Spotify Cracked iOS 2021: How to install it

Spotify Cracked iOS 2021: How to install it

Remember the old days when all you had to do was download a Safari app to use Spotify for free on any iPhone? Well, you should know that you can still do it today. The creator of the world's most popular music service, having made the decision to actively enter the stock market, has set himself the goal of prohibit access to all users ... of the platform using the premium features for free.

However, in this article we will see, for informational purposes onlyhow you can continue to take advantage of these third-party services, to listen to all your favorite music without having to subscribe.

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Spotify Premium free iPhone: first procedure

Unfortunately, these types of procedures do not always work correctly, as Apple constantly checks the certificates installed on iPhones and iPads. In any case, let's start with a service that, at least for the moment, seems to be working properly.

  • Uninstall the official Spotify app from iPhone or iPad
  • Access the EonHub website from Safari by clicking this link
  • Go down to "Retouched applications"
  • Click on "Spotify ++"
  • Continue with "Install"Wait for it to install and DO NOT open the app.
  • Open the application «Settings» on the iPhone or iPad
  • Select the item "General" and then "Device management" (or "Profiles")
  • Continue with «Kailuan Group» and then with "Authorize"
  • Open the Spotify app
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Everything should work fine, but unfortunately you won't be able to download songs. In case it doesn't work, we recommend that you follow the guide below.

Spotify Premium free iOS: second procedure

The second procedure currently working requires the installation of AltStore, a third-party store that can be configured without the need for Jailbreak. Before downloading Spotify, let's see how to proceed.

  • Access the Altstore website from your computer by clicking this link
  • Download AltServer choose between Windows and macOS (depending on your operating system)
  • Wait for it to download and, once completed, start the setup wizard for installation
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using a cable and wait for it to be recognized
  • Open iTunes in Windows and the Finder in macOS
  • Go to the device information ("General" tab) and check the box "Synchronization with iPhone via Wi-Fi"
  • Click the icon AltServer (in the notification area on Windows and in the top right menu bar on macOS)
  • Continue with "Install AltStore" and select your device among those connected
  • Enter your Apple ID account email and password
  • Wait for AltStore to install and it will automatically appear on the main screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Once done, you can proceed to download Spotify

  • Open "Safari" on your iOS device and download "Spotify ++" by clicking on "Download" en this site
  • Wait for the download to finish and open the application "AltStore" previously downloaded
  • Click on «My applications» in the lower right and then in "+" up to the left
  • In the new screen, open the "Download" and select the Spotify ++ file (it must be the file with the extension ".ipa")
  • Wait for it to install and open the Spotify app

Spotify Premium iPhone: Alternative Procedure

Among the third-party stores that can offer Spotify for iPhone in a premium version, there is certainly also Signoswhich, however, cannot be used for free. In fact, this has a $ 20 annual subscriptionbut it offers dozens of cracked apps inside, including Spotify.

Thanks to the subscription, Signulous can keep the signatures of downloaded applications up-to-dateThe Spotify app will stay up and running for much longer than the classic week that free stores promise. With that said, let's see how to crack Spotify with the above procedure

  • Access the Signulous website through this link (use Safari to automatically recognize the UDID code)
  • Click on "IOS Login Code" to meet the expected payment
  • Install the signature using the profiles method seen above
  • Go back to Signulous site and download Spotify ++

How to get free Spotify Premium for iPhone with third-party stores

Finally, in case none of the stores seen in the previous paragraphs work, here is a list of similar services offering similar benefits. Also in this case we remind you that the installation of the profiles will be the same as in the previous sections.

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