Solve error code 927 on the Play Store

Solve error code 927 on the Play Store

"Error 927" appears when there is an update or download of an app from the Play Market. As it is quite common, it is not difficult to solve.

How to fix error code 927 in Play Market

To solve the "Error 927" problem, all you need is the gadget itself and a few minutes of time. Read the steps to take below.

Method 1: Clear cache and reset Play Market settings

During the use of the Play Market service, various information related to search, residual files and system is stored in the memory of your device. This data can interfere with the stable operation of the application, so you should erase it periodically.

    1. To delete the data, go to "Settings". of the device and find the tab "Applications"..
    2. Next, look for Play Market among the featured apps.
    3. In the interface of Android 6.0 and above, first go to "Memory".and then in the second window, click first on "Clear cache."and the second is ... "Restart".. If you have a lower version of Android than specified, the deletion of the information will be in the first window.

    1. After clicking the button. "Restart". A notification will appear that all data will be deleted. Don't worry, this is what to do, so confirm the action by tapping "Delete"..

Now, restart your gadget, go to Play Market and try to update or download the application you want.

Method 2: Delete updates from Play Store

It is possible that when installing the next automatic update from Google Play, there was a failure and it did not get up correctly.

    1. To reinstall it, go to "Play store". в "Appendices". and find the button "Menu".and then select «Delete updates»..
    2. A warning will then appear to delete the data, confirm your choice by pressing "AGREE"..

    1. And finally, once again, press "AGREE".to install the original version of the application.
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When restarting the device, fix the last step and open Play Market. After a while, you will be expelled from it (at this point, the current version will be restored), and then go back in and use the application store without errors.

Method 3: Reinstalling the Google account

If the above methods did not help, then it is more difficult to delete and restore the account. There are cases where Google services get out of sync with your account and therefore errors can occur.

  1. To delete your profile, go to the tab "Accounts". в "Settings". dispositives.
  2. Then select "Google".and in the window that opens, press "Delete account"..
  3. A notification will then appear, in which you press the corresponding button to confirm the deletion.
  4. Restart your device and in "Settings". go to "Accounts".where you have already selected "Add Account". followed by the selection of "Google"..
  5. A page will then appear where you can register a new account or connect to an existing account. If you do not want to use your old account, click on the following link to familiarize yourself with the registration. Or enter your email address or phone number linked to your profile on the line and click "Next"..More information: How to register on the Play Store
  6. Now enter your password and tap on "Next".to access the account.
  7. In the last window to complete the renewal of the account, accept all the conditions of use of Google services with the corresponding button.
  8. The so-called profile reset should "kill" the "Error 927".

In this uncomplicated way, you will quickly get rid of the annoying problem when updating or downloading applications from the Play Market. But, if the error is so persistent that all the above methods have not saved the situation, then the cure here will only be a reset of the device to factory settings. How to do this, tell the article in the link below.

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