cursor in the text input area of ​​the email, and then right-click the mouse. From the menu that appears, select "Insert"..
    • Complete the blank spaces. "TO". и "Theme"., send the generated message to the recipient.

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