Solve error code 192 in the Google Play Store

Solve error code 192 in the Google Play Store

Built into all certified Android mobile phones and tablets, Google Play Market, unfortunately for many users, does not always work stably. Sometimes in the process of utilization, you may encounter all kinds of problems. Today we are going to tell you how to fix one of them, which is accompanied by a notification "Error code: 192".

Causes and correction options for error code 192

«Failed to load / update the application. Error code: 192 » - This is the aspect of the complete description of the problem, the solution of which we will discuss below. The cause of the problem is very simple and has to do with the lack of free space in the storage of the mobile device. Let's see in more detail what needs to be done to fix this nasty error.

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Method 1: Free up space on your disk

Since we know the cause of error 192, let's start with the most obvious one: free up space in the internal and / or external memory of the Android device, depending on where the installation is performed. In this case, it is necessary to act globally, in several stages.

    1. Remove unnecessary applications and games, if any, get rid of unnecessary documents and media files.

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    2. Clear the system and application cache.

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    3. Perform an Android "junk" cleanup.

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Also, if your smartphone or tablet uses a memory card and installing applications to it, you should try to change the process to the internal drive. If the installation is done directly on the device, the reverse should be done - "direct" to microSD.

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After making sure you have enough free storage space on your mobile device, go to the Google Play Market and reinstall (or update) the app or game that the 192 error occurred with. If it happens again, skip to the next option to solve it.

Method 2: Clear Play Store data

Since the problem that we discussed occurs at the application store level, in addition to directly freeing space in the memory of the Android device, it does not hurt to clean the cache of the Play Store and erase the data that has accumulated over time of use.

    1. Open "Settings". and go to "Applications and notifications". (the name may be slightly different and depends on the Android version), and then open the list of all installed applications.
    2. Find Google Play Store in this list, tap it to go to page «About the application».

      Open section "Stock". and alternately press the buttons "Clear cache." и "Delete data"..

    3. Confirm your intentions in the pop-up window, and then try installing or updating the application again. Error code 192 probably won't bother you again.

Clearing the Google Play Store cache and data helps to get rid of most of the common problems in its operation.

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Method 3: Delete updates from Play Store

If cleaning the cache and data did not help to get rid of error 192, you will have to act more radically - remove the update from Google Play Market, that is, go back to the original version. For it:

  1. Repeat steps 1-2 from the previous method and return to the page «About the application»..
  2. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. In the menu that appears, tap the only available item - "Remove updates". - and confirm your intentions by pressing "AGREE". in the popup.

    Note: On some Android devices, there is a separate button to delete app updates.

  3. Restart your mobile device, open Google Play Market and close it again. Wait for it to update and then check the error with code 192 by installing or updating the app. The problem should be solved.

Method 4: Uninstall and relink the account

In some cases, the cause of error 192 is not only the lack of free space in the device memory and the "problematic" Play Market, but also the Google user account used in the Android environment. If the actions described above did not help to fix the problem we are considering, you should try to delete the account in "Settings".and then reconnect it. We have already described how to do it.

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Despite the fact that we have considered four different ways to fix the error with the 192 code in Google Play Market, most of the time a sufficient and guaranteed efficacy measure is trivial by freeing up space in the memory of the mobile device.

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