Solve audio problems when watching videos on an Android device

Solve audio problems when watching videos on an Android device

Important information

Si the sound does not work When you watch videos on your Android device, please restart your smartphone first.

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If possible, play the video on another mobile device or computer. If there is still no sound, the problem is most likely with the file.

When you plug in a wired headset, the contact opens, which transmits sound to the speaker. Check the corresponding connector carefully, there should be no foreign objects in it.

Method 1: update Android

Make sure that your device has the latest version of the Android operating system, especially if the lack of sound in the video is not the only problem detected during use. How to check for updates, as well as download them, is written in a separate article on our website.

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Method 2: set the sound

Sound can be muted at the system level. To check this, press the volume control up during video playback.

Or we use the controls of the player itself. Usually, the volume increases by sliding your finger up on the right or left edge of the screen.

On some Android devices, you can separately adjust the volume of different types of sound: notifications, ringtones, etc. If the media playback volume is completely off, the above steps will not work. Let's find out how to restore sound for media using a Samsung smartphone as an example. Open "Settings" , go to the "Sounds and vibration" section , I touched "Volume" and in the column "Media", drag the slider to the right.

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Method 3: update your player

The video player may not work properly if its version is not up to date. This usually occurs when automatic updating of the software installed on the device is disabled in the configuration of Google Play Store and users forget to do it manually. In this case, open the app store, touch the user icon, go to the section «My applications and games» , we find the required application program in the tab "Installed" and, if there are updates ready for it, tap the button "To update" .

Method 4: search for conflicting software

Try to remember the time when the audio problems started in the video. Perhaps the conflict was caused by some recently installed third-party software. Before proceeding to uninstall the software, it is worth testing this theory by booting the device in "Safe Mode" , in which only standard applications and functions work. We will demonstrate this on the example of a Samsung smartphone, but this method is suitable for almost any device.

  1. We call the «Shutdown menu» , we hold down the touch key "To turn off" and we confirm the action. We have already covered all the methods to start a smartphone from Android in safe mode in a separate article. Read more: How to enable "Safe Mode" on Android
  2. The fact that the BR is switched on will be indicated by the corresponding inscription at the bottom of the display. Check if the audio works during video playback.
  3. To boot normally, simply reboot the system.

If the sound works in BR, the culprit is most likely third-party software. In turn, delete the one that was installed recently. For more information on how to uninstall apps on an Android device, see another article on our website.

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Method 5: clear the cache

Some users of specialized forums were assisted by a complete clearing of the cached data through the recovery mode, but it is better to start with a less drastic method: clear the cache of the application that is used to play videos. Go to settings in section "Applications" , search for the required software, open your "Menu" , go to the section "Memory" and touches "Clear cache" . Now let's try to run the video file.

If there is no result, proceed to completely clear the cache stored on the system. In this case, a Samsung device will be used, but similar actions will be required on phones from other manufacturers.

  1. We enter the "Recovery mode" of Android. Turn off the device and then simultaneously press and hold the keys "Start" , "Switched on" y "Turn up the volume" Other combinations to enter recovery mode are described in detail in one of our articles Read more: How to put an Android device in recovery mode
  2. In "Recovery mode" using the volume rocker, go to item "Wipe cache partition" and start the deletion with the key "Switched on" .
  3. To start the system in normal mode, select the item "Reboot system now" .

Method 6: alternative software

If you experience sound problems when playing only some video files, it may be that some codecs are missing from this player. Try to install another player, like VLC for Android, which plays any audio and video format.

Download VLC for Android from Google Play Store

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