Boot a laptop without the power button

Boot a laptop without the power button

Laptop power button failure is a frequent problem for many users. This situation causes the inability to boot the device. The correct thing to do would be to fix the button, but it is not always possible to do it manually or immediately take it to a service center for repair. It is possible to start the device without the button, and it is done in two simple ways.

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Boot a laptop without the power button

We do not recommend disassembling the laptop and trying to fix the button if you have never worked with this type of equipment. Incorrect action can cause the rest of the components to break. It is better to use the services of professionals or turn on the laptop without the button, sometimes only the top part of the button breaks, while the switch is still useful. To start the appliance, just press the switch with any convenient object.

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Almost all modern notebook computers are equipped with a special button that allows you to launch a special menu. It is usually located somewhere on the side or at the top, near the screen, and can be tapped with a finger or a stylus. It is possible to turn on the notebook using this button as follows:

  1. Carefully examine the case or refer to the manual to find the correct button.
  2. Prepare a needle or toothpick if it is seated inside the box.
  3. Press it once and wait for the menu to start. A small blue window should appear on the screen. Navigate through it using the keyboard arrows, select "Normal start-up." and press I went into.

After a while, the operating system will boot successfully. Of course, you can use this button all the time, but it is not always convenient and causes some difficulties. That is why it is better to configure certain parameters through the BIOS. Read more about them below.

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Method 2: Power on function

It is better to consider in advance how to turn on the laptop if the home button is broken. Also, this method will be useful for those who boot the system through the boot menu. You just have to configure certain parameters and you can turn on the laptop from the keyboard. Follow the instructions:

  1. Access the BIOS through the boot menu or any other convenient method.
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  3. Ir a "Energy management settings" o "Can".. The names of the partitions may vary depending on the BIOS manufacturer.
  4. Locate the item "Ignition function" and put it in "Any key".
  5. Now you can restart the device, but don't forget to save the settings before exiting.

Thanks to the change of this configuration, the notebook can be started by pressing absolutely any key on the keyboard. After you have fixed the power key, you can reset the settings in the same way if you are not satisfied with these settings.

Today we break down two options that allow you to turn on the mobile computer without the corresponding button. These methods allow you not to disassemble the appliance for manual repair and not have to urgently take it to the service center for repair.

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We are glad that we have been able to help you with your problem.

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