Solve the "Windows is in notification mode" problem

Solve the "Windows is in notification mode" problem

Checking the current license

The first action to take when you get the "Windows is in notification mode" error is to check the license expiration date. If you don't know if the operating system has ever been activated, follow the instructions below:

    1. Open the menu "Starts and go to the app "Settings"..
    2. Click with the left mouse button on the tile "Update and security".
    3. In the left panel, select a category "Activation"..
    4. Read the information provided. The window may display lines indicating that you have a license or that Windows needs to be activated.

If you don't activate your system at all, or it breaks after changing, for example, your computer hardware, you may need to update the key that you purchased as a digital license or that you obtained when you purchased the hardware containing the OS. Read more about this in another article on our website by clicking the link below.

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If Windows is already activated, but the notification still appears on the screen, it is necessary to check the expiration date of the key, as it sometimes expires (depending on the type of license purchased).

    1. To do this, open the utility "Run".pressing the key combination Win + R. In the box enter winver.exe and press I went into.
    2. Read the information provided in the new window. If it says that your license has expired or will expire in the next few days, you must update your key by going to another article on our website at the link above.
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In case you are using the trial version of the operating system or cannot activate it, you will have to find a solution by using one of the following methods. We will also tell you a method that is suitable for users whose activation key has expired or has been reset, so you can proceed directly to Method 2.

Method 1: Expand the trial version

The developers allow to extend the trial version of Windows no more than three times removing all restrictions, which is what the message in question today belongs to. This is done through a console command, which is activated as follows:

  1. Open "Start". and be sure to run "Command line". as administrator.
  2. Get in there slmgr -rearm and press I went into to confirm the order.
  3. A notification that it has been executed successfully will appear on the screen. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Method 2: Re-enter the activation key

Sometimes retyping a previously used key remove the problem when Windows is in notification mode. This is because sometimes the operating system crashes and the key is reset. The situation is not too difficult to fix if you have the same code.

  1. Go to application. "Options". and open "Update and security".
  2. That's where the section interests you "Activation"..
  3. Click on the link "Change product key.".
  4. Enter it again and confirm activation. If the successful completion notification is displayed, restart the PC and check the current status of Windows.
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Method 3: Disable the Activation Service and Windows Update Center

This method does not solve the problem, but it only allows you to get rid of some of the unpleasant consequences associated with constantly displaying various notifications on the screen. Use it only if you don't want to activate Windows now or if you can't for other reasons.

  1. Open the menu "StartsUse search to find the app "Services". and run it.
  2. Look for the line "Windows License Manager Service" and double click on the line.
  3. Set startup type "Handbook". and stop the execution of the service.
  4. Go back to the previous window, search "Windows Update Center" and go to the properties of this service.
  5. do the same stopping the service and setting the manual start type.

We are glad that we were able to help you with the problem.