Solve uTorrent installation problems in Windows 10

Solve uTorrent installation problems in Windows 10

Option 1: Download the latest updated version

It is highly undesirable to download the program from third party sites or to use old versions, as this is what can cause problems when installing uTorrent. We recommend that you click the link below and download the latest version of the tracker from the official website, then run the executable file and check if the installation works this time.

Go to the official page of the uTorrent program

Also, keep in mind that sometimes the beta version, which is downloaded from the same page, turns out to work. In case the stable version installation doesn't work, please try to download this build and test it.

Option 2: Run the installer as administrator

Installation problems are sometimes caused by the user not having the necessary permissions. So the correct solution is to run the EXE file as administrator. Just click the right mouse button and select the appropriate option from the context menu that appears.

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For information on logging into the operating system with the required account and granting administrator privileges, see the other articles on our site at the links below. They will help you understand the difficulties that arise during this process.

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Option 3: Temporarily disable antivirus

This option is only suitable for those who have some third-party antivirus installed on their Windows 10 computer running in active mode. Sometimes this type of protection software has a negative effect on the installation of other applications, which can also affect uTorrent. We advise you to temporarily disable virus protection yourself or by selecting the appropriate instructions in the material at the following link.

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Option 4: Check the properties of uTorrent.exe

If the installation crashed the first time because the operating system judged the source from which uTorrent was obtained to be unreliable, all subsequent attempts will likely stop as well. This is due to the fact that a special parameter is set in the file's properties, preventing installation. You can check and disable it as follows:

  1. Navigate to the executable file of the software and right-click on it.
  2. In the context menu that appears, select the last item "Properties"..
  3. Once you are in the first tab. "General".Look for the block "Caution".check the box next to "To unlock". and apply the changes.
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After that, you can immediately proceed to run the executable to verify the effectiveness of the steps you performed. If the problem was really a limiting parameter, the installation should now proceed without problems.

Option 5: Clean up residual files from the previous version

It is possible that you have previously installed the program in question on the target computer and that, after uninstalling it, there are some files that have caused the installation of the new version not to start. You will have to find and remove them manually.

  1. Open "The conductor of the orchestra".where you navigate the road C:UsersUserAppDataRoaming. Note that User here is the name of the account that is being used.
  2. In the root directory, click the folder "UTorrent" with the right mouse button.
  3. Use the context menu to select "Delete" and confirm the operation.
  4. You can immediately invoke the utility "Run" using a standard keyboard shortcut Win + R. In it write regedit and press I went into to activate the command.
  5. В "Registry Editor" click on the drop-down menu "Edit".where do you want the article "Find".. The same tool is launched by pressing the combination Ctrl + F.
  6. Write in the box. utorrent and run the search for a match.
  7. Delete all the registry keys found until the matches are exhausted.

To apply all changes, be sure to restart your computer and then run the executable file to install muTorrent.

Option 6: Run Carrier.exe

The executable EXE file is a type of file that is unzipped when the installation of the target software starts. This means that you can open it with a filing cabinet and see its contents. In our case, this function helps to find the installation wizard, which allows to avoid the problem related to the installation of uTorrent.

  1. Download and install any convenient archiver that supports opening EXE-type files. You can find it in a separate category on our site by clicking on the following title.

    More information: Windows file cabinets

  2. Navigate to the muTorrent installer and call its context menu by right-clicking.
  3. Select the item responsible for opening through the filing cabinet. If this option does not exist, use "Open with ..." or run the archive manually and via the drop-down menu "File". and specify the element "Opens"..
  4. Read the contents of the file and run the file "Carrier.exe".
  5. The installation wizard should start. Follow the instructions on it to complete the installation.
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