SophiApp – free utility to easily configure Windows 11 and Windows 10

SophiApp – free utility to easily configure Windows 11 and Windows 10

While most Windows 11 and Windows 10 tweaks can be done manually, some aren't very intuitive to access, and others aren't available in a simple GUI and require editing the registry, for example. There are third-party configuration utilities to improve the situation, one of which is SophiApp.

In this short review about the features of SophiApp – free, open source and in Russian; where to download the utility and additional information that may be useful. Another similar and very functional tool, compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11 is Winaero Tweaker, I recommend you take a look at it.

Using SophiApp, the functions available

Download the latest version of SophiApp from the developers' official GitHub – After downloading, unpacking the archive and starting the utility (you may have to confirm the start in the SmartScreen window by clicking “More” – “Run anyway”) you will see a clear interface in Russian (provided that this language is set as the main language in the system).

Although all available tweaks can be classified as safe, I recommend creating a system restore point before applying this and any other similar utility, more on the topic – Windows 11 Restore Points.

All the available settings of SophiApp in the current version are arranged in 8 sections, if you move the mouse pointer to any of the setting items, its detailed description will be displayed on the right panel. The options available in the different sections (the links describe how to do the same manually):

  1. Privacy policy – settings related to Windows telemetry, collecting diagnostic data and sending it to Microsoft, and other functions related to sending data or using account data.
  2. Personalization – layout settings, such as displaying the This PC icon on the desktop, hiding or showing file extensions, options for displaying taskbar buttons, the layout theme, turning off desktop wallpaper file compression and others.
  3. System – memory control settings (details: automatic disk cleanup in Windows 11), power schemes, enable or disable reserved storage, change the default terminal, install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and others.
  4. UWP apps – removal of unnecessary built-in applications from Windows 11 and Windows 10 (just check and apply settings), automatic download of HEVC H.265 codec.
  5. Games – Turn the Xbox Game Bar feature on or off.
  6. Task Scheduler – Add tasks to automatically clean Windows, the folder with downloaded updates, temporary files.
  7. Security – Configuring the Microsoft Defender (Windows Defender) function.
  8. Contextual menu – Add and remove Windows context menu items, enabling the classic Windows 10 context menu in Windows 11.
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Finally, in the Settings section of SophiApp you can change the design theme or the language of the utility's interface.

The utility may seem simple, at least easier than many other tweakers, but most of the most requested tweaks are present here, and some others that can be found in counterparts, according to the developers, were not added deliberately: among others Goals: Don't break Windows.

In my opinion, SophiApp does a pretty good job of both tweaking basic system stuff and ensuring safe application of the available options to run Windows 11/10. If you find this tool useful, I recommend its use.

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